Monday, February 7, 2011

S-Rock does it up on PNCRADIO.FM


Most of us remember that one kid that they went to school with that always seemed to have the right thing to say, got all good grades, was EVERY teacher’s pet, and got along with everyone. S-Rock is such an individual. I had the pleasure of accompanying S-Rock to PNCRadio to appear on “Show and Prove” Radio Show hosted by Haarabic and G.O.D., where S-Rock made it very evident that he takes his craft very seriously and is becoming a veteran on the interview and media circuit. Even though I only spent a few hours with S-Rock, not only could I feel the sincerity in every word he said, I could see the fire in his eyes, which is exactly what I don’t see in the “heavyweights” in the industry. S-Rock is quickly rising in the ranks of the hottest unsigned/independent artists in the very tough New York City underground music scene. Despite his self confessed late start, S-Rock has displayed the swagger and intelligence of a seasoned record industry insider. To see how him flow from one topic to the next in such rapid fire succession is a sight to behold. He has aspirations that are bigger than NYC and has a plan to make music that reaches not only the “hustlers” on the corners, but that little girl sitting in Chelsea in London. S-Rock is a hip hop purist in every sense of the word, meaning that when he hears “freestyle”, he actually rhymes without his Blackberry in front of him! (crazy,right? Lol) He has proven his lyrical dexterity on numerous occasions, but I believe that this evening might have been one of his finest yet. Watching him bend words, like Landon Donovan and tie everything together was reminiscent of a young Nasir Jones. S-Rock is on his way to alerting the industry of his presence. He is an immensely talented writer, can “switch lanes” at a moments notice, making party music (i.e. “Get Yo Drink On!”) or an introspective song (i.e. “Change”). His talent can’t be denied any longer! “The Titan of Rap” is standing in front of you, get to know him! You will not be disappointed!



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