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"It just comes naturally." This phrase has been used to describe some of the world's greatest entertainers, athletes, comedians, and writers. "Gifted" definitely falls into this category. With his vivid lyrics, witty punch lines and uncanny ability to create a "hook" at a moments notice, Gifted is a born natural. After enduring numerous hardships, Gifted would join with A.D. the General to create N.A.N., a rap duo, that is destined to change the way that hip hop is done in 2011. Gifted is looking forward to proving his haters wrong, through hard work, perseverance, dedication, determination, and a willingness to achieve, and he's well on his way. "The Natural" has arrived.

E.H.M.P.: Describe who "Gifted" is?

GIFTED: GIFTED is nothing and everything meaning to the haters I am nothing. To the people that really know GIFTED, I am everything I say in my music. Nothing more nothing less than a "Notthing Ass Nigga 4 life".

E.H.M.P.: What is your relationship with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and A.D. the General?

GIFTED: E.H.M.P. is a dream of N.A.N.'s that came true. Away that we could stay tapped in to the realness of HIP HOP, No matter how far we made it.

E.H.M.P.: Who inspires you?


E.H.M.P.: As an MC, what do you feel is your biggest asset?

GIFTED: The way I can make any kind of song.

E.H.M.P.: Which song that you have done is your favorite? Why?

GIFTED: "THIS IS MY SONG" because it is the first song I ever did. When I hear the song now, it still sound’s new to me.

E.H.M.P.: Besides being an MC, what other goals are you looking to accomplish in the entertainment field?

GIFTED: To be a "NOTTHING ASS NIGGA" there is no limit’s. As far as we can make it before we die, past the top.

E.H.M.P.: Where do you see yourself in 4 years?

GIFTED: Making good music.

E.H.M.P.: Any upcoming projects?

GIFTED: YES we got the “Ready For War” LP on the way after the tour and some big biz moves. You know the same old N.A.N.

Written by: Jay

Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011'

Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Peter D.J Green, respectively known as P-Prop. Hip Hop artist who takes pride as a writer, in his ability to articulate his thoughts over instrumentals. Born and raised in Buffalo N.Y., P-prop was heavily influenced by his father who was a DJ. As a result he was exposed to several genres of music such as jazz, blues, and music from the 60's and 70's. His music influences include Jay-Z, Big L, Talib Kweli and Joe Budden amongst others. The passion for writing came at an early age for P-prop, beginning with short stories and poems which eventually graduated to putting words to music. Every lyric is written with substance, emotion, honesty, creativity and innovation. Gathered from everyday life experiences that makes his music relatable to everyone. P-prop is a proud award winner of Memoirs by A.D. The General Radio Artist of the Year… His single “Tonight” ft. Money Mitch & Mitchell J was the song that won him the award & The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program ATL 2011' 1st place Winner. P-prop is a part of More Than Music Ent. A company created by real family with the goal of spreading this music to the world.

N.A.B.: How do you feel you as an artist differ from other artist in your genre of music?

P-PROP: Every artist is different. I am just bringing my story. My side of things to music.. That is all!!

N.A.B.: Would you say that you benefited from your father being a DJ? How would you say he prepared you for the industry?

P-PROP: I benefited greatly, because of him I am not bias to just one genre. My ear was open to all type of music and because of the hard work I seen my pops put in, I am instilled with the same values, the same ethic.

N.A.B.: How did you become acquainted with A.D. the General and the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? How do you feel about their mission?

P-PROP: It pretty much started with a twitter message; her people’s SpecialGift N.A.B., hit me. She took a notice of the hard work I was putting in and it’s been on ever since. I respect the movement because they are giving us artists a voice, a place to showcase our talent. It’s rare you find people that actually want to see you get your goals and dreams to the next level.

N.A.B.: How is it to be titled “Radio Artist of the Year” for you single “Tonight ft. Money Mitch & Mitchell J? How has that accomplishment benefited your success as an artist?

P-PROP: It is a blessing. God is good. It feels great to be recognized for your hard work, but this is only the beginning. I just appreciate A.D. and the whole N.A.N./N.A.B. fam for opening the door.

N.A.B.: What is P-Prop working on now as far as music? How do you plan on taking it to the next level?

P-PROP: Making music is the easy part so that never stops. Continuing to kill these shows and when opportunity knocks, answer.

N.A.B.: How do you feel about the Hip-Hop industry right now and how do you plan to make a major impact?

P-PROP: Hip Hop is forever changing always evolving. I just want to put my stamp on it. Bring my city to the fold and let the world hear my side of things.
N.A.B.: Where can supporters connect with your music, yourself and if anyone is interested in collaboration with you, who can they contact?

P-PROP: You can follow me on twitter @ppropmusic for networking. I do follow back. You can check my videos on my youtube channel for all music and downloads check my reverb, U wanna collab hit me on the email

N.A.B.: Is there anyone that you want to shout out?

P-Prop: My whole more than music family. Money Mitch, Mitchell J, my Moms of course, Pops and Lil Sis. And my reason for doing what I do, my son James aka Jag.

Written by: Gsteam843

Courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011


April 30, 2011 was the day history was made in Kansas City, MO. The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program came, saw, and conquered. Missouri is known as the "Show Me " State and EHMP defiantly showed Missouri what it was all about. From the time the doors opened at Balanca's Pyro Room til the time the club shut down, it was never a dull moment as N.A.B, Team NAN, and EHMP displayed a true love and passion for the art form known as Hip Hop.

Opening the show was none other than "Ms. Smack A Bitch" herself, Ms. FeFe. Her performance was so raw and authentic. This was like her welcome home performance being that she does hail from the 816...she def put on one hell of a show, setting the bar high and showing all the new comers of Elegant Hoodness how its supposed to be done when its your time to bless the stage. GO HARD or GO HOME! FeFe was home so going hard was the only option for her, and that, she did. A.D. the General was right behind her, performing banger after banger and also rocking solo, something that people rarely get to see being that she is in a group. But minus her partner in rhyme, Gifted, she still came through with her A+ game for the new found family of EHMP. N.A.B defiantly showed out. The crowd was going insane!

The lights's flash...the crowd is so ready....the competition begins. Competitor after competitor, they all brought something different to the stage, but the one's that really caught the attention of the audience and the judges were a fresh new group from Kansas City that goes by Criminal Intent. Three young brothers representing the town to the fullest. Their stage presence was so energized and animated. And their music was on point! "Drink Til We Throw Up" was defiantly a song people could relate to that night. Another group that blazed the stage drove 16 hours from their hometown to come rock out for Missouri and the rest of the world. Hailing from Buffalo, NY, the More Than Music camp P. Prop, Mitchell J, and Money Mitch gave a dynamic performance with unforgettable lyrics and swag to match. They had the crowd going with their smash hit "Reflections (Fuck You Haters)". The entire audience had a middle finger in the air, showing that they could ultimately relate to the song and the feelings that were reflected in it. It was for sure an unforgettable moment in EHMP history. The youngest person in the club came through and smashed it and her mother was there with open arms, supporting her all the way. Shout out to Bizzy! She stood with the best of them, and stood out from the rest of them. She showed great confidence and didn't let the vets or crowd intimidate her performance. She rocked out and represented for the young ladies! She made Kansas City proud. Going home with the gold was home town native, MKD. Looking at him on stage, you could tell what he came to do. He came to win, and that, he did. His swag was on cloud 9 but his demeanor was so humble. He really made it look easy when he graced the stage with his presence. He had stadium music and lyrics to match. One of his songs, "Make it Look Easy" was so powerful. The beat was insane and his swag reminded me of a young T.I., very confident but respectful. He got the job done.

The night was full of great performers. Team NAN KCMO did not disappoint. Rico Ricardo, Santina, and G-Child went hard for the town. Watcha Saay Records/Camp 400/Yo Vega Ink defiantly get my stamp of approval when it comes to rocking the crowd. The love was in the air. Flowrese The Songbyrd showed why she earned the title "The Songbyrd" in the first place. Her vocals are phenomenal. R&B needs someone like her right now. Every song she performed was on point. Look out for her world. She is not to be slept on.

It was a straight family affair that night in Kansas City. So many different states, styles, and faces were in the building and it was nothing but love. Elegant Hoodness always brings that family reunion vibe to every event that is showcased by them. Even the Kansas City legend himself, Tech N9ne came through and represented. It was a real good look. Never ceasing to amaze me, Elegant Hoodness always sets out and conquers any obstacle placed in its path. EHMP did something for Kansas City that they will always remember. Trust me, the next one will be bigger and better than the last. Kansas City, check! Next stop, ATL! Here we come!

To get in tune with anything Elegant Hoodness, please be sure to check out all the official web sites and if you would like to get involved in any up coming events, be sure to contact A.D. the General, Ms. FeFe, Special Gift, or any Team NAN/NAB member to register your slot today!

Written by: Ms. FeFe (NAB)

Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 11'