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Elegant Hoodness Musical Program has been supporting underground artist since 2004. This program has given artist the platform to showcase their talents, expand their buzz and take advantage of many media outlets via magazine, radio, interviews and other Internet media. Through Elegant Hoodness many underground artist have been given the opportunity to perform for Dj’s, A&R’s, Labels and other music media outlets across the globe. Thus far artist who have par-taken in these events have surely seen the benefits. With talent and Elegant Hoodness the rewards are endless. I was honored to be a witness and take part in one of the many showcases March 23rd 2011 in N.Y. at Club Insomnia for the R&B/Reggae showcase hosted by C.E.O AD the General and the whole Elegant Hoodness Team. I definitely enjoyed this event, which housed some of the best underground R&B and Reggae artist. Despite the bad weather that did not stop what in my opinion was a great experience. From the determination of the Elegant Hoodness team who put together a great event, to the talented artist who didn’t let the bad weather hinder their grind, to the energy of the crowd showing tremendous support for the artist and the event as a whole, I was surely pleased. With talent such as Prophet Z, a dope reggae artist who has a way with words took over the crowd with his personality and energy. R&B artist Greg P showed the crowd the reason he’s in the game with his sound, as well as R&B group Simplicity who won the crowd over with their amazing voice were only a few of the many artist to take the stage at such a well put together event. The winners of the event were very humble and supportive of one another, which is always a good thing, which caught me by surprise. Not often will you find artist supporting one another and giving praise where due. All winners and participants walked away with not only a great deal of exposure but with a bigger sense of honor and respect amongst fellow supporters and artist. Some of the prizes consisted of magazine exposure, interviews, radio exposure and best up a spot on the summer tour held by Elegant Hoodness Musical Program. Elegant Hoodness Musical Program is definitely what the industry needs. A team of people whom support and showcase the talent of unsigned artist. Staying true to the art of music as a whole and bringing events for people to unite and enjoy one another and great music. If you have not yet experienced such a showcase, what are you waiting for? Come out to these events and support the movement bringing great talent to cities near you. Trust you will not be disappointed; this is a movement you surely do not want to miss out on. written by @GSTEAM843, courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program

Recap of the March 16th Showcase at Club Pyramid


The stage is set. The audience is hungry and ready for show time. Deejay Ace of Spades is spinning tunes and setting the tone for the night’s highlights. AD The General takes the stage and greets everybody, and par ritual before every show; she downs a bottle of Corona beer, straight. Had you been there, you could have witnessed a plethora of talented men and women, pouring there blood sweat and tears out on the stage! It was an amazing sight riddled with outstanding competitors and awesome special guest features. Q The Prophet a gospel rapper ignited the stage in a earth shattering manner as he performed and rocked the house. Word Spit an enigma to witness dropped bomb after bomb as he spewed punch-lines from mars. His candor as a lyricist is complimented by his ability to engulf the audience with his amazing lyrical ability and stage presence. The winners of the showcase were Thrilla Cartel taking first place. His performance was that of a warrior displaying his skills as a rapper and an entertainer. He unleashes his energy onto the stage and the crowd responded in approval of his hard work and skills. Hungry grasping second place illuminated the stage with a smooth swag and the ability to captivate the audience. Representing the hunger of an un-signed artist with the determination to succeed, he solidified his place. Third place is taken by Roi-yal, a soldier fighting for our country and freedoms, fresh from Afghanistan, lights up the stage with music that is fresh and infectious. His presence on stage exemplified his contented place in the spot light. The NAN choice was awarded to Mr. Bright. This young man, put on a performance that of a veteran. His captivating music and professionalism aligned with his entertaining presentation, left people in awe as he was the last to perform and still had the vigor to rock the crowd. He is always respectful and full of energy on stage. My assessment of the night, it was amazing. Special guest appearances, a freestyle session that electrified the club and AD The General blew the roof off the place with her arsenal of music such as “Run the Club,” and “Moist.” AD puts on the best showcases and it is evident when people show her love, appreciation and support.

written by @MadScientist730, courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program

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Everybody wants to win the Powerball, but not many people ever win get the satisfaction of ever winning this lucrative yet elusive prize. Let me take this time to introduce you to hip hop’s version of a winner of the Powerball, Mega Buck$ aka “Hip Hop’s BIG GAME HUNTER”! Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Mega Buck$ first came on the scene as a member of the 263Cartel, however it wasn’t until the release of T-Mac’s SHININ & BIGTYMIN in 1997, that MegaBuck$ would begin to establish himself in the South as a major player and a force to be reckoned with. Backed by an eleven state distribution deal and a flow that reminds fans and on-lookers of hip hop royalty, Bun –B, Mega Buck$ has firmly entrenched himself in the lexicon of the best in the South. After leaving 263 Records, he formed his owned imprint, Bezzle Incorporated. It was under his Bezzle imprint that he has released twelve albums, three of which were solo albums. Mega Buck$ would ride this wave of success, where he received the cover of the GrindMode CD/DVD series, received great reviews in the “Murder Dog” Hip Hop magazine, as well as was awarded the 2010 GEECHEEONE Magazine Album of the Year!! Mega Buck$ sound is said to be filled with stories of the street, love, pain, and the struggles of an artist. Mega Buck$ is out to prove that he’s a winner and that he’s capable of leading the charge of the New South to prominence!

EHMP: What does your name mean? What does it signify to you?

MB: Mega Buck$ simply means greatness! It signifies any person with a dream big enough and willing to endure struggle will become legendary!

EHMP: What has growing up in South Carolina meant to you? Your career?

MB: Growing up in South Carolina has taught me to embrace being the underdog and use it as my driving force. It has kept me humble knowing all the people I represent through my music.

EHMP: How did you come across A.D. the General? What does her support mean to you?

MB: My producer Ric Flair recommended me to her partner, Fefe. Their support means a great deal knowing what they have achieved and how passionate they were about my music!

EHMP: Why start your own imprint? Why not stay with your 263 Cartel members?

MB: I was in limbo with the incarceration of 263Records CEO, TMAC, SO THE TIME WAS RIGHT!! I am still riding with 263, but I have my own artists and we are headed inn different directions right now.

EHMP: Who are some of your influences?

MB: E-40,J-PRINCE,RUSSELL SIMMONS,LUKE,MASTER P,TONY DRAPER,ICE CUBE, and basically any entertainers who have used MUSIC to take them above and beyond!

EHMP: What can your supporters expect from you in 2011?

MB: To always rep the underdog, grow as an artist, and define CAROLINA MUSIC AS QUALITY FOR THE MASSES!

EHMP: Where can your fans reach you? Twitter? Facebook?


EHMP: What’s one thing that you would like to the people reading this to know about Mega Buck$?

MB: That he truly represents the underdog from every angle!

EHMP: Any shoutouts?

MB: God, my Bezzle brothers( Sto, Dbezzle, Sota, spoon, lb, G$, Ric flair, beam) 40oz,RayMassive,Brice,Drange,Bbslim,Scott Beja, Brian Lassiter, Fefe, AD the General , and everyone who believed in me and my vision, too many others to name!!

written by ESQ_TV, courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program




Batman and Robin, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, Starsky and Hutch, OutKast, BlackStar, the list of famous duos could go on forever. We all have and know famous duos that we have enjoyed watching, listening to, laughing about, and waiting for the next project that they will do together. FAM4LYFE is no different. Hailing from “Money Earning” Mount Vernon, New York, these two lifelong friends began their music careers as solo artists, but soon realized that by coming together, they could and would be a force to be reckoned with! Inspired by some of the greatest artists of our time, A- Lova and Rocky Johnson decided to alert the world to their presence as a duo. They have dubbed their sound, “LOVEROC”, which will appeal to all audiences and cut across all demographics.

FAM4LYFE’S first single, “SUPASTAR” which was released in 2010, is garnering praise from all over the nation as well as on the international stage, from as far away as Japan, the U.K., and Switzerland. Due to their work ethic, their single has also received compliments from record executives, and received a big stamp of approval from Grammy award winning producer Rock wilder, who said the group was “….the best of both worlds….” Besides having an "electric" single, they are also known for their energy and presence that they bring every time they hit the stage!

Living under the concept of P.C.P. (Progression, Commitment, and Passion), FAM4LYFE has incorporated this in every aspect of their lives. They are looking to expand their reach on the global level in the coming year and beyond. Their desire and commitment to be great is very evident. This talented duo is definitely coming for the “top spot” and is out to prove to the world that they belong in the conversation with some of the best duos to ever do music! Embrace the “LOVEROC” movement!

E.H.M.P.: Can you introduce yourselves to our readers? Who is FAM4LYFE?

F4L: It’s the R&B Crooner himself, A-LOVA THE VOKALIST, aka, THE ACAPELLA FELLA and Rocky J. Johnson, the Lyricist. Together we are FAM4LYFE, A R&B/Hip-Hop group like no other.

E.H.M.P.: How has Mount Vernon helped you grow into the artists that you are now?

F4L: It has helped a lot due to the competitive atmosphere and coming up behind all of the heavy hitters that are from here. It just keeps us focused on the goal at hand.

E.H.M.P: What makes you guys different from other groups that have collaborated?

F4L: The energy that we bring, the chemistry that we possess, and that the topics and sounds that we use exemplify our unique qualities. Unlike a lot of groups, we plan to actually stay a group.

E.H.M.P: How has your friendship evolved since you decided to join forces?

F4L: We were friends/brothers way before we decided to join forces and further our careers as a group. It’s a blessing to have someone that you consider a brother to share this road to success with.

E.H.M.P.: How did you get involved with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

F4L: Actually through Twitter. We heard about you guys via someone else, had the team research it and reach out to you guys and from there we just networked and started building a professional relationship.

E.H.M.P: What is the concept of P.C.P.? and the “LOVEROC” Movement?

F4L: P.C.P. stands for passion, commitment, and progression. It’s our motto that we live by because without passion and commitment there will be no progression. LOVEROC is our definition of our genre of music that we produce.

E.H.M.P: What do you feel is lacking in the industry today?

F4L: Integrity, loyalty, consistency, respect in terms of “Life Music,” as well as a lack of substance.

E.H.M.P.: Where can we catch FAM4LYFE next?

F4L: Every and anywhere. We plan to take this industry by storm so check your weather reports for the next FAM4LYFE tsunami.





James Brown was once called, “The hardest working man in show business.” After meeting with and seeing Young Money Dre in action, I think I may have just met James Brown re-incarnated. While Young Money Dre doesn’t walk around in crush blue velvet suits, he definitely knows how to move a crowd and always give his fans and supporters everything that they paid to see! After moving to Harlem from Raleigh, North Carolina, Young Money Dre found hip hop. It was at the age of twelve that he would decide to start taking the music business seriously and began performing and recording more frequently. No artist is without struggle. Young Money Dre is not any different. After a brief incarceration, Young Money Dre vowed to his parents and to himself that he would finish school and “make history in the hip hop industry”. Young Money Dre stands “center stage”, ready to bring to you everything the industry has been missing! By utilizing his abilities to produce, write, and the way he mixes the “Harlem Swag” with “Dirty South hustle”! Young Money Dre is certainly on his way to becoming a entertainment legend. “The Hardest Working Man in Show Business” has been resurrected! Prepare yourself.

E.H.M.P. : Who is Young Money Dre? What defines you and your music?

YMD: Young Money Dre is a cool, calm, and collected guy; who is also a ladies man & makes outstanding music. My music comes from my heart & soul, not just waking up saying,” I'm going to write this song today. (laughs) Music has to have a feeling.

E.H.M.P : What made you want to do hip hop?

YMD: growing up listening to my cousin, Whodini, Big L and LL Cool J made me want to do hip hop because they all had their own style of music and were all great at what they did. I feel they paved the way for us today.

E.H.M.P.: You said that you were incarcerated at an early age, what did this experience do to you? How did it help you?

YMD: Being incarcerated changed me a lot. It made me look at life
differently. This experience was enough for the rest of my life! It makes me think before I do something crazy! It also taught me that everyone is not your friend! It also taught me a lot Of self discipline and made me more humble & made me realize that there is more to life than just being tough and also taught me to be myself.

E.H.M.P.: How would you define your sound? Who or what are some of your influences?

YMD: My Sound Is Harlem & South Pop & Soul Music Mixed Into 1!

E.H.M.P.: What is your relationship like with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

YMD: I feel I have a great relationship with them, from “Day One” they took me

in like I was one of their own and I truly appreciated that.

E.H.M.P: You write all your own lyrics and produce your own beats, how does this help you when you are creating your music or trying to perfect your sound?

YMD: When I write music, it comes from my everyday life and how I want to live life. When I produce it helps me, because I already have a beat in my head that goes perfect with what I'm Writing. The other reason is not every producer I met I feel understood when I tell them I'm trying to be a legend.

E.H.M.P.: Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years?

YMD: In the next 2 years, I see myself being a legend, CEO, as well as owning a lot of property, store, houses etc....

E.H.M.P. : How do your fans and/or supporters contact you? Any shoutouts?

YMD: Twitter @YoungMoneyDre1

I wanna send a Big S/o To Qwik Money ,AD,FastLyfe ,Different

Dreamers,TopDolla,ICM, Marv Dash,Amin, and New Shoes

written by ESQ_TV, courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program


NEEKA J - "The Siren's Call"

We’ve all had to sit through a history class that spoke of ancient mythology. It was in that class that you may have heard of the “Sirens”. The “Song of the Sirens” in Greek mythos was said to lure nearby sailors to their doom, due to their enchanting voices and alluring song. Unlike the Sirens, Neeka J. isn’t luring sailors to their doom, but she’s bringing more and more attention to herself and her team, due to her sultry voice, sex appeal, and bold lyrics. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Neeka J. developed her writing skills while trying to impress a boy she liked. She continued perfecting her writing as well as her love of the music business when she heard and was inspired by Monica’s “Just One of Dem Days”. After moving to Mullins, South Carolina, where she eventually graduated from high school, Neeka J. would find herself back in Brooklyn ready to embark on her music career! After appearing on the Apollo Theatre stage, where she finished 2nd in a competition, Neeka J. would embrace her role as a performer and use this as motivation in the beginning stages of her career. “Brooklyn’s Siren” has worked with various producers and artists throughout NYC and has performed at many different venues through the area. Although she has worked with a laundry list of producers, she holds her team, HandMade Beats/Media in the highest regard! Currently working on a new mix CD, Neeka J is ready to show the world her sound and what she brings to the table. “Brooklyn’s Siren” is establishing herself as a very capable female entrepreneur that is out to prove everyone wrong. She is definitely looking to make an impact in the industry. Beware of the “Brooklyn Siren’s song”, you will be drawn in!

E.H.M.P: Neeka J. is ________________ ? ( finish the sentence)

Neeka J : Neeka J. is a singer/songwriter born in Brooklyn,NY and raised in Mullins, South Carolina. Yeah a country raised city girl!!Courtesy of Southern Swaggerz its "Muddy Mullins"!

E.H.M.P: Why is Brooklyn such a hotbed of talent?

Neeka J: NYC as a whole is so competitive and upbeat, but Brooklyn is the heart of it all! To be in Brooklyn and stand the pressure of everyday life and distractions you have to be one of the Elite!!

E.H.M.P : How did you get into a relationship with the HandMade Beats/ Media group?

Neeka J: Networking! Mr.Brite of (HMB) and I have always seen each other in passing because we live in the same hood. I started to perform regularly in a local lounge and reached out to him to come out and showcase his talent. He introduced me to SL Jones (Cap) and Jay Spitz of HMB, we begin to record music and here I am!!

E.H.M.P: How would you describe your sound?

Neeka J : Soulful, sweet, sexy, and sassy, with a story to tell full of inspiration and motivation to do whatever it is you do!

EHMP: . Can you tell us about your debut album?

Neeka J : Expected release date is in September!!! The album will cover stories of ups and downs of being a young girl dealing with love break ups make ups image morals and the hood!

E.H.M.P. What made you decide to do business with/build a relationship with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

Neeka J. : Before conducting business with founder of the program, AD the General, I knew her from my neighborhood! It wasn't until I began working with HMB and participated in the E.H.M.P. Summer Park Tour 2010! Something I will never forget!!

E.H.M.P : Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

Neeka J : Collaborating with many more artists, producers, promoters, and djs in the industry from all over the world!

E.H.M.P : How can your fans and supporters contact you? Any final words? Shoutouts?

Neeka J:,,

Any final words? Shoutouts? GOD first and foremost, My mother and father Yvette and Graylin Howard, my beautiful daughter for keeping the fire in my heart, the whole HMB family, NAB and NAN, The Carolinas!! 843, 803 and 910!
written by ESQ_TV , courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program


The Last of A Dying Breed

T. Parris (born Terry Parris) began his life in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY. At the young age of 3, T.P. moved to Harlem where he was raised by his grandmother (his greatest inspiration), the mean streets of Harlem, and his dad, when times and circumstances permitted. His other influences include such diverse minds as Marvin Gaye, Nas, Magic Johnson, Malcolm X, Dr King and Tupac Shakur. It was through the writing down of his tribulations and hardships that he realized his gift as a writer and through the ensuing noteworthy street buzz that his talent as an MC was realized. In an effort to make the most of his obvious talent, Parris has been focused on writing and rhyming for over 10 years. To some he is the “Rakim” of his era, and to others he is the Langston Hughes of his genre – either comparison leads one to believe that Parris is a great look for hip-hop music. While many would be content to let someone else hold the reins of their budding career in order to focus on writing, Parris spent his time touring every underground club - from Speed, in New York City, to D.C. Live out in Washington, D.C. – with his energy and hunger playing an integral role in every opportunity he received. Starting out with a group from Harlem called M.E.N., they made a huge name for themselves independently by being featured on various DVD magazine projects such as “Smack and Sub Zero”, as well as multiple public access stations. Other accomplishments would include the production of their own DVD (entitled M.E.N. of Respect), and their countless mix tapes. As a solo artist T. Parris has released 3 solo mix tapes, 1 collaborative CD, and his own DVD. He is currently in the process of finishing up an album project. When listening to his rhymes and the thought-provoking wordplay therein, it becomes clear that Parris is definitely among the top prospects looking to be signed. While on his mission of securing a deal Parris has made it abundantly clear that any and every microphone is fair game. "…3 mc's 2 Degrees 1 Felony / the end of the road, the only thing ahead of me...” Lyrics like these lead one to believe that Parris is not only a writer; he is a revolutionary and a trailblazer - a pioneer. Who was the last MC to graduate with a Master’s degree, endure numerous difficulties, and still find the passion to deliver countless inspirational songs? T. Parris, T.P., or just Parris - However you decide to address him, he is definitely a breath of fresh air.

N.A.B : How are you and for those who do not know, who is T. Parris?

Parris: I Am T.Parris aka “Da YungMarvinGaye Of Dis Rap Shit” most original, most creative, most in tune wit the times.. sorta Like ya inspiration....

N.A.B : At what age did you decide that hip-hop was what you wanted to do and why?

Parris: Well to be totally honest I grew up on hip hop... It was a learning tool for me. It helped me to get through obstacles that at times my parents weren't able to lend insight. So it’s always been apart of my expression. As far as a career, I wanna say I was about 19, 20 yrs old and it was because a couple friends had heard a tape I made and compared me to The Lox. At that time, that was like saying you had what it took to be recognized and from then on I been proving I belong.

N.A.B: What is your opinion about the direction of hip-hop and how do you try to stay true to the form in which hip-hop was meant?

Parris: In my opinion the art is lost. The game is controlled by the "popular vote" and so "rappers" will continuously compromise not only themselves but the music in order to produce a "hit". Myself, I make music that reflects what's going on in the world. You can't judge it, because it’s our reality. Can you have an opinion about it? Sure you can, we don't all like poverty, but it exists, we may not all want work, but there's a working class. So in short, I spend my time expressing the concerns of those in "the struggle". I'm fighting the fight.

N.A.B: How do you feel about the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and their grind to give underground/independent artist a platform to showcase their talent?

Parris: Well, I have been A feature a few times and I can say the artists involved get a huge amount of exposure, not only because they are on this huge stage, but the judges have always been industry credible, The DJ’s has always been someone who has also been instrumental in breaking records, and the features for the most part are the most talented artists out there. So, even if you only get involved once, the amount of exposure exceeds almost any other showcase out there!

N.A.B: As you have done many things as far as shows, DVD’s and other events, what is next for T Parris? What can people look forward to?

Parris: Well There's definitely gonna be more music, I have to stay consistent there, because that’s what people know me for. However, you will see more community related events, I think its important we pull those along who wanna go and what better place to start then the community, I am putting it upon myself to continue To lead by example. By doing this I can show my generation that “Yes!” we can do anything we put our minds to..

N.A.B: Who would you say you would be honored to share the same stage with or collab with as far as veterans of hip-hop and what fellow independent artist would you look to collab with?

Parris: Rakim, Nas, Run Dmc, (Lol) I could go on for days. I believe we can't get where we are going if we don't know where we came from. I would work with any pioneers, as for veterans, whoever wants to make good music. I have worked with a lot of artists, so none To name, but if it’s good music,”let's build!”

N.A.B: What is the biggest accomplishment you have accomplished thus far and what is your next goal as far as accomplishments?

Parris: My biggest accomplishment, I don't know. I’ve have done a lot. I wanna say sharing a stage with my daughter at The Apollo, so for years to come she can tell a story of how her and her Dad won over an Apollo Crowd. My next goal, I would like to star in a movie.. I think I have a winning personality, and a “killer smile”...

N.A.B: Last but not least, how can people/supporters get in contact with you T. Parris the artist? Where can they find your music, booking/collab info, mixtapes etc?

Parris: (Videos)


written by GSTEAM843, courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program



Matthew Rodriguez formally known as E.Dot.A, was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. At the age of fourteen years old he began rapping using his influence from various artists such as the likes of Biggie, Jay-Z, and Big Pun. These artists as well as poetry inspired his writing and enhanced his musical artistry. Matthew has performed at open mics such as “Club Traffic [open mic winner]” and “Nightly Gale Lounge [open mic winner]”granting him a name in the local area. While performing at these open mic shows he's gained presentation experience and endowed his performances. Along this musical journey he was introduced to “Play-Doe” from “Pes Pro Entertainment” where they began working together on multiple songs and recorded songs. In August 2006, he took a leave of absence from New York and his music, moving to Miami Florida to totally focus on writing more music. In 2008, E.Dot.A, (Matthew Rodriguez) returned to New York City and became acquainted with “Terry Little” the C.E.O of Master Music Records. Getting back to the music his first songs recorded were “Get Loose," ‘Waive High” and many more thereafter. Getting back to performing he performed at Club40C, Club Mansion located in Queens, NY with “K.S. Parxks Entertainment," which led to a major showcase at Club Pyramid with “Elegant Hoodness” and AD the General (where he was nominated top 10 artist of 2010). This year E.Dot.A came even harder and was titled the Team NAN Choice Award (Jan 19th, 2011 showcase at the Elegant Hoodness event at Club Pyramid). A place for artist to gain major exposure and get their name out in a massive way and that is just what E.Dot.A did. E.Dot.A is a dope artist continuing his musical journey performing and doing guest appearances with other artists. As an artist he believes that his unique style differs significantly from others. The diversity and versatility of his music makes it easy to distinguish that there is no one else who has a sound like him. His artistry to touch people’s souls, his dedication to his music and his constant growth with his music will surely leave an impacting sound for the 20th century generation.

N.A.B.: Tell us about the artist E.Dot .A, where did the name come from?

EA: My original name was Evil Angel, which in itself stands for
"Early Veteran In LyrIcks After niggas get enough LA" but everybody was
saying that name was the devil because that's what he is, an Evil Angel. So,
I decided to change it. I just shortened it to E.A. Then I saw a commercial where someone said "Every Answer" and I felt like that is how I am towards my music and the game so I took it and made it my name. Like I always say though, the dot is the dot.

N.A.B.: Now you that no one else has a sound like you? How would you separate yourself from other artist in the underground world as well as the industry?

EA : I was listening to the final draft of my mixtape one day In the studio
with a few people. When it was over I asked everybody what they thought.
Everybody said it was hot but one person broke It down perfect. He said
I have the ability to use slang and flip clich├ęs into making sense. Too
many people are “dumbing down” the music for the consumer, but I don't
need to because I'm easy to listen to and I can make you say what I'm
saying. The thing is I always thought I was easy to listen to. I just never
realized it. I use so much slang in my music until now. So that's the
lane I'm going to stay in and that's the void I'm gonna fill in the
game. Plus I can make a song about anything. I'm not just a regular
artist. I can laugh, cry go hard, punch lines. You name it, I can
create the picture! Another thing about my music that a lot of people
say is it shows my personality. How I can take a dark song and bring
some light to it. But still keep it dark enough and hard. My
vocals are very distinctive. You can’t deny that's me on a record.

N.A.B.: You said that, "unfortunately I left N.Y. and moved to Miami," what was the reason for that move and what made you return to NY? Do you think the move had a major Impact on your music?

EA: I've moved to Miami for personal reasons I was getting into a lot of
trouble out here and I was gonna end up where I didn't want to go. So, I
left NY. I wasn't planning on coming back home. But my mother got sick
and father hurt himself at work and my sister was the only one holding
the house down. She could not do it alone because she had school. So I
came back to share the load till my family was okay. I wasn't supposed
to stay this long in NY as well, three maybe four months. I ended up
being for good. (Lol) In Miami I met a few producers and artists. I can’t
lie they bob they head to a different drum then I do. So, when they
heard my music or me rap they were amazed. I even showed this artist I
was cool with how to count his bars to a sixteen. He was way off at
times. What I learned from them dudes is my versatility. I'm a natural
battle rapper. That's where I started from. So, most of my songs before
Miami were dark and mean. Down there I learned to have fun and create
anything I choose, before it was therapeutic, now it was fun. I don't
consider any of this work, because this is what I love to do, creating
music and performances, interviews etc. My grandfather was in a famous
band on Puerto Rico and my father used to be a DJ back in the day. It’s
in my blood and I was born to do this.

N.A.B.: What's your relationship with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? What do you think of the organization and their mIssIon?

EA: My relationship with the E.H.MP. is mutual. I respect what they are
doing and I support their movement because it’s good for hip hop. The
underground needs more programs where we can be ourselves and showcase
our talents what I love the most about it is that they let the artist be themselves. Every time I go to an event I get inspired to do something. I learn from other artists and gain experiences or just plain have fun. The program to me in a whole is hip hop period.

N.A.B.: How was the energy performing at The Elegant Hoodness Event at Club Pyramid? How did it feel to be awarded the title "The team NAN" choice award winner " Jan 19, 2011 at Club Pyramid?

EA: The energy was great and the crowd was supportive. I met a lot of artists and networked with people. I'm basically home when I'm at the Elegant Hoodness events because they have artists competing and that also shows the unIty we need. Especially in New York events. I don't feel like people are cocky or try to be better then the next. I feel the unIty and the respect for each other because at the end of the day we all try to achieve a goal in our careers and we are all in this together. The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program brings that to us. So, I respect and support the program fully. As for winning in that event In January I was very humble and grateful. I did a lot of open mIcs where I won but winning in that arena was a different wIn. Because there is so much talent In the building that deserve a chance as well. It just feels good to get recognized for my music and not a battle. It just makes me wanna work harder and do It again.

N.A.B: If you could collaborate wit anyone in the industry or underground music world who would it be and why?

EA: I would collab with anybody no matter who it is. But my dream session would have to be with the reggae artist, Movado. The songs he creates I can relate to fully.

N.A.B.: What are your goals as an artist? Where do you see yourself say 5-10 years from now?

EA: I see myself still creating music no matter where I am in life signed or not. The goal is to go commercial but I'm happy in the underground. I strongly believe hip hop's heartbeat lives in the underground. So in 5-10 years either here or there the plan for me will not change.

N.A.B.: Is there anyone you would like to shout out or give recognition to?

EA: Shout out to Master Music Records, Terry Little, Ms. Debonair, scrap, young Cash, bk Hefe, the focus machine, Flight school family, Elegant Hoodness for what they have done for my career so far. And my fan base who kept me going. I don't know if I would have made it this far without these people I have mentioned. And last but not least God for blessing me with this gift.I will continue to us this tool he has given me but not in vain but humbly thank you.

written by GSTEAM843, courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program