Thursday, September 6, 2012



N.A.B.: When did you decide to pursue music and what grasped you to chose your particular genre?

C-NOTES:  From all I remember I want to be a part of Hip Hop. I think I discovered I had the gift at age fourteen. My mother passed away at the age sixteen so I have an old line where I say “my mamma passed when I was sixteen so I guess GOD really wanted me to spit 16’s”!!!!

N.A.B.: You have been affiliated with the Elegant Hoodness Musial Program since 2006. They have been in existence since 2004, helping artist create a buzz by utilizing the media. In knowing this program and the C.E.O., A.D. THE GENERAL, what type of growth have you noticed from 2006 until present?

C-NOTES: Man A.D. and the Elegant Hoodness is the definition of grinding!! I saw A.D. go from having one poster to now 16 different sponsors and human size banners at the shows. So with that being said wherever A.D. is C-NOTES and Get Rich INC. is right behind them.

N.A.B.: You just won first place at E.H.M.P.. Tell us what the atmosphere and experience was like. In winning first place, what did you gain or in process of gaining?

C-NOTES:  Winning was beautiful what made it more special is that I buried my grandmother earlier that day. I won’t say it was expected but every time I come out it’s to win! Just want to thank A.D. THE GENERAL for giving me the chance. Since the win I been on radio interviews, twitter followers are doubling, life’s Good, LOL!

N.A.B.: Do you have any show’s coming up soon?

C-NOTES: Of course you know an artist doing shows is like going to work. So every Elegant Hoodness show coming up C-NOTES will be there. New York, Philly, South Carolina, Miami we coming baby!!

N.A.B.: What do you think you bring to the table proficiently as a Hip Hop artist today?

C-NOTES: I think as far as a Hip Hop we have a lot of dudes doing it. I coming out of Brooklyn, NY we forget about the Kangol’s, the Coogi sweaters, the Versace shades. So I as an artist, I’m bringing that Biggie swag back the hungry Jay Z mentality. I’m giving you exactly what goes on in my life!

N.A.B.: Is there anything you would like to express or highlight within this interview?

C-NOTES: I just want these A&R’s to start doing their job again and start searching for the real because going cause what is crazy right now, LOL. My next mix tape is titled R.A.W. (Raw Always Win) because no matter what’s going on I’m going to make sure we get it!!

N.A.B.: In the last few months what is it you’ve been working on within your music career? Elaborate some.

C-NOTES: Everyday I’m working on something new. My work ethic is crazy and that won’t stop even after I bring my team to the top! Song after song in the studio, show after show worldwide, radio interviews from underground stations the colleges, I’m there!

N.A.B.: Give us heads up on any future projects we can look forward too. Elaborate some.

C-NOTES: Right now I have The Gold Selling mix tape Building a Buzz for Dummies EP/MIX TAPE. You can check that on DATPIFF.COM also my SOUNDCLOUD.COM/CNOTESBROOKLYN. The feedback on the Building a Buzz mix tape was so crazy that where currently setting up a schedule to shoot like every video off that thing, word!


C-NOTES: First and foremost Brooklyn, All Day! Shout Out’s to my TWO ANGELS ABOVE, MY MOMS AND MY GMOMS because without them there’s no CNOTES, U KNO! GOD for giving me this sick talent, my family, Get Rich INC., Cuda Block, Convo, Killa Stuy, RCKSTR, P, Drizz, Wave Priceless, my lil bro Isiah A.D. THE GENERAL and all the industry cats that mess with me. Also, Scotti Boi MMG/H Mafia, Babs Bunny and Bristal, Charli MO; too many to name follow me on twitter @YOUNGNOTES718 and Facebook, CNOTES BROOKLYN!!

Written by Specialgift(N.A.B.)