Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Stunna Mane

C.E.O./Rapper of So Damn Pretty Ent. All the way from Florida Mississippi Elegant Hoodness Musical Program brings to you Stunna Mane. Being from the south Stunna Mane developed a slow paste but that didn’t hold him back. When Stunna Mane decided to be apart of the music industry he started out with managing an artist. During there process, things came to an end and they went there separate ways. That’s when Stunna decided to chance the opportunity of becoming an artist him self. Once he started there was know turning back. He began to collaborate with quite a few up coming Dj’s such as Dj Bobby Jones, Dj Bank Roe, Dj Cable and naming. His first track was than written and entitled “Drunk Gorilla”. This song became a hit throughout Delta, Mi, Atlanta, Memphis, Phoenix and counting. After this release came “Pretty Girls” which has captured the internet world. With not to much experience Stunna Mane has been nominated for two Jackson Music Awards (male hip-hop artist of the year and hip-hop entertainer of the year). Other tracks titled “Bang” ft. Murdah Baby Prod by Nat C, “On Dat Road” “We Be Blowing Strong” “The One They Talk About” “Let‘s Toast To Success” are a few that has been released as well. Making music, massive radio spins, viral promo and showcases has been his format lately. He has recently graced the stage at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program showcase in Atlanta Nov 2011. Won second place and has gained heavy exposure with his winning. Such as more radio play throughout the globe and interviews in several different magazines. Sunna Mane is definitely on the come up. Let’s find out more.

N.A.B.: Start us off with some insight on the development of Stunna Mane.

STUNNA MANE: Well I was given the name "The Stunna" from ladies at my old job. I used to work on an assembly line building Nissans in Mississippi. We made great money there; I bought everything I ever wanted. Never had thru life in Mississippi and traveled outside of Mississippi to all parts of the country. Even to Alaska while working there it taught me with hard work comes opportunity and thru that came the Stunna Mane Aka Johnny Bang Life Style. That happens when you achieve success in life, you enjoy success because you worked hard for it. No one can take your memories or dreams from you because that's what drives us as human beings, having goals and dreams and a better life. So I based my rap career off my real life ups and downs and serve as a model of "be who you are and u still can make it in the world". Even being a smart guy that stays in the middle of four cotton fields you too can make your dreams come true.

N.A.B.: “Drunk Gorilla”, when and how did this track come about? Will you go on to the next track “Pretty Girls” and elaborate on this one as well.

STUNNA MANE: It's started right after I started rapping and decided that I wanted a way to release all of the energy that runs thru me but I don't dance so I created a away for me to release, with the Drunk Gorilla record. You can bob your head, rock, lean and do your thing to this record. It's an anthem for the club that's filled with passionate drinker’s lol!!!! And as for my single Pretty Girl's featuring ML the truth, I wrote this record to show the power of a beautiful woman over a man and do that in a away that it didn't come off as a dirty record. You know something my kid can sing or even play at a wedding. I wanted to make a classic timeless song to play in appreciation of women.

N.A.B.: Tell us about the latest project you’re working on presently? Please elaborate some.

STUNNA MANE: Right now we are currently promoting via for free download the Drunk Gorilla Mixtape, which it currently has over 34,000 views - that's big for an indie. Also, it has no Dj drops so any Dj that would like to add a song to his rotation can do so with just a click of the download button. Since I'm giving away the mixtape free, all I ask in return from my fans is for you to rate and comment and a chance to come and perform for them in there city! Get @stunna_mane new mix tape #DrunkGorilla . Here is a link to the mix tape above, also in addition to touring the south and south east I'm now working on my other alter ego "Johnny Bang" Johnny Bang is the Johnny Bravo of the rap world the black Elvis Presley, mixed with country flavor as BB King and Muddy Waters. He is smart, funny, a handsome ladies man, big truck driver, fast car driver, builds loud sound systems, runs a rap label, used to be an ex bouncer and he is Bertha & Percy's son !!! Johnny Bang is hope and beliefs that you can do anything you can imagine ask long as u don't let failure kill your dreams. Not people but putting the weight on your shoulders and banging till u get some results!!!!! Mix tape on the way, Johnny Bang.

N.A.B.: Do you plan to collaborate with any artist soon?

STUNNA MANE: I’m always collaborating with different artist be on the look out for the New Bang remix featuring Dj Will Stunna Mane Murdah Baby, & Dub G of Ugk Records #Bang!!

N.A.B.: You performed at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program in Atlanta recently. How did you become acquainted and what’s your intake of the showcase? Would you suggest Elegant Hoodness to other up and coming artist, producers, media and all who’s seeking to be build their buzz to the max with a wide range of opportunities?

STUNNA MANE: I had seen and heard about A.D. the General and the brand Elegant Hoodness for a while on twitter. One day she tweeted about her upcoming awards for the Top 10 indies in NY. I felt like I should be nominated so I had my VP hit her up to check on the business. From there it resulted in my doing the Atlanta show and winning second prize to now a chance to participate in the awards show in New York. I appreciate the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program platform as an indie. I'm pleased with the media package. More exposure is just what I need right now in my career. "The product and brand is solid". I would definitely recommend the program to another artist like myself who is working hard and has made a name for himself but ready for that next level in their career.

N.A.B.: What’s next for Stunna Mane?

STUNNA MANE: Hopefully I can run thru rap and retire soon I really just wanna run a empire I'm a bigger genius than rap a young mogul the next big music machine I wanna take over music and run it off my influence , network , and networth so with alot of hard work I want the whole machine because I feel it's been corrupted and taken advantage of!

N.A.B.: Where can the people hear your music and find out more about you? Any shout out you would like to give at this time? Also any words you would like to leave us with?

STUNNA MANE: Get @stunna_mane new mixtape #DrunkGorilla

YouTube Stunnamane77

Google me I’m everywhere. I would like to thank everyone who ever believed in me and supported my movement and what I stand for in life. My words to the world are, do not ever give up on life. Only you can better your situation. "Put God first and go get it"!!

Thank you Stunna Mane for taking time to network with N.A.N., N.A.B., and Elegant Hoodness