Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Who is Bigg Base? Find out with E.H.M.P.


E.H.M.P.: First and for most congrats on your recent win at the Elegant Hoodness, NYC edition. How was it opening for Lore'l from Love and Hip Hop?

BIGG BASE: Thank you and it was mad fun. Especially because that was actually my first time performing. I was one of the winners, so it's definitely something to remember.

E.H.M.P.: Where does your name Bigg Bass mean?

BIGG BASE: (Bigg Base) My dad actually got the name Base from his friends growing up. I'm not 100% sure why, but I'm almost sure it had to do with his low pitched voice. With that being said, as I grew up the name just stuck with me. Especially once my voice started to change. I remember my parent's always preaching to me "Don't be like us, be bigger and better." Once I really began to understand what they meant, I refused to be called Lil Base or Base Jr; but rather Bigg Base.

E.H.M.P.: Are you and MC or Rapper and why?

BIGG BASE: Lol, good question. I consider myself a MC before a rapper because a MC is an artist that paints pictures of the world as they see it and make music because of their passion for hip hop. As where to me a rapper is someone that rhymes just to live the celebrity life. Although nothing's wrong with wanting to live the life. I feel overall what makes me an MC is my passion for hip hop and the way it can make people relate to situations in life.

E.H.M.P.: Do you feel like Hip Hop is dead and why?

BIGG BASE: I don't think Hip Hop can never b dead. Like everything in life , it has stages or moments when things change. I say Hip Hop has evolved and nothing's wrong with that because it opens doors for a bunch of different artists. Artist with different sounds and different stories. Think about it, if hip hop stayed the same as the 90's, we would probably have ten to fifteen new genres of music by now. Not saying that every new sound was my personal favorite but they happen so people just got to understand. Things always going to change you just got to know how to adapt. Try to change it, or just sit around and complain but Hip Hop is, Definitely NOT Dead.

E.H.M.P.: You have great energy on stage. How important is it to give it your all on stage?

BIGG BASE: Thank you and real talk that was my first time ever performing anywhere so in my mind I had it set up like I can't make the crowd know that so I'm going to just give it my all and that's exactly what I did. When I seen they was rocking with me it felt great and I just continued doing my thing. I think giving it your all and being confident are the most important things when you're on the stage performing.

E.H.M.P.: Any last words?

BIGG BASE: Just want to thank God, my family, true friends and supporters. They are my motivation. They keep me focused. Rip my Bestfriend/Bro Brandon "Buggz" Carty!  Check out my website www.BiggBaseHD.com hmu! I'm working!! 



Friday, April 26, 2013



N.A.B.: Let’s open up with where you’re from. What inspired you to become a part of the Hip Hop community?

LYRIC LEE: I'm from Camden, NJ. Coming from one of the country's most deprived cities, I grew up facing a lot of challenges and struggle. As a young black male in America you got to grind twice as hard to achieve certain goals. Through hip hop, I could not only express my pain but I can flash the fruits of my labor.

N.A.B.: What have you been doing thus far within your career?

LYRIC LEE: Other than creating timeless hits, we are constantly working. Promoting and applying our strategy to this everyday hustle, networking hand to hand and through social media. The main goal now is the mix tape and constant performances and showcases.

N.A.B.: What are your present and future goals?

LYRIC LEE:  For now, I'm pushing myself to make L.A.D the topic of discussion. To leave an outstanding impact everywhere we go. A year from now we want to be shopping for a distribution deal. The music is going to speak for itself.

N.A.B.: Elaborate on your latest project. Than go on and give insight on your next venture.

LYRIC LEE: The last project was "Anticipation" I was just released from prison in 2012 and went straight to work! The upcoming project is "Wordplay!" I'm telling you now, this mix tape is going to open a lot of eyes, to what real talent is! The new project is more groomed work. Now that I'm home, I got some shit off my chest with "Anticipation" and "Wordplay!" I’m getting settled and find my lane!

N.A.B: How did L.A.D. (Living the American Dream) entertainment come about? What is the overall goal of the company?

LYRIC LEE: Broadway Dice and I came up with L.A.D a little while after graduating high school. During, I think his second year of college in Five Towns, School of Music in Long Island, N.Y. We decided to start taking things serious and form an entertainment company. Right now the main goal is getting noticed for what we do best. Also, get a label deal with me doing what I do (make smash record after record) and Dice networking and guiding us the right way! I don't see how anything can stop us! Besides being the C.E.O, Broadway Dice is also an artist.

N.A.B.: Give us a little insight on what you’ve been through to get where you are now. How did you come across the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

LYRIC LEE:Keeping it a hundred, I done been through hell and back twice! Bro and I have an amazing story behind the music. We plan on telling it as we go along. So I'm not going to elaborate too much because that would spoil the show. Put it like this, we could make an HBO series off of our experiences in this game and life! We've struggled and prospered. We've made mistakes. A wise man once said that "being great isn't based off what you've done but what you overcome." A.D. the General reached out to us and we've been rocking ever since.

N.A.B.: Would you like to express anything we haven’t touched basis on?

LYRIC LEE: Stay tuned in on our movement you blink you might miss something! Mix tape hosted by power 99's DJ Cosmic KEV!! "Word Play" coming in a few weeks. Broadway Dice got a new project coming up "Fast Lane Slow Motion." We plan on being at all types of events and showcases, and even a few college tours.

N.A.B.: Have any shout out’s?

LYRIC LEE:  To my round table soldiers of L.A.D salute!! Friends, family and fans. All praise due to the most High!



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

GET TO KNOW R.A. CERTIFIED with Elegant Hoodness


E.H.M.P.: How are you today R.A.?

R.A. CERTIFIED: What's going on? I'm blessed. Just out here working non-stop. Like my bro Lansky say's "if it ain't progress it's nonsense."

E.H.M.P.: Tell me how you got involved with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and how are you benefiting from the program? Would you recommend the program to other unsigned acts and why?

R.A. CERTIFIED: I got involved with E.H.M.P through a friend of mine name, Stro Miler. He told me about the showcase. He hooked me up with the A.D. the General and the rest is history, lol. I would recommend Elegant Hoodness to serious musicians, only! If you’re looking to get your buzz up, this is a great program.

E.H.M.P.: What is your most memorable performance till date for you?

R.A. CERTIFIED: My favorite performance thus far came recently opening up for Fred the Godson. That performance got an incredible response. We even had the owner of the club and the bouncer at the door, ask us for our music and contact info. Yea that was a success. I will put that at the top of list.

E.H.M.P.: You are a solo artist but are also involved in a movement entitled “Danger Zone”. Talk to us about that situation?

R.A. CERTIFIED: Dangerzone is a movement that provides many shades of entertainment, not only hip hop music. Formed by myself R.A. Certified (the lead artist), Los Lansky (next up), Reem Tha Vision (the acting manager) and DJ LEGZ (dj/hype man). We have a clothing line also titled Dangerzone, consisting of manly urban wears, tee shirts, hoodies, all sizes from toddlers to Big and Tall. We're currently recording a low budget film all rights reserved to Dangerzone, so y'all can expect big things from the movement to come.

E.H.M.P.:  Where can we listen and or download your music?

R.A. CERTIFIED: You can listen or download RA Certified on Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Whotune, YouTube. Follow me on twitter and instagram @ra_certified. Like my music page RA Certified on Facebook for updates, upcoming appearances and album release dates. Also I'll be releasing my mix tape "Trapped in tha 90's” this May, it will be available for download on Datpiff.

E.H.M.P.: Where do you see yourself a year from now?

R.A. CERTIFIED: In the next year I see myself on. I really see my buzz is growing, along with our movement (Dangerzone). The fan's are growing, and as long as we network right our music should touch the masses.

E.H.M.P.: Any last words and shout out?

R.A. CERTIFIED: I want to first and foremost thank E.H.M.P. for this opportunity. I want to shout out my team Dangerzone and everybody who is supporting us. I want to remind my fans. I'll be dropping my mixtape early May titled "Trapped In Tha 90's".  The songs on the mixtape have already gotten great reviews and should be the talk of this summer. Make sure y'all download it or contact me for your copy.



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

TRIPLE SEIS (Formerly of the Terror Squad) SIT'S DOWN WITH A.D. THE GENERAL


E.H.M.P.: What’s going Seis? What have you been up to?

TRIPLE SEIS: I have been good, thank God. I just have been on my pen game hard and getting all material done as quick as possible. I have been prepping for these shows coming up for this summer 2013' should be an interesting one. Heading out to California in June and various states after that. I'm really excited to get back to California.

E.H.M.P. : How old where you when you met Pun? How did the whole terror squad situation come into play at that time?

TRIPLE SEIS: I was 17 when I first met Pun but it was a few years after we met that we actually got to know one of another. He took me in as family. It was a special bond that we all had with creative thinking, goals and visions of becoming an artist, "famous." It was incredible what we was able to accomplish in such little time it was all history from there. I'll give all back to have my friend back but to be honest he lives in all our music.

E.H.M.P. : R.I.P to Big Pun. After Pun died the original Terror Squad quickly diminished. A few of you released solo albums and collaborations. It would never be the same again without Pun. I know through the years I’ve hoped for a possible reunion of the original squad. Would that ever happen and why?

TRIPLE SEIS: Can't speak on a reunion. I'm totally for it. That's just my point of view..

E.H.M.P. : You have been independent for a while now. Releasing several mix tapes and performing across the nation. Are you looking to re-link with a major or are you looking for a larger look and why?

TRIPLE SEIS: Right now we are just thinking branding "Triple Seis" and majorly being looked as a independent. For this is not just a roller coaster ride for me and my team. We building longevity. 

E.H.M.P. : Tell me about some of the new artists you are currently working with?
TRIPLE SEIS: I'm working with those who are willing to work with me. I know a lot of artist but there are a few who I know to come at. The majority of this era coming up I vibes with. For example, my borough has a strong internet buzz. It's time to utilize that and help bridge any gaps.

E.H.M.P. : Where can our reader's listen to and download some of your new music?

TRIPLE SEIS: Everyone go to itstripleseis.com , everything you need will be there...

E.H.M.P.: Any last words and or shout outs?

TRIPLE SEIS: JvwhereUat, PyscoLes The Beatnuts, Montoya Beatz, Serg SDM, DJ Brown Turntableizm.com, Jahspa splifgenerals, GoblinStudios, And Everyone who give me 100, everyday I love u back...Triple Seis The Underdawg



Monday, April 15, 2013



E.H.M.P.: Congrats on your recent 1st place win at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program monthly showcase in NY. How was your experience at The E.H.M.P. and how did you feel when you were announced winner?

P. CHALET: I enjoyed myself. Everyone showed me a lot of love and support. I definitely think that it was well worth it! I was honored being announced as the winner, being that I was an artist from another city competing  against very tough competition from NY. I love the city and I really enjoyed myself. It was just an all around incredible experience.

E.H.M.P.: Tell me what inspires you to continue to pursue a career in music?

P. CHALET: My passion for music inspires me. How it makes me feel, how it allows me to express myself, and being able to relate with others through my music. My parents also inspired me because they were both musicians.

E.H.M.P.: Who is your favorite R&B performer, your favorite composer and your favorite lyricist and why?

P. CHALET: My favorite performer is Tina Turner, because she captivated her audience, she was a very strong singer, confident, and I loved her passion and how personable she was on stage.  I have to go with Timberland, hands down, as my favorite composer, because he is one of the most creative people. He has his own sound and has worked with some of the top artist in the industry, and I am privileged to have been able to work with him. Kanye West is my favorite lyricist, because he is one of the most consistent rappers in the game. He's always on his grind and always on top.

E.H.M.P.: Do you have any formal training as a vocalist and how important is it as a vocalist to continue to improve your skills?

P. CHALET: No formal training; but my father, being a musician himself will help me from time to time on my vocals, and being from a musically inclined family, I naturally have a good idea of what to do to enhance my skills and improve myself.

E.H.M.P.: Where can our readers listen and or download some of your music?

P. CHALET: They can listen to my music on https://soundcloud.com/threeliveenthttp://www.youtube.com/user/Porcelan10; http://www.3liveentertainment.com/; and you can also find my music on iTunes. 

E.H.M.P.: Tell us something no knows about you?

P. CHALET: I'm developing my skills as a producer :)

E.H.M.P.: Any last words and or shout outs?

P. CHALET: Shout out to my management at 3Live Entertainment, to everyone that showed loved at the  

E.H.M.P showcase in NY, and all my friends, family, and supporters.



Tuesday, April 9, 2013



E.H.M.P.: Let’s start with the breakdown of your name, S.K.I.T.S.?

SKITS: My name is an acronym meaning… Supreme Knowledge Is The Source. The name also represents me as an artist for example you got Bruce Banner and the Hulk. S.K.I.T.S is my Hulk side, (laughs)!

E.H.M.P.: How old were you when you fell in love with Hip Hop?

SKITS: I had to be around 7 or 8. At the age of 13 is when I put myself out there. I was a young dude and there was a party outside in the projects in the Bronx (ThroggsNeck), and I picked up the mic in the cypher. I never looked back. That tape is floating around somewhere, (laughs).

E.H.M.P.: Do you consider yourself and MC or Rapper and why?

SKITS: I would consider myself and MC, because I am able to move the crowd when I perform. I also have concepts, and I think out the box when it comes to writing songs. I can have u dancing, ice grilling, gaining knowledge and etc, I would consider myself the total package.

E.H.M.P.: How did you get acquainted with Elegant Hoodness and would you suggest other artists get involved and why?

SKITS: My homie Young Fellz kept telling me about Elegant Hoodness. I was busy at the time doing shows with Rakim, and Dmx. Then he had a show. We came through and I fell in love with the hip hop environment. Maino and The Mafia performed that night. There was a lot of press and opportunity there for up and coming artists, which made it a great look. If up and coming artists are on the grind, they need to be a part of E.H.M.P. it’s a Hip Hop Movement!!!

E.H.M.P.: Where can our readers listen and or download your music?

SKITS: My links are Datpiff.com/Standfirm Loyal Edition, and or Datpiff.com/skitsthatruth for the whole catalog of mix tapes. Soundcloud.com/standfirm entertainment. Facebook.com/Standfirm Ent,youtube.com/standfirm ent Twitter@skits7, instagram @skits7. If lazy just google Stand Firm Entertainment that should work!!! For exclusives email me @standfirmentertainment@gmail.com.

E.H.M.P.: Any last words and or shout out’s? 

SKITS: Shout out to the whole Stand Firm Conglomerate,T.Y.F.M, Vision, Live Debanchi,Young O,General Monk and all the supporters from day one and A.D. The General for having me at her events, and shout out to hip hop!! It’s coming back full circle. SALUTE!!!



Tuesday, April 2, 2013


E.H.M.P.:  Break down the meaning of your name?

INTL B:  International Blizz is a name. I gave myself that name because of how I handle life. I'm always the same person no matter where I'm at and whether the situation is good or bad, I'm going to be me!

E.H.M.P.:  How did you get associated with A.D. The General , The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and would you recommend its services to other artists?

INTL B: I met A.D. on facebook but been to a couple of her showcases with my label mates, One Click Bang and its always been a great showcase and experience for up and coming artist so yes I would recommend her services to another artist.

E.H.M.P.: You have a strong stage performance. How important is your stage performance?

INTL B: My stage performance is everything to me it gives the people more of a insight and understanding on who I am.

E.H.M.P.: What do you and your movement brings to the table to the game?

INTL B: Well what me and my I.N.B family will bring to the table is the story of a section in Brooklyn that has been slept on since rest in peace the o.g half-a-mill....crownheights Albany projects but most of all we are bringing you the truth no faking.

E.H.M.P.: Where can we listen and of download your music?

INTL B: You can download my music on datpiff.com and reverbnation.com you can also check out my music videos on youtube.com
E.H.M.P.: Any last words and or shout out’s?

INTL B: yes lookout for me on the new up and coming dvd "get ya weight" we're still working on it but its coming also follow me on facebook/instagram and twitter thank you for having me.

Written By : A.D. The General

Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2013