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Born in New Orleans, presently based in Atlanta Ga, I present Flyboy Stackz, Up and coming hip hop artist with a massive drive. Producer, artist, actor and model are a few of his many talents. In 1998 Flyboy Stackz decided to explore hip hop and run with it. At the age of 16 his first mix tape dropped. Even though that was a great look at that time and showed his habile, life matters geared him in another direction. He went on to enhance on his education. From the age of 19 to 24, Flyboy had to deal with the blows of life. Presently at the age of 24, FlyBoy knew it was time to catch up and that's exactly what he did. "Mr.2010" hosted by DJ Formula & Platinum family Radio and "Sign Me" mix tapes and his catchy club banger "Crank It Up" has gave him his lead way to growth. Than came "12 Days Of Flyboy", "Get Money Stay Fly" VOL. 2 and "The Check-In" which was released June 2011. Flyboy's newest album "FLIGHT" I hear has the "streetz and air waves going crazy".

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Take us into the current zone of FlyBoy Stackz?

FLYBOY STACKZ: Grind Mode, focused on making good music and building my brand and putting my city and my team on the map.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: How did your pragmatic view of hip hop come about?

FLYBOY STACKZ: Just going through everyday life. The ups and downs of life, I’m fortunate to be able to survive and still be here to turn those events into good music.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What is your pertinence in the hip hop game?

FLYBOY STACKZ: I AM HIP HOP.... I live it, and breathe it everyday. I'll continue to stay relevant because I have the ability to relate and connect with people on another level. Every artist doesn’t have that, That "IT" factor.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Tell us about the development and course of your newest album "Flight".

FLYBOY STACKZ: The whole "Flight" project is my gift to the game. Developed from real life and daily situations formulated into good music. I worked with some of the best producers in the game on this project. Its course is just beginning; it’s one of those albums that you will appreciate with time. The older it gets, the better it sounds. TIME LESS.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Do you feel your perseverance has been rewarded so far? Will you elaborate?

FLYBOY STACKZ: I feel like my perseverance is rewarded every time I get on the stage and give my fans 100 percent. That’s what it’s all about. Although it has not been rewarded fully at this time financially, it’s definitely coming in the near future. No question about it.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Who would you give credit to in your journey this far? Is there anyone you look to collaborate with in the near future?

FLYBOY STACKZ: I give credit to my team, my fans, and my family. Without them I’m nothing. I’m looking to collaborate with anybody I feel is making good music. Big name collaborations are cool, but I’m not the ride the next man coat tail to get on type. I’m self made... self paid.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What's next for Flyboy Stackz?

FLYBOY STACKZ: More showcases, tours, mix tapes, and videos.... Stay tuned.... We grinding.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: As the world gets to know Flyboy Stackz, what do you want them to deem? What's the best way for us to hear your tracks and stay updated?

FLYBOY STACKZ: There's nothing in particular that I want the world to deem. Everyone is a different individual, so I want each person to make their own opinion about me based upon my actions and the material I put out. Then take whatever they want from it. The best way to hear my music and stay updated about me is my website. WWW.FLYBOYSTACKZ.COM



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Skanks The Rap Martyr

Skanks The Rap Martyr was born on the U.S Virgin Island of St. Croix until the age one, where Skanks then moved to Crown Heights, Brooklyn. During these years Skanks began his passion for the music business. His big brother Goldz was a local DJ and up and coming producer. Growing up Skanks came across artists such as Das Efx, DJ Klark Kent, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and much more working right out of his basement in a studio his brother built. At age of 11, his main obstacle was getting a chance to prove his skills. That would end one day while getting kicked out of the studio as usual, young Skanks dropped his rhyme book. When the older guys read what he wrote, they were more than impressed. The next thing you know,

Young MC Row, which was Skanks first rap name, became one of the main artists working out of the studio. It was during this time that Skanks caught the attention of hip-hop legend MC Lyte. MC Lyte was just starting her Duke Da Moon management at the time with her partners Lin-Q and Makeeba. MC Lyte saw artist Shanks as a good move for the up and coming company, and featured him as the opening act. This opened the opportunity for Shanks to tour with MC Lyte all over the U.S under the name Problem Child, a name given by Flip mode squad’s Rampage after he saw him perform live in N.Y.C at age 13. With a well-appreciated run, due to MC Lyte being a superstar, she was too busy to put her star power behind Skanks and the other artist on the roster. The company split up eventually forcing Skanks to go the indie route starting LaCosa Nostrand and Anarchy Records.

That did not stop Skanks, as he later on got a call from Klark Kent to come up to a studio so he could see how much the Problem Child grew, at the time, which included a session with Columbia Records artist 50 Cent. Skanks and 50 had a little lyrical sparring session that ended with 50 telling him he was nice. If that wasn’t enough to be confident about, Busta Rhymes met Skanks and his LCN co founder Elgee after listening to their CD and said he was a fan of the penmanship. Skanks received regular airplay on New York’s radio station Hot 97 thanks to morning show hosts Star and Buck Wild. Skanks new mix CD Back From The Future is out now featuring the hit single King Of The Streets feat. Reggae superstar Anthony B. Recently Skanks dropped the critically acclaimed Morning Paper feat. Ras Droppa about the issues that are destroying the world and has been getting good feed back from people all over the world.

N.A.B: So tell us, what does Skanks stand for and what is the concept behind the name?

Skanks: Skanks is just a name that stuck with me from my younger days in the hood.

N.A.B: What was it like being in the presence of your brother's studio and the experience of the artist coming in and out of the studio?

Skanks: It was a great experience I learned a lot from them days.

N.A.B: Who are some of the people in your life and other artist that influence your music? Who have you been compared to?

Skanks: My favorite artist that influence me are the under achievers and underdogs that never got that big brake yet like Haz diggz Elgeezus One Click Bang Cash Bilz and my dudes K.Capone, Holy War and Valentine the great (R.I.P) too many to name but not getting that big break kept them hungrier than the average rapper so it kept my sword sharp being around them. I’ve been compared to Red Man before because of my word play and delivery have been compared to Sheek Louch because somebody said I got that don’t give a fuck ice pick music and NAS because I be dropping jewels hidden in that poisoness shit that they love so much.

N.A.B: What was it like performing and touring with MC Lyte and what did you take from that experience as an artist?

Skanks: But as far as MC LYTE she had me opening up for B.I.G, Wu-Tang, M.O.P. and other legends all at the tender age at 13 it built my confidence to rock any where on the planet.

N.A.B: What was it like sparring with 50 Cent and what did you take from that experience?

Skanks: It was a learning experience because even though I won the battle he won the war he went on to blow up and get rich I didn’t I thank him for the experience though.

N.A.B: How did you become acquainted with A.D. The General and the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? How have you benefited from this platform and what do you like most about the movement?

Skanks: I met A.D. just rocking out at different venues she be every where not just her events. We were supposed to been link up, it took a while but now that I been down with her movement and program I been getting a lot of great exposure press and opportunities. Thanks A.D.

N.A.B: What projects have you done up to now and what projects are you working on for the near future? Up to this date, what would you say has been you biggest accomplishment and your favorite project?

Skanks: I dropped tons of mix CD’S on the streets with my LCN organized rhyme family then in 2008 I dropped my own called "BACK FROM THE FUTURE" then in 2009 I dropped "THE FLOWFESSIONAL" in 2010"THE FLOEFESSIONAL2" 2011"MARTYRMATTIC" and I am dropping "Rest In Peace To The Beats vol.1" In October 2011 I think my biggest accomplishment so far I think was being on Young Jeezy's recession tour with lil boosie and ace hood it really taught me the ropes on how an artist and his entourage are supposed to handle business Jeezy team took care of B.I then moved out as 1 body nobody looking distracted and not serious.

N.A.B: Last but not least, where can the readers go to check out your music, future projects, and to connect with you? Is there anyone or movement you would like to shout out?

Skanks: You can get my single "She’s a Bird" feat. CashBilz on ITUNES now and you can check me out on reverbnation.com and also like my music page on Facebook.com/therapmartyr also hit me up on twitter/therapmartyr and check me out on youtube.com/skanksvideos and shout out my Anarchy/LaCosaNostrand Organized Rhyme Family my Major Moves Family and all my Crime Heights representatives oh and a special shout out to all real Hip Hop supporters like A.D. The General and The Elegant Hoodness.



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I meet MAD MARLON on Aug 26, 2011 on Grand Boulevard around the corner from Balanca’s Pyro Room the home base of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program in KC Missouri. He had an awesome wrapped van with his logo and image on it with loads of promo. He gave me a yellow bag with an alien image on the bag in black, with a copy of his newest album and a poster inside the bag. His t-shirt also had an alien image on it and his sunglasses had white tape across his lenses in a x shape. His dreads were super clean and his swag was on point. You can tell the influence he has in the town and the fact that he knew it. I invited Mad Marlon to compete in our E.H.M.P competition and we chopped it up on how important it is for artists to self promote there product and to travel to develop a larger brand. Mad Marlon placed 3rd and is now nominated as for a Top Ten Artist’s of The Year Award Dec 21, 2011 in NY. Get to know “The Major of KC,KS.


E.H.M.P.: What does the name Mad Marlon mean?

MAD MARLON: Well between always looking angry in grade school and a south central friend of mine named Loon, nicked named my Lil brother Mad Man first. Then around early close to mid 90's it just came. Since my lil brother nick name was Mad Man, it was only right that I became Mad Marlon. I later came with the acronym for MAD Music Always Diversified. My mother wore a frown on her face the whole 9 months of her pregnancy. So, I was born with a frown on my face. Mad Marlon being my name was fate I guess.

E.H.M.P.: Where you born in Kansas City Mo? And how do you differ from the average Kansas City artist?

MAD MARLON: No! I was born in Kansas City, KS. It's right next door. We're what you call Twin Cities. I differ from the average KC artist. I think my difference is that I'll go to the extreme to rep the town from fashion, slang, dance, music and styles. I take more pride in representing my city. When you listen to my music you don't hear a certain coastal influence. Such as: slang, style, fashion, culture and music. When people think hip hop in Kansas City, Ks they should think of me. That has always been one of my goals. Also I represent my town from a musical stand point not from an environmental one. I differ also because I acknowledge that in order to put your city on the map; you got to see the rest of the map. I go out of my way to protect the culture of hip hop coming from a Kansas City, Ks, prospective.

E.H.M.P.: You have tremendous energy on stage and you make sure the audience is completely engaged by your performance. How important is it for you to connect with your audience?

MAD MARLON: Very important Tech N9ne, said "he's the pastor and the crowd is the congregation". That's a good way to put it. Also, "you can't download a live show" is what a wise man once told me "seeing a artist live show will give the crowd that one chance to truly see what you’re made of as an entertainer". Connecting with the crowd is the foundation of building a fan base.

E.H.M.P.: I notice that you seem to be pretty established in your city and you grind 24/7 for hip hop. Have you always pushed your own tours? And how important is it for you as an artist to tour in your local area and through out the country?

MAD MARLON: The idea of pushing my own tour came from an older cousin of mine Ric-Hard who stays in Hollywood, Ca. Instead of waiting on someone to take you on tour, he taught me how to get a wrapped van, hit the highway and go. You don't even need a wrapped van; I was driving all over the region years before I got my van wrapped. First get a map set markers in each city you want to go. Save up a budget get cd's, poster's or what ever you can get. Just cd's would do and hit the highway. Rather it be close by cities or far away as long as you’re on the road.

E.H.M.P.: I know you recently had the opportunity to travel with Snoop Dog. What was the name of the tour? And how was it performing with the legendary Snoop? And where can we currently see you performing?

MAD MARLON: The Doggumentary Thanks to Snoops Lil brother Bing and Ric-Hard. A chance to introduce my music to a Snoop Dog’s fan is a blessing from the gods of Hip Hop Check www.madmarlon.com for show and tour dates Or Facebook.com/gotmadmarlon

E.H.M.P.: When you sit down to write a song. Do you focus more on your flow or your lyrics?

MAD MARLON: I don't sit down to write songs anymore. Now the vibrations just come. It's like when I hear the best the lyrics just come. The flow could evolve at anytime from writing it, to recording it. It's like if I wrote a song Monday when I go record it Thursday, it's not going to have the some flow as it had Monday.

E.H.M.P.: Do you feel artists from the mid west are underrated?

MAD MARLON: Well when u say, Midwest what artist comes to mind nope I don't think we do.

E.H.M.P.: What or who would you say influences your sound and style?

MAD MARLON: 90's hip hop defiantly. The whole west coast thing influenced my fashion, my attitude and slang Ice Cube, E40, Kurupt and Redman were my lyrical influences. Who basically shape me; until I evolved into my own self contain artistry. Later it was the study of Rock bands from the 60's 70's that influenced my stage performance.

E.H.M.P.: Where do you hope to be a year from now?

MAD MARLON: -In the middle of a world wide global exploitation of Mad Marlon's Brand, on tour and Job free.

E.H.M.P.: Where can our readers and your fans download, buy or listen to your music?

MAD MARLON: iTunes , CDBaby, Digstation, www.madmarlon.com, rhapsody, amazon , emusic

E.H.M.P.: If the world can only remember you by one quote what would it be?

MAD MARLON: "Sometimes it's me Sometimes it's you. It's always us Together we are one Under the Sun".

E.H.M.P.: Any thank you and shouts outs?

MAD MARLON: S/o to every independent artist on planer earth. S/o to all my 's we're everywhere.





Greg P, born in the Bronx, grew up with the goal of always wanting something better in life. Although he had a strong love for music, he didn't focus on pursuing it at the time as in he felt that if he had to do music as a profession he would no longer love it. The notion later changed once he met a young talented musician by the name of Real Right in 2007. With a new sense of inspiration Greg P then started shaping his image, and his hunger & ambition for music increased. With this confidence Greg P began tearing down shows in hundreds of clubs and show cases throughout the 5 boroughs. His buzz began to build rapidly, not just for his own music at this point, but for his unique talent and creativity in bringing the best out of a song and making it a hit. Greg P was given his newer add-on for his name “The Voice" from his peers. Facing many obstacles in his life, music was the only thing that kept Greg together. Greg's intake on music states that "Music is not just what sounds good, but what you go through." "This is what makes you who you are!” In 2009 he later found his place in "The Lane” which is a movement consisting of young artist that have the same ambitions and goals as Greg, which is to strive for something greater, such as greatness and excellence. Where will Greg end up on this road to success? It's up to him, but from what Greg P. "The Voice" has stated, "The Top". In the words of "The Lane", Keep up or get flown by!

N.A.B: For those who do not know, who is Greg P and what separates you from the other artist?

Greg P: I believe what separates me from other or most artists, is them being who they really aren’t. A lot of times artist say they live or do certain things when in all reality they don’t. Music is not a joke; a lot of people listen to music for motivation, a sense of security and many of these related traits. Therefore when you paint them a pretty picture and it doesn’t turn out to be that, you then are considered fake.

N.A.B: Now your latest showcase with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program R&B/Reggae event at club insomnia you won 1st place, how did that feel and what has come about since then?

Greg P: It definitely felt great. When you’re competing at Elegant Hoodness and you take that number one spot for the night, it’s an overall accomplishment. At Elegant Hoodness you’re competing amongst a lot of talented artist.

N.A.B: Compared to the many showcases’ you have done before, how would you say the Elegant Hoodness showcase compares to the others you have done? Would you refer other fellow artist to participate in future events with Elegant Hoodness?

Greg P: The Elegant Hoodness showcase actually shows an artist there growth from when they started competing and where they need to be once they grow into the artist they want to be. Yes I would refer any artists in need of a buzz and media to participate at the Elegant Hoodness.

N.A.B: What projects are you working on currently? What are your goals as an artist and how do you see yourself obtaining those goals?

Greg P: I’m currently working on my newest mix tape, I need to find another name for r&b project’s besides mix tapes. lol! It’s called “Take a Good Look” volume 1. The name is pretty self-explanatory. My goals as an artist is to grow and help other’s that want to get ahead in music grow as well. I think coming from a city where everyone wants’ the same thing as far as music goes, and that’s to make it as an artist we need to support each other before we want other’s to support our dreams and expectations. And that’s something that has held us back as a whole. I see myself obtaining these goals by staying focused, hungry determined and keeping the right people in my corner.

N.A.B: Who would you say inspires your music and what motivates you to keep striving to be the best artist you can be?

Greg P: Who pretty much inspires my music are the people around me that look to me for guidance and look for me to make things happen for myself.

N.A.B: What inspires the writing process of your music and do you write your own lyrics?

Greg P: What inspires my writing process is everything I go through in my life. Yes I right my own lyrics.

N.A.B: What artist have you worked with and what artist do you want to collab with here in the near future?

Greg P: I’ve worked with my mentor Real Right, Sean flight, Song list, Cann Cann and the list goes on. To answer your question, I don’t really have a set artist to work with. I’m willing to collab with pretty much anyone that wants’ to make and can produce good music.

N.A.B: Just want to say congrats on your success and wish you more to come. Do you have any shout outs? Where and how can fans & supporters connect with you and your music?

Greg P: Thank you, much appreciated and I would like to shout out A.D. The General, Team N.A.N., N.A.B. and The whole Elegant Hoodness movement. Most importantly my whole team the lane: REAL RIGHT,CANN-CANN,SONGLIST,KEV-LIVE Also my fans and supporter’s. They can all check me out at gregpthevoice@facebook.com/ gregpthevoice@reverbnation.com / gregpthevoice@myspace.com also. Thank you for the opportunity to be here. laneeeeeeeeeeeeee!



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Kendall Rease aka Hungry, born in NYC, by the age seven knew he would be harlem's own hip hop artist. His present mix tape out is called "No Thanx 2 You" hosted by Dj Sus One. Hungry's singles "All Mine" and the Rick Ross - B.M.F. inspired "Holla @ Me", this has helped juggernaut his way up. There's passion in his words and voice. An abundance of appreciation and loyalty you will percieve from this up & coming artist. Hungry has been all over performing from Santos to the Pyramid, Fusion lounge & Sullivan Hall which he considers will be his "best performance yet". He has also performed at the Jackie Robinson Stadium "The Dome", which was a Benefit/Peace in the Park concert. Hungry has been interviewed with This is 50.com and Young Jack Thriller "talking about his voice in rap" and much more. "Get it and Go" a single off the "No Thank 2 You" mix tape, spills a flow of being Hungry for his artistry. It's currently on itunes, go cop that :). Than there's "All Mine" already featured on World Star and Hip Hop Weekly. Hungry is in full effect with a tremendous amount of effort put forth. This effort will respectfully open up that door that places him where he wants to be.

"Strength, Loyalty, Focus"


HUNGRY_HD: Hungry originated honestly from a song I wrote playing around in class one day. It was a parody of the song Method Man, where I replaced all the lyrics with food related things. Long story short, It wound up being hilarious. Damn near the entire school heard it. One of my homies would call me that all the time and it stuck. It really started to take shape permanently though because I was always that super focused dude. Due to what I've learned and witnessed early in life, I knew if I wanted to become anything other than what was around me, I had to make it happen. I was that kid when every one else was on a team, or just hanging around doing nothing after school or the weekends, I was grinding. Whether with music or nine to five, whatever hustle I had going at the time. I got to a point where I constantly felt like the life I was living absolutely HAD to be temporary. So "Hungry" felt only right because of the relentlessness, determination, focus and belief that a life where I can't give my dreams the true chance they deserve, is a life I can't realistically justify as being worthy of anything.

The HD is a lot more simple lol. I wound up putting "Da Don" on the end of my name just to give it a little extra ring. I was always really laid back as well and I guess you could say a bit of a ladies man. So it felt right at the time. HD was just an abreviation for Hungry Da Don. My name was HD way before we even knew anything about flat screen tvs and such. I decided to drop "Da Don" off but of course once people get used to calling you something for years, they're not going to stop. So, in order to satisfy both and also make it easier for me to be googled lol, I made it Hungry HD. Plus my cousin told me that's how my bars are, like I paint a super clear, vivid picture. He told me I spit in 1080. So he started calling me 1080 and at that point, I felt there was no escaping the "HD".

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Where does your hunger for hip hop stem from? What are some of the highlights you've enhanced so far in your career?

HUNGRY_HD: My hunger for hip hop stems from love. Nothing ever moved me like music, hip hop specifically. I just listened to Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, NWA then people like A Tribe Called Quest, Wu, Jay, Nas, Big etc. I wanted so much to be like them. Not like the average person or kid though because people usually want the life and the persona. I wanted to be referred lyrically and creatively like those dudes. I wanted to be legendary, musically. Now its a bit different because there is no one out there that moves me in the same way. I'm actually uninspired most times. Where as I use to turn the radio on and get motivated, I barely can stand listening to that sh*t for more than 10 mins at a time. So now its still the love, instead of hoping to just become a part of the fabric those guys weaved, the motivation is now to try and help bring it back altogether.

As far as highlights, my mixtape "No Thanx 2 You" would be the first. I've had so many set backs in life. So to be able to cross the finish line on that alone, was a big deal for me. Than for it to receive the love it has so far is a blessing. The Thisis50.com interview would probably be next. We all know how these blogs get down. You only get on there if your making some kind of noise somewhere. That was dope to be recognized in that way. Very close on that list would be this event I have coming up October 9th @ SANTOS. I got the homies Fred The Godson and DJ Suss-One, who actually hosted my mixtape "On the Bill" as well as a few surprises, I'm hoping line up right. It's looking like it's going to be real crazy and probably the largest crowd I've performed in front of. So far, so looking forward to that!

SPECIALGIFTNAB: You have done several shows throughout NYC, including Elegant Hoodness Musical Program. After your 1st pl win, how has E.H.M.P. helped you with exposure? Will you elaborate?

HUNGRY_HD: Yea shout out to A.D. and E.H.M.P got me a lot of much needed web radio promo. After that win and further more, they just put on a cool event, where I could network and grow relationships. I don't think, well "I KNOW" a lot of people don't understand one of the most important things in business and life for that fact, is the relationship factor. Every one loves to talk that "F*ck you pay me" sh*t. Don't get me twisted, money is great but relationships can get you things and places money can't. So on the strength of that alone it was a good look.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: "No Thanx 2 You" has finally been released. Tell us about the success of your mix tape so far?

HUNGRY_HD: Aww man its been great. We pushing towards 10k downloads. I get restless and frustrated at times because I feel like it isn't reaching enough people fast enough. I always remind myself about the big picture though and I snap out of it. There are people who have had a mixtape out for yrs and still haven't hit 1k, so I'm grateful for sure...btw "No Thanx 2 You" hosted by DJ Suss-One is available @ HUNGRYHD.COM RIGHT NOW!!! ITS FREE GO GET THAT!!!! LOL

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What do you have planned next for your fans?

HUNGRY: Well like I said the show/party with Fred & Suss @ SANTOS, which depending on how things go there may be a bigger event to follow. I've been working with the 'nPlay Foundation which is a charity that helps fund low income neighborhoods with programs to stop childhood obesity. We are putting together a fund raiser which will be held somewhere in the city, still in the very early stages of that though, so details soon come. I got approached by an Indie entertainment company about being part of a reality show they're pitching so that's up in the air. I have the "STAY HUNGRY" T-shirt & Button line which has been doing pretty well, so we are looking to release new styles in the coming months. I have several more videos coming out for joints off the mixtape. I've also started working on the next project already but details on that are coming out no time soon because there is no way I'm releasing anything else til I'm satisfied that "No Thanx 2 You" has run its course.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Tell us something about Hungry HD no ones been told yet?

HUNGRY_HD: Wow ummm. Ok I got one... I used to want to be an olympic swimmer when I was younger. Actually it may have been around the time I decided I wanted to be a rapper. I probably should of pursed that, on my Micheal Phelps/Big Daddy Kane sh*t!! lmao, I don't know how good of a look that would've been for the hood but I'd have the internet on smash right now!

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Where can we find more of Hungry HD? Who would you like to shout out before we close?

HUNGRY_HD: HUNGRYHD.COM on Twitter @HUNGRY_HD. Also check out my blog HUNGRYHD.COM/BLOG its not all bout music I write some pretty random a** sh*t on there from time to time. Shout to AD, FeFe, NYC, Harlem, Yani, Momma H, Vito, LeanTV, Foundation, TEAM H, Suss One, Dan, Prez & Fred for coming through with the event. All my people, anyone who is reading this, my supporters & thanx in advance to my future fans. Anyone I forgot, you know I'm not a real talkative guy lol I'm sorry. NOW GO DOWNLOAD THAT "NO THANX 2 YOU"!!!!



Monday, September 12, 2011



Hafa Adai, (Hello) let's go in to the world of Tatiano. With a distintive language and culture, Tatiano breeds soulful music. He than moved to Oklahoma with his family. Being in Oklahoma he has acquainted moreso with r&b which became the foundation of Tatiano. His first single "Can't Let It Go" bought forth great effort and feedback. "I'm all about making relatable soulful music that comes from the heart" is how Tatiano puts it. SpecialGift was blown when I heard it for the first time. As the track lead off it was so soothing and enlightening. Tatiano let his soulful sound go with the flow very much accordingly. As it was of course time to come again, here goes "Game Over". Omgness, dope track its from the heart and soul all the way. Today it's very much hard to find a true r&b artist. Immacuately on point with every tune, this is a rare breed of an artist. Much success will come for Tatiano due to the grace of his artistry. Take a moment with N.A.B. and find out more about Tatiano, his 1st place win at Elegant Hoodness and where he plans to go from here.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Taitano, where did you get that name? Who is Taitano?

TAITANO: I’m from the island of Guam. Taitano is a very popular, very strong last name on the island. My mom’s maiden name is Taitano, she made that my middle name, and I made that my stage name to, in a way, dedicate all my music and any success to my mom since she made me who I am.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Your very first single “Can’t let it go” is an amazing track. Tell us what inspired you to develop this single.

TAITANO: I was in this relationship a few years back that fell apart. I moved on and so did she, but I wondered how I would feel if I was still in love with her and couldn’t get over her. So, I wrote how I would feel in that situation. My feeling would be that “I just can’t let it go.”

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What do you think makes your music different from other r&b artist of this time?

TAITANO: Well, there are a handful of artists that are keeping R&B where it’s been. On the other hand, there are a lot of artists I feel that aren’t keeping R&B where it should be. What makes me different from some of those artists is that I’m trying to keep the love and that soulful feeling in R&B. I want to keep it raw as far as material, and I want R&B music to keep giving people the same goose bumps I used to get with R&B music in the past. That’s my mission.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Will you elaborate on your experience with A.D. the General and Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

TAITANO: A.D. is a sweetheart. She’s thug, but she’s sweet. lol It was a real honor to meet her. As far as the program, I really enjoyed being a part of the program. It’s funny to me because I didn’t even know we were competing! I just thought we were performing to have a good time and have something positive going on. My adviser really didn't tell me that it was a competition. I really didn't know it was until they started calling out winners, and I happened to take 1st place!

SPECIALGIFTNAB: If you were able to acquaint other artist with Elegant Hoodness, what would you say?

TAITANO: The Elegant Hoodness network gives independent artists like myself an outlet for their music to be heard! My music has been exposed to other regions across the United States that I may not have been able to reach because of the opportunities that they provide. They are very professional and consistent I'm happy that I am affiliated with them, if you are not familiar with them you need to become acquainted.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: I’m sure there’s a lot in the making Taitano, give us a heads up on something you haven’t expressed to your fans as of yet. What do you want your listeners to get out of your music?

TAITANO: First off, I want my fans to know that I’m doing what I do for them. I make music for them to enjoy. There’s no point in entertaining when there’s no one to be entertained by it. Lol I also want to thank them for appreciating my craft and all that. When they listen to my music, they should not only enjoy it, I also want them to relate to it and reminisce. They can even consider some of my music as almost therapeutic in their life.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Soulful is the best way to describe Tatiano’s music. Who has inspired you thus far? Please elaborate.

TAITANO: By far, Michael Jackson inspired me. Even though I would listen to different music, I bought only Michael Jackson music until the end of my 6th grade year. Then I got into Dru Hill which is a big inspiration, Usher, and Ginuwine. Nowadays, I look at what Ne-Yo does as far as a writer, Trey Songz and Chris Brown as far as swag and where they take their music to.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What should we be expecting of you next?

TAITANO: I’m working on mixtape material, just to give away and let spread as far as I can get my material to spread. I’ll be working on a new album pretty soon. Right now, I’m focusing on getting the name TaitanO and Northwest Arkansas out there, since that’s where I reside. I’m performing a lot as well.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Where can we find more of Taitano?

TAITANO: You can listen and download my music at www.soundcloud.com/taitano as well as www.reverbnation.com/taitano . You can find me on Facebook and like me at www.facebook.com/taitano479 , and you can catch all kinds of TaitanO videos atwww.youtube.com/taitano479 . I need to tell everyone to check out www.shofiya.com as well. Just a little plug. lol

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Anything you would like to leave us with that hasn’t been expressed thus far? Shout Outs? Etc...

TAITANO: I just want to thank everyone for the love and support. It’s never taken for granted. Stay up to date with TaitanO because I have so much more under my sleeve. Get ready! Lol Shout outs: My TaitanO Exec Team (Earl Shine with Feel It All Productions, Amanda Marie, Twin), tEcH and his Verbal Tapestries movement, KB, Koolaide, Drew, Addott Mitch, Tweezy, Mississipi Menace, My mom, dad and the whole Taitano/Sanchez family, my kids because I work my ass off for them, and last but definitely not least: A.D. the General and her Elegant Hoodness movement.



Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Philadelphia artists have always impressed me, I mean from the legendary Roots, to Jill Scott to Beanie and Freeway to newcomer Meek Mills. In keeping with this tradition of super weights, I have run across an artist and movement that might very well be the next run for Philly in Hip Hop. As if I wasn’t already impressed with there swag and stage performance at The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program artist’s competition Aug 17, 2011 in New York City’s prime nightclub for unsigned artists, Club Pyramid. Here comes Non- Fiction to Da Cypha Radio show hosted by Mr 13 & Mr Legacy broadcasted out DTFRADIO.com in Brooklyn, NY and demolishes the freestyle cipher section of his interview. I mean bar after bar, to the point where all the artists in the building had to pay there respect where respect is due. Non-fiction and BME are nominated for a Top Ten Artists of the Year Award 2011 and scheduled to rock Atl Sept24 @utmstudios. This is a must read, enjoy this and remember who told you first about this incredibly well rounded artists.




E.H.M.P.: Where did you get your name Non-fiction and what does it signify?

BUMPY NONSON: The name Nonfiction came from my style of writing music. I've always been known for telling true stories based on real life experiences through music that listeners are able to visualize and relate to.

E.H.M.P.: Tell the concept to your newest single “whip it to the oil”?

BUMPY NONSON: The newest hit single Whip It 2 the Oils is actually a song by a label mate IRS that myself, Ro, and AK were featured on. The single is controversial as the phrase was previously used in the streets to describe cooking drugs; we gave it a positive spin and a catchy dance that everyone is doing from Philly all the way to Atlanta. Whip It 2 the oils now means going hard at whatever it is you do to make a living and better yourself. As a team Blood Money Ent and Pure Punishment Records wakes up every morning just to whip it to the oils!

E.H.M.P.: Are u originally from Philly? And how do you separate your self from the average Philly rapper?

BUMPY NONSON: I am originally from Philly, however I spent 12 years in Atlanta where I learned to rap and developed a unique style mixing the north with the south. I started rapping in Montell Homes Projects, the former home of Cee Lo and Goodie Mob in East Point, GA. I separate myself from the average Philly rapper by not being afraid to try new things and creating a mixture of different styles of music from stories to hood anthems, while still managing to stay relevant and true to myself as a person and an artist.

E.H.M.P.: What would you say you enjoy more performing, recording or the writing of the lyrics and or creation of the concept?

BUMPY NONSON: Well I'm a writer primarily. I write books, poems, songs, movies, and plays. So naturally, I enjoy the creation of the concept and the whole writing process. However, I do enjoy performing and recording almost just as much.

E.H.M.P.: How do you feel about the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and the opportunities given to the unsigned artists through out globe? And do you feel about your recent nomination at Top Ten Artists of The Year Awards 2011?

BUMPY NONSON: I feel honored to be awarded the opportunity to work with Elegant Hoodness. Luis Toledo from True Unity Productions and Fiya from Airitout Radio referred me to A.D. the General and the rest was history. The amount of exposure that was awarded as a result of my performance was well worth the drive to New York. My team is very excited to be nominated amongst the top 10 artists of the year! Win or lose, it's a great opportunity for our careers.

E.H.M.P.: When did you first fall in love with Hip Hop?

BUMPY NONSON: I fell in love with hip hop when I was about 8 years old listening to Tupac "I Get Around". I memorized the whole song with my siblings and started writing my own songs. Since then, I've been writing and pursuing the dream of touching the world through song.

E.H.M.P.: Where do you see yourself in a year?

BUMPY NONSON: In a year, I see myself with a better buzz, a few deals on the table, and hopefully being distributed as an independent label "Pure Punishment Records" with "Blood Money Ent". In the meantime, I'm doing shows and events from LA, to Philly and giving the people good music.

E.H.M.P.: Where can our readers and fans download or listen to your music? And where can we reach you?

BUMPY NONSON: www.only1nonfiction.com/ , follow me @BumpyNonson and you can download my newest single "When You Come Home" on itunes, rhapsody and amazon. If you go to youtube and type in Whip It 2 The Oils, you can see the official video directed by movie director Kevin Townley along with several hot radio appearances and live shows.

E.H.M.P.: Any thank you and shout out’s?

BUMPY NONSON: Thanks and s/o to God, Bloodmoney and Pure Punishment Records, True Unity Productions, Urban Xpressions,Airitout Radio, Batcave and 2.0, Epik Promotions, Honest Phire and OC, Vicious, and all of the supporters in Philly, DC, and Atl helping us rise to the top!



Tuesday, September 6, 2011



You know when you stand up in front of your childhood classmates and start singing; it must be a natural expression. Coming from Poughkeepsie, NY, I present Quandesha, one of hip hop and r&b dynamic artist. Influenced by Mariah Carey and Beyonce, Quandesha is growing to be one of a kind. In 2008 she acquainted with DJ Red Alert and transcribed a promo based on Destiny’s ChildSay My Name” for his 25th anniversary. DJ Red Alert began to promote this on his show 98.7 Kiss FM mix radio show in August 2008. That has giving Quandesha great lead way in exposing herself. It has giving her the chance to actually even perform on his show twice. Before this, Quandesha had the opportunity to opus with producer Stokes who’s also from Poughkeepsie, NY as well. They have done several tracks together such as “I miss you”, “Shake ya body”, “Street Love”, and “TANK ON EMPTY”. Presently she has a mix tape out called “DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH”. With so much going on the goal of Quandesha is to be able to express her emotions and present her music to her fans worldwide. It’s time to find out more.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: The beauty of hip hop and r&b goes a long way. What contributed to you taking that first step into stardom?

QUANDESHA: My mother was a music lover so she always played music in our household. Some of our favorites were George Michael, Teena Marie, Rick James and 52nd Street. So, music has always been apart of my life and singing just come natural, as well as writing. Before I finally found a studio I use to record myself on a karaoke machine. Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. I recoded at a few studios before actually being referred to Stokely and once I heard the finished product of a song we started. It was a wrap from there.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Give us some insight on what you want us, your fans & associates to get from your music?

QUANDESHA: If you listen to my music you’ll see that my songs have meaning behind them. Most people can related to the subjects I write about. I love when I get messages of how my song struck an emotion in someone. That means I have done my job because what I write and sing. Not only do I put my time, effort and energy into it but it comes from the heart. So if you can feel what I felt when putting the song down, that’s amazing.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What do you think is different from you and the next female hip hop and r&b artist?

QUANDESHA: When you hear artist like Mary J Blige and Keisha Cole you know that it’s them. They both sing r&b but they both have their own sound and stand out. I feel my sound and performance will separate me from just being another female r&b singer. I’m focused on making timeless music. Songs years from now you’ll want to pop in your stereo and still feel like that’s my jam. My lyrics are well thought of and overall produced is produced at its best. The more you get to know me you’ll love the real down to earth person I am. *SMILES

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Who is A.D. the General and what do you know of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

QUANDESHA: A.D. the General is an incredible woman. She is the C.E.O. and founder of Elegant Hoodness Musical Program which helps artist get exposure through the monthly events they hold.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: What’s up next for Quandesha?

QUANDESHA: I’m currently working on my album, booking shows, taking meetings and working hard to make sure the whole world will soon know about me, lol. So hopefully soon I will be in a city near you. Also, I’m open to collab with other artist working just as hard as me.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: I hear you have recorded a hook for a major rapper? May I ask who that was?

QUANDESHA: Well I did reference a hook, actually two for Maino through Atlantic Records. It was a pretty dope experience. The studio was beautiful and the engineer was crazy cool. I had lots of fun. That’s an experience I will never forget.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Anything we haven’t discussed that you would like to express?

QUANDESHA: You can listen and download Diamond in the Rough at Datpiff.com as well as my first mix tape Pk’s Best Kept Secret. If you have any questions or just want to hit me up, do so at any of the sites below, I do respondJ.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Any last min words you would like to put forth? Shout Outs etc.?

QUANDESHA: I’d like to shout out all my fans and the people who support what I’m doing. Thank you; you are all very much appreciated. Also I would like to shout out everyone who’s pursuing there dreams. Stays focused, dedicated and keep pushing.

SPECIALGIFTNAB: Tell us all your sites we can find out more and stay updated with you.

QUANDESHA: The easiest way to find out more about me would be to Google, Quandesha. Other than that you can find me at youtube.com/quandeshaj, facebook.com/quandesha, and myspace.com/quandeshaj845