Thursday, January 12, 2012



I would like to welcome to the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program, a young man who represents his borough to the fullest, Brooklyn, N.Y.. He is new entity to hip hop, reggaeton, drummer boy topped off with Spanish swag. I would like to introduce you to the multi talented SoundBoy Cartagena aka Spanglish Carta. I must say first I have never heard of music in this manner. Until I looked at his videos on youtube. I was quite impressed. My sister enjoyed his style as well. Welcome SoundBoy Cartagena. I would like to thank you for taking out time of your schedule to join Elegant Hoodness and N.A.B..

N.A.B.: What made you want to become not just a rapper but one that blends other facets of music, to your art form?

SOUNDBOY CARTAGENA: Loving all genres, especially hip hop and salsa. Growing up in salsa and raised around hip hop.

N.A.B.: What makes you stand out from other Spanish rap or other recording artist?

SOUNDBOY CARTAGENA: I am representing the Latin culture with today's reality, Carta!

N.A.B.: To young Latinos/Latinas that are growing up listening to your music, what advice would you give them as far as getting in the music business?

SOUNDBOY CARTAGENA: "NO GGRRRIND NO SHINE" Believe in yourself. Waste your time on what can sell because it is what it is and this is a business.

N.A.B.: I see you represent your heritage and your borough of Brooklyn, NY in all your songs. What does your borough and heritage mean to you? Do you feel you music is making an inpact on your community? If so in what way?

SOUNDBOY CARTAGENA: Definitely impacting the community by making music that touch souls, spiritually and mentally. Yes, I rep my borough so hard. I'm also representing Latin America. Meaning all of the U.S., Latinos internationally.

N.A.B.: Nore did the Reggaeton infusion of Spanish rap in the past. What exactly would you call your style of rap and does it differ or have a new twist similar to Reggaeton?

SOUNDBOY CARTAGENA: "Spanglish" is what I call my genre or music style, Reggaeton! Not at all, I'm rapping on Latin rhythm. I have a couple of reggae joints I have done before that can be mistaking with reggaethon. Not saying I don't like it because I love reggaethon. I love almost all genres.

N.A.B.: I see you use a band and play the drums as well as blending it with hip hop with the group The Roots. Tell me who are some of your influences that inspired you to create this fusion of different genres of music?

SOUNDBOY CARTAGENA: I don't have many influences. What influences me is making my own kind of music. I was born in Salsa but raised in hip hop. Michael Jackson (Jackson 5) was always dope to me. Also all the salsa legends, including today's salsa legend, Marc Anthony. Yes, I have a 13 piece Latin Hip Hop Orchestra. I also play drums for a street rock band, on my side time.



Monday, January 9, 2012


Comparisons.....we are all subject to them, whether it be artistic ability, athletic prowess or anything else it’ something that can't be avoided. When that comparison is made between an arising artist and one that is legendary, it has the ability of being both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand it will garner the new artist a lot of attention, but at the same time subject them to a lot of scrutiny. How an artist fares in that situation: will depend on them maintaining their humility and of course their talent and output.

Our guest today Tayo is dealing with that situation currently. Read below as we get a little more familiar with him and his background.

EHMP: What made you want to be an artist?

Tayo: When I was like 8 I got a karaoke machine and always liked to put on a show. Music is my passion because doing it makes me feel good

EHMP: Who did you listen to growing up and did they influence your style?

Tayo: At first all I listened to was my older brother. He would come home with songs he made and that inspired me to do the same. But I listened to all kinds of music. I believe that's what gives me an edge and makes me a versatile as an artist.

EHMP: You have been compared to the great Big Pun, how does that affect you and how do you handle it?

Tayo: That's crazy. Actually it's very flattering because Pun was incredible. But I don't think my style is anything like Pun aside from the fact that we're Puerto Rican and we rap. I'm Tayo and while I am flattered I'd want to be known as my own artist.

EHMP: Do you battle?

Tayo: I have battled at times but it's not what I choose to put my energy into. I rather make music. I enjoy taking what I'm thinking and feeling and turning that into something people can listen to and relate to

EHMP: Do you produce your own tracks?

Tayo: I've dabbled a bit I think it's good to know as much as you can when it comes to doing what you do. And so I am familiar with many aspects of producing and engineering but that's a craft on it own and so I leave it to those guys.

EHMP: What makes you different from other artists, how do you stand out?

Tayo: I bring a different sound, a different swag; I am everything the industry needs. “I’m nice, I’m fresh, I’m blessed and I’m Puerto Rican” as said in my song haymaker. But one major characteristic Tayo has is he’s original. In my opinion the more original you’re, the more someone may be able to relate to what you’re saying. And at the end of the day it’s all about the people, the fans, if there not feeling you or they can’t relate to what your saying, then your duty as an artist, an entertainer, is pointless.

EHMP: What do you think of the current state of music?

Tayo: Music was at a point of downfall. Artist were falling off, it almost felt like music would never be the same again. But I can say music has definitely made a turn for the better these last 5 years. The only thing is a lot of artists are lacking that originality, therefore as a listener I find it difficult to relate to what he/she is saying. Music needs realism, it needs honesty, it needs to be created in such a way that anyone from any race or culture may be able to relate to it. That’s just how I see it.

EHMP: Where would you like to be in 5 years?

Tayo: World Tours, Collaborating with hip-hop’s most prestigious artists. I would like to expand my specialties and start acting as well. I would also like to open my own business to help amateur artists promote themselves correctly. I would like to buy my mama a new house and be a major iconic figure when people think of hip-hop.

EHMP: any recent or upcoming projects?

Tayo: I’m working on a soundtrack for a short film being made for a phenomenal book titled “Rise to Grace – A Genuine Street Story” written by Angel Huertas. The book just hit Barnes and Noble a few months ago and it’s gotten great reviews since then. I’m also working on my latest mixtape/album titled “Boats” which stands for “Based on a True Story”. Basically the entire CD is designed to speak about life situations I’ve encountered or I've witnessed. Any listener would be able to connect to at least one song or more on the CD, just because the various topics it covers are universal situations anybody may go through. Whether its divorce, corrupt friendships, love, relationships, etc. whatever it is, this piece of art covers it all.

EHMP: How can people reach you to hear your music to collaborate?

Tayo: You can search me on face book and twitter – “TayoStudioGeek”. You may also email me at

EHMP: Any last words or shout outs?

Tayo: First off shouts to my mother and father for always motivating me. They took me from Brooklyn to Long Island for a better life and lord knows where I’d be today if that move wasn’t possible. Shouts to my brother for being my greatest inspiration. Shouts to my sister for always being there for me, even if the whole world is against me, at least I know you’d still be here for me baby. Shouts to all my friends and fans for keeping my head on a swivel, I swear if I didn’t have you guys life wouldn’t seem so clear right now. Be original & Stay true to yourself, Music needs THIS!
Peace & Love,

Written by DJ SINCERE


Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Shout Out's at Mottz Gigante! Up and coming hip hop artist doing what it do. Presently under the Hand Made Beats indie label. Mottz had a late start in his career. A late bloomer he calls himself, lol. Born and raised in the heart of Bed Stuy Brooklyn. Thing is this didn't stop him for putting in that work. Radio spins and quite a few views on youtube. He has already has a mix tape release and plenty of stage performances. Mottz Gigante spends a lot of his time in the booth or lurking that next gig to put on his resume. While where on the subject of resume's, on his track list we have "Super Gigante" which is fire. Than we also have "Shorty Wanna Ride", "2 Minutes Of Fame", "Money Makes The World Go Round", "The Time Is Now" My Bumper" and plenty more dropping soon. He has performed several times at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and recently announced 1st place winner, Dec 2011. Let's become further acquainted with Mottz Gigante.

SPECIALGIFT: You had a late start with you music career and on top of that there was a fear inside of you. Now you have over came that hurdle how does it feel?

MOTTZ GIGANTE: Yes, I started late, during the last few Years of high school. I was watching and listening to my friends at the lunch table rapping and getting everyones attention. I wanted to be apart of that atmosphere but I was too quiet. I thought my rhymes was gonna be weak and I was going to embarrass myself. As I got older, I gained more confidence in myself and my lyrical ability. I managed to overcome my fear.

SPECIALGIFT: Tell us about your affiliation with Hand Made Beats? What
would you say has benefit you from the time to signed on with them
till present? Elaborate.

MOTTZ GIGANTE: I am a hip-hop artist for HandMadeBeats (Hmb). Around 2008, I was introduced to SL Jones by a friend who told me that he wanted to hear me rap. Once he heard my style, lyrics and flow, we made music ever since. Once I got a chance to be around the HMB camp, I knew that this is where I wanted to be.

SPECIALGIFT: What do you have in the making at this time? Give us
complete details.

MOTTZ GIGANTE: Well, at this time my mixtape "The KingsBorough Project" is Out On, MixTapeFactory.Com And DatPiff.Com as a free download. I am working on several mixtapes and my first EP "KBP2". I am also trying to shoot more videos for the mixtape. Pretty much trying to stay focused and confident while giving the streets what they really need.

SPECIALGIFT: You have recently won 1st place at the Elegant Hoodness
Musical Program
. How did you feel in there arena and win you heard
them announce your win? Would you suggest other inspiring artist to
the program?

MOTTZ GIGANTE: Coming in first place at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program was the highlight of 2011 for me. I been apart of E.H.M.P for some time now and I never won. A few of my HMB fam, (Neeka J & Mr. Brite) had a chance to be winners. I wanted to experience that, but damn, I NEVER expected first place. "I STRONGLY SUGGEST ANY UNSIGNED ARTIST TO JOIN AND BE APART OF THE

SPECIALGIFT: Any future collabs we should look out for?

MOTTZ GIGANTE: Honestly, No. The only thing im working on is me, "MOTTZ GIGANTE"! Building my catalog to the point where I can flood the streets. I have all I need with HMB. Songstress Neeka J, Hard-core Nitro Spitta and multitalented Mr. Brite are the people I feel I make my best music with.

SPECIALGIFT: Where do you see your career to be in this hip hop
industry in the next 3 years?

MOTTZ GIGANTE: Just to be heard around the NY Tri-State Area and give the Hip-Hop listeners a chance to hear Mottz Gigante and HandMadeBeats. Maybe get the attention of some a&r's in the industry and hopefully open their ear up to some new unsigned hype. Honestly I never expected to get this far with my talent. I just wanted to rap for myself and some friends of mine. I would have never thought I would get this far, so anything would be a blessing and a huge honor for me.

SPECIALGIFT: Who would you like to shout out at this time?

MOTTZ GIGANTE: This is the hard part! KingsBorough Houses, Diesel, Lyte, Perc, MoneyGang, 225 Buffalo, Slime Gang, Buckets, Rah Dollaz, RodyBlood, Maino, Hustle Tha
, HMB SL.Jonez, .Nitro Spitta, MurdaMarv, Billy
Clippings, Mr Brite, Neeka J, Jae Nealz, Bonnie Geo, Traffik and S/o to everyone I forgot Too or didnt mention.