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Jaeden Zoe definitely has that je ne se pas effect going on for herself. She is a native California and a resident of Brooklyn N.Y.. When I spoke to her manager "Eddie Rosa" about involving her in the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program, my monthly showcase held at club Pyramid in the L.E.S. (downtown Manhattan). I was automatically pleased with her writing ability and catch pop hooks. Her look and sound was a bit different from the average competitor in our arena. But when I listened to her single entitled "Hello" I knew that the Elegant Hoodness audience and supporters would enjoy my new diamond in a rough finding. Dec 21, 2011 four days before Christmas, Jaeden Zoe tour the house down and placed 3rd in the competition. Giving you the reader now the opportunity to know her story and fall in love with her music. I caught up with Jaeden after the competition and discussed everything from being in love, California and the art of song writing. I present to you future pop sensation "JAEDEN ZOE"

A.D. THE GENERAL: How long have you been writing and composing your own music?

JAEDEN ZOE: I've been composing my music since the age of 6 years old when I first knew I had the drive for it.

A.D. THE GENERAL: So you’re originally from California? Born & raised? Is that where you acquired your sound?

JAEDEN ZOE: Yes, I'm originally from california born and raise in Santa Monica but I wouldn't say I developed my sound from my environment because I was inspired by artist like I Blame Coco, One Republic and others.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Some of your lyrics talk about being in love. Is being in love an inspiration for your song writing?

JAEDEN ZOE: Yes I would say it's an inspiration because love is a very rare thing to find in a friendship. With a family member or in a relationship its a healthy form of life that some people aren't use to and hopefully through my music they can feel that feeling.

A.D. THE GENERAL: You have won third place at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program. How did you enjoy the program and would you recommend the program to another artist?

JAEDEN ZOE: I'm very thankful I had the opportunity to come out and perform and winning third place is a honor to me. I believe any inspired artist with a passion for music will highly appreciate this offer and I would recommend upcoming music artist to take a chance to win.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Who are some of the artist that has influenced you to pursue a career in music?

JAEDEN ZOE: The artist that influenced my career when I was younger was Mariah Carey because she has this distinctive sound that I was interested in.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Where do you see yourself in a year?

JAEDEN ZOE: I see myself going pretty far with my music and with the new year motivating the hype. I believe I will be the artist of 2012.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Where can our readers listen and download your music?

JAEDEN ZOE: Everyone can check out there you will find all my music, videos and information on my upcoming events.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Any thank you or shout outs?

JAEDEN ZOE: I just want to say thank you to my team for the hard work and effort where putting in together. Also to my supporters that keep spreading the sound.



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SPECIALGIFT: Hey love, it's a pleasure to sit down with you again.

NEEKA J: Thanks!! I appreciate the opportunity to be here!

SPECIALGIFT: It's been over a year since we've met at Elegant Hoodness Musical Program NYC Annual Park Tour 2010. Elaborate some on your transition from that time till now.

NEEKA J: I've grown alot as an artist in the past year. I've been working on more material, some outside my usual element, doing shows across NYC and just enjoying life!!

SPECIALGIFT: You recently did a Power 105.1 showcase? Tell us about that?

NEEKA J: The venue was held at Times Square Arts Center, which was exciting all by itself!!!! At the event I met Ms. Maria Davis, R&B group Allure, June Balloon and a host of others within the industry. They enjoyed my show and it was a great experience to be apart of. Shout out to Curt Flirt and DJ Whutevva.

SPECIALGIFT: "Don't Save 'em" , wow how did that title come about? Tell us about the creation of this track.

NEEKA J: Lol, Don't Save 'em is a song expressed from personal experience as well as stories I hear from females and guys all the time. We love someone who doesn't love us back!!! Instead of walking away and taking a loss, we tend to stay around and stick through the hurt, pain, and disrespect to eventually become bitter. Lots of time is wasted and some get upset with the "other person" instead of checking your own boo!! Gotta move em up and out and Keep it moving!!! Before u live life you gotta love yourself. Don't Save 'em!! Like Usher said "Let it burn!!"

SPECIALGIFT: What's next for Neeka J?

NEEKA J: I'm looking forward to an album release!!! I've been working hard and fans have been patiently waiting. I think its time!

SPECIALGIFT: Anything you would like to express at this time? Maybe something you want the readers and fans to remember when they hear Neeka J.

NEEKA J: Love is everything! Money is not!! Love yourself, work hard, play harder!

SPECIALGIFT: Where do we find more of Neeka J music?

NEEKA J: I have a couple free downloads posted on You can also find a couple performance videos on One video is of the 6th year anniversary of EHMP!



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N.A.B.: Where are you originally from? Also where were you when you first fell in love with hip hop?

DJ RUSS: I was born in Spanish Town Jamaica W.I. I came to the USA at the age of five. I fell in love with hip hop when I heardRunDMC, Peter Piper, it hit me so hard thats when I bought to turntables. That was twenty six years ago.

N.A.B.: Do u know the difference between “RAP” and “Hip Hop”?

DJ RUSS: Well any body can Rap about anything but hiphop is a movement.

N.A.B.: How long have you been a DJ? Also, what inspired you to become a DJ?

DJ RUSS: Twenty five years. The way that a dj can control a crowd its like begin a magican.

N.A.B.: Where can we hear you spin?

DJ RUSS: Every Tuesday at Club Pyraimd under Mental Supereme showcase and on at 4pm every Sat. Starting in Nov my own show every Thurs starting Thanksgiving Thursday called MegaMix Thursdays

N.A.B.: Where do u stand when it comes to the digital world of DJING?

DJ RUSS: Well it’s much easer now than it was about ten to fifteen years ago. With all the records we use to carry to the clubs. Now its just a small box and your laptop.

N.A.B.: Any last word to our readers?

DJ RUSS: Just striving to be the best dj! Can be and with God’s grace I plan on it. THANK YOU





A.D. THE GENERAL: Break down your name Jax 1?

JAX1: I mean my name Jax1 basically came about from a graff legend named “Jimmy“. I was always fascinated with the colors and names on the walls in the hood as a kid. So I linked up with Jimmy and he’s like u need a name and we came up wit “Jax” the one separates me from everyone else. I’m the One!!

A.D. THE GENERAL: Congrats on your recent win and nomination for Top Ten Artists of the Year Awards 2011. How do you feel about your nomination?

JAX1: I mean I’m Blessed I always knew that if the right person was to hear me I’d b able to showcase my talent on a broader scale. I just want to shout A.D. The General out for having these type of outlets from unsigned artist. I appreciate the nomination and I’m just gonna continue to take advantage of my situation and make the best out of it.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Tell me what separate you from the average rapper?

JAX1: What separates me from other rappers is, “My Story“. My life is real and my songs are relatable. My concepts are different. My music is refreshing. It’s Hip Hop resurrected.

A.D. THE GENERAL: How do you feel about the current state of hip hop?

JAX1: I feel Hip Hop is definetly in it’s transition stage right now. In a way it’s a perfect time for the people to hear ya boy. Bring that “Goose Bump Muzik back“.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Who inspired you to start rapping?

JAX1: I mean definetly B.I.G.. When he said “Live from Bedford Stuyvesant the Livest One” and he was talking that talk that I could relate to, that I was going through. I felt that I had to tell my story. So yeh, B.I.G inspired me.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Where can our readers get a hold of you and listen or download your music?

JAX1: The people can def follow me on twitter @jaxishome man JaxOne on Facebook contact my son Latik Short on Facebook.. “Man we working“..

A.D. THE GENERAL: Any thank you and shouts outs?

JAX1: Shouts to everyone supporting the movement.





Misure aka Gentleman is a native of Virginia. He was first bought to my attention by a fellow media personality in NYC (Tim Hopewell). I recall our first conversation via the telephone. He was so full of energy and he definitely lived up to his name. We exchanged emails and less than hour later I was back on the phone with him. Eager and impressed with his ability to create the beat write the lyrics and his vocal ability reminded of another Virginia native (SICO of Dru Hill). I am genuinely excited about this artist and want to remind where you heard of him first. N.A.B. is always bringing you the rawest and purest talents across the country. Today we introduce to you MISURE!!!

A.D. THE GENERAL: Break down your name Misure?

MISURE: Misure (monsieur) is French for gentleman… I Americanized it lol!! I’m still a true believer that being a gentleman to the ladies will always get you further!

A.D. THE GENERAL: How long have you been singing? And what inspired you to start singing?

MISURE: Wow! My whole life, I actually started as a dancer but always sung on the low. As a matter of fact Actor Affion Crockett (Nick Cannon's wildn out) grew up in the same city and we were in the same dance group. Although I was way younger than him I saw early that not only did I want to dance but wanted to perform! Ever since then I broke my singing silence and began winning shows, contests and events all over north Carolina…

A.D. THE GENERAL: You are also a writer and producer, a triple treat. When did you start producing and do you play any instruments? And which do you prefer if any of the three?

MISURE: I started producing hard about 5 yrs ago. I always had the sounds in my head and had to find away to express them. Through a lot of trial and error I finally feel that I am there as a producer. I produce everything from R&B to Hip Hop, to pop and even rock tracks. I naturally play the piano by ear. My dream is the acoustic guitar. I prefer all three. I feel like if you write, produce and sing your own song every aspect is exactly how you envisioned it. Just like making a sandwich. You and you alone put all the right meats, cheeses and condiments to make it the best meal. That’s my analogy of my music. All beats vocals and production are all Misure, No samples baby!

A.D. THE GENERAL: What do you bring to the table that other R&B artists haven’t bought to the table?

MISURE: Well I will never show any disrespect to any artist but I feel I’m bringing back true emotion of R&B. Back in the pre auto tune day’s artist sung from the heart…their lyrics meant something. You could hear the joy or the pain in their voice. I’m bringing back that type of feel in my music. It’s going to make you laugh, cry and chant along with great hooks and meaningful lyricsBold.

A.D. THE GENERAL: What do you feel about the current state of R&B and has R&B lost its way?

MISURE: I feel it’s been ruined…with a few exceptions in the game of course. It’s all about looks vs voice…remember the Al Green album? Dude had a regular haircut, Kool-Aid grin, and his taco meat hanging out his shirt! today’s listeners would have seen that cover and put it back on the shelf…that album had some of the greatest hits in R&B…smh… People need to realize the voice and meaning of music vs the superficial appearance of an artist… I don’t look half bad though!! lol

A.D. THE GENERAL: If the world could remember you by one quote what would it be?

MISURE: You believe in you before you try to make others believe in you.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Any last words for our reader and where can we listen and or download your music?

MISURE: I realize that without the ear of the average everyday listener that I would be nowhere…some of our successful brothers and sisters in the industry really need to remember that! I am so very grateful to all my fans, friends and believers of MISURE and TEAM MISURE NYC and TEAM MISURE VA. Thank you… My music can be heard on ,, and also follow me and my moves on twitter @marcmisure as well as facebook.. Just search marcus misure george.

Written by: A.D. The General
Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011



A.D. THE GENERAL: Lets start off with the name Charlie Rock what does it mean?

CHARLIE ROCK: Honestly the name was passed down to me by my father. (Not to be confused with Charlie Rock formerly of Terror Squad) The name just stuck with me since I was a kid.

A.D. THE GENERAL: You are from the Bronx NY the Mecca of Hip Hop. Do you feel any pressure to succeed and continue the legacy of some of the greats born in The Bronx?

CHARLIE ROCK: From KRS 1, Melly Mel, Big Pun, to Corey Gunz, Fred The Godson, and French Montana, the legacy is still here and in good hands. As for me, I think it’s a different expectation because I’m a producer. I think the most pressure comes from my self. I know what I’m capable of so I’m my own hardest critic. When you think of the Bronx and its contributions to Hip Hop or music in general, my name will be mentioned when it’s all said and done.

A.D. THE GENERAL: How long have you been producing and what inspired you to pursue a career in music?

CHARLIE ROCK: I've been into music all my life. I started out playing in church and it’s had a hold on me ever since. I’ve only been producing for 3 years now. Its crazy to think about the stuff I’ve made in such a short period of time compared to people who have been producing 10 years plus. I have over 200 full songs done. The catalog is only getting bigger.

A.D. THE GENERAL: How would you describe your style or production and what makes you the next hottest producer in the game?

CHARLIE ROCK: I don’t want to categorize in any genre of music. I want to be known as a producer who can sell a track to Lil Wayne then turn around and sell another track to Justin Bieber. I can make anything in any lane without trying to recreate what someone else has already done. I sound like me!

A.D. THE GENERAL: Do u play any instruments? And is your production sample free?

CHARLIE ROCK: I play the piano and the drums. Spending 6 hours in Church every Sunday when I was little can do that to you. Lol. I have a lot of sample free music as well as sampled beats. I can also take a song and play the whole thing over and give it a new feeling. That’s what being a producer is about.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Who do you dream of producing for?

CHARLIE ROCK: I would want to co-produce a record for Jay with Kanye. I think it’ll be one of the best songs in music history period. J. Cole, Drake, Ceelo, Frank Ocean, Chrisette Michelle, Slaughter House just to name a few others. I also like working with the new artist that haven’t been discovered yet because the creativity with them is limitless.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Who have you been working with? And how does an artist get to work with you?

CHARLIE ROCK: I've been fortunate enough to work with a lot of artist and people who make good music. Any artist that takes this serious and wants to produce hit records can contact me. This industry is all about building relationships with people and making a good product. As long as you’re making what the people want, it’s undeniable.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Where can our readers hear some of those Fire beats?

CHARLIE ROCK: You can hear some of my music on my website you can also follow me on and on Facebook Charlie Rock and on your radio station very soon!





Chief operations officer and Co Owner at Hand Made Beatz. As you get familiar with Jay Spitz, you become familiar with Real. Spitz has been apart of the music scene and is taking thee likely steps to stardom. Lives in Bk and reps to the fullest. With accurate performance skills, Spitz has been previously been an Elegant Hoodness Winner. He’s performed at E.H.M.P. summer park tour 2010 reppin at Poe park in the Bx as well. Spitz performed at club Pyramid, Angels Lounge and various of other places. John Smith, Getcha Sh** Together, Nigga Land, The Future and his newest single out “Not a Star” ft. Most Amazin Rain are his latest creations. Jay Spitz where’s several hats. With his team associates, they combine there qualities a bring forth dedicated structure all around. Now it’s time to find out more from Bk’s own Jay Spitz.

SPECIALGIFT: Hey Spitzo, what’s shakin (in my SpecialGift voice)? Take a moment to narrate on who Jay Spitz is.

JAY SPITZ: Jay Spitz is Chief Operations Officer and Co-Owner of HandMade Beatz Entertainment also a hard-working street savvy individual. Born and partially raised in the East New York section of Brooklyn before relocating to become a man in Burlington,NC and returning back to the beautiful Bushwick section of Brooklyn. As far as music, Jay Spitz speaks directly to and for the streets and delivers pride to be in and from the places we represent.

SPECIALGIFT: What have you been up to musically in the last 6 months? Elaborate on your future plans.

JAY SPITZ: I've been recording more in the past 6 months preparing a mixtape and album,I plan to perform more in the near future but other than that I’m just going to see where life takes me but of course helping promote my HMB family.

SPECIALGIFT: The Future” has been getting rotation on On Deck Thursdays with Ms. FeFe N.A.B. and Fresh Friday‘s with G3mz (Team N.A.N. member).. Tell us how this track came forth.

JAY SPITZ: That’s actually a (Detroit Artist) Guilty Simpson track. It’s so hard but I couldn’t find it like the usual beats we jack, Lol… So my business partner SL Jonez saw Guilty at an event and told him we needed the beat and he emailed it to us. We waiting on his reaction, I think I did a damn good job on it… Thanks to Guilty some artist don’t like other rappers using their tracks so that was a generous look on his part.

SPECIALGIFT: You've been doing several track features, anyone you preferably look to collaborate with soon? What’s your percepBoldtion on the difference of Jay Spitz and the next up and coming hip hop artist?

JAY SPITZ: Doesn't matter. I have a full roster of elite artist and ties to several teams of artist that I will be working with. So I’m pretty much covered on the collaboration end. Jay Spitz is just a real nigga a around. I’ll let the fans and critics determine the difference. As far as Hip Hop is concerned I am not much different than a lot of artist. I have a genuine love for the art. So I’m just expressing it through my point of view. It’s beyond the music where I feel I differ from. Not from just Hip Hop artist but many people in general.

SPECIALGIFT: Elegant Hoodness Musical Program has been around since 2004 and having their 7th year anniversary this Oct 2011. How are you affiliated and elaborate on your experience with Elegant Hoodness.

JAY SPITZ: I was searching for a showcase for the artist on our label and stumbled on a post from A.D. the General. I did some research and was pleased with the opportunities she and E.H.M.P. has available for up and coming artist. We’ve submitted songs to the numerous radio stations A.D. is affiliated with and we had the joy to participate in last years NYC Annual Elegant Hoodness Musical Program park tour. It’s been a wonderful experience every since.

SPECIALGIFT: You have a track called “Conglomerate” that’s been getting a few spins as well. What’s your notion of this track?

JAY SPITZ: I believe Mottz Gigante heard that beat and was like “we should do that Spitz"!! Me, you and Palm”. So I told Napalm da Don about it and we laid it soon after. It was nothing special, we take these other artist beats and “Hand Make” them to sound like our own-nothing new. We’ve been doing that for years. I just love the chemistry and how we all attacked that beat. It was like a continuous assault over he course of three verses but like I said that nothing new. Shout Out to Munch Dawg for the great engineering job. Money well spent!!

SPECIALGIFT: Spitzo, tell us something we don’t know about you. Something interesting we should know. Any shout outs you would like to give?

JAY SPITZ: There’s really nothing because my life is a open book. I am not ashamed of my life because I understand I am human and flawed. I’m going to make mistakes, do stupid sh**, struggle, achieve. Love, hurt, laugh and cry. As we all do so, I don’t hide it. Everyone can get a good idea about Spitz through the music. My face book page definitely and if you really want to know Spitz dammit you can call me, aim, whatever. You can come to block and chill with me. Bring a small bottle and we can chop it up like long lost cousins, lol. My life is an open book and I want everyone to read it. You might come to love a stranger. Shout Outs to my family my whole HMB team, team N.A.N., Ruck Down records, UWD out in NC and all our true Supporters!!

SPECIALGIFT: If someone wanted to acquaint further with you artistry, where would they go? Facebook, Twitter, music site etc…..

JAY SPITZ: They can catch me at face (my page is public), @Spitzo on twitter. you We have two sound clouds (don’t ask me why, lol) sound mania and (yes I do still use myspace) and to make it esy for ya’ll just google Jay Spitz, it isn’t hard to find me…. Love Yall


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SPECIALGIFT: You have performed at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program a couple times. What about this showcase brought you forth again? Tell us in your own words your perception of Elegant Hoodness?

J-MIDD: I love the way the program really helps unsign talent recieve exposure. They work with you hands on and really put forth the effort to help unsign artists.

SPECIALGIFT: Having the opportunity to open up for majors such as BG, Lil Boosie, Lil Jon, and Yung La, must have been a great look at that time. How did you use that experience to move further in your music career?

J-MIDD: It gave me confidence. I was able to really rock the stage before they rocked it. It thought me that great music is only half the battle. You must also be a great performer.

SPECIALGIFT: Do you soon plan to work your way to the north in the next year? Tell us about your latest track.

J-MIDD: Oh yea!!! I be in NYC Jan 18, 2011 for the top ten awards for Elegant Hoodness. I also plan on doing a mixtape with Dj Ace of Spade. My track "Killing'em" is just me going on the track for almost five mins. Honestly just showing off my lyrical ability. Make sure to check it out at

SPECIALGIFT: "Baby Come On" is one of your latest tracks. Tell us about the decision on the title and the entire creation, as you can remember.

J-MIDD: To be honest I was with a girl and she was taking forever and just said baby come on so we could get it on. LOL. I heard the track and just put it with it, put my homie Jawan Mathis on the hook and the rest is history.

SPECIALGIFT: Your motto is "Play to Win", what does this mean to you entirely?

J-MIDD: I treat life like a championship game. If you going to play, losing is not an option. Win is all I know and that's what I push for. So my motto is PLAY 2 WIN

SPECIALGIFT: What are your future plans? Please elaborate on within the next few years.

J-MIDD: My plans is to establish The Thorough Ent label and myself. I want to explore other adventures and travel. I can't rap forever but when I become successful that should be the key to open doors.

SPECIALGIFT: Take this time to give any "special" shout outs. Where can we find more J-Midd

J-MIDD: Savannah, GA(C-Port) is my city, Cloverdale(L.V.K) RIP 2 MY SISTER NIKKI, THOROUGH ENT, ELEGANTHOODNESS. ALL MY PPL THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE. You could find me on and Check me out. PLAY 2 WIN

Written by: SPECIALGIFT N.A.B.




N.A.B: Tell me about Beat Arketikz. Who is apart of the camp and when was it first established?

RF Beat Arkitekz: The Beat Arkitekz is myself, Deranged, Onederkid, DJ Glorious and Buttafingaz. We were all producing on our own forever and finally decided we can all combine our talents together and see what works. One Army can do more than a soldier, but an army can't be formed without the soldiers. Feel me?

N.A.B.: When did you start producing?

RF Beat Arkitekz: Um...I think my first setup was some super bullshit, (laughs). I jacked my older cousins Casio keyboard and I had an old ass Sony Radio One Cassette Tape Player. I was about 14 or 15. Then a good friend of mines Money Marv was the neighborhood producer. He let me take his Boss Dr-5 cause he had just upgraded to the Korg Triton. So he taught me the base of shit, as far as sequencing, arrangement, breakdowns. Then he turned around and taught me the Triton. He was a real good dude for doing that, because he had nothing to gain by helping me.

N.A.B.: Who was your first major placement?

RF Beat Arkitekz: Depends on what you call major, I define major by what song had the most impact. I'd say Chyna Whyte. We did a track for her called "Hell N Back" and did the mix and master on it. It generated a real good buzz for us on the underground. The next one was "Crazy Life". That was a track from Big Wy of The Relativez. Big Wy is a dope placement by himself, but when he got The Game on the track made the song even bigger.

N.A.B.: What was the first thing you bought when you got a substantial check from production?

RF Beat Arkitekz: Shit man I got babies to raise, so I put it in the bank. You know how this music business is. You don't know when your going to see your next check, so it's better to stash and save rather than fuck it off.

N.A.B.: Is your production mostly samples or original compositions?

RF Beat Arkitekz: That was the dilemma at first. All of us are from the Southeastern
region, so you know growing up at the time, N.Y. was the dominant force in music. Of course Geto Boys, Trick Daddy, Scarface, UGK, they were beast too but you mostly heard N.Y. on the radio. I was like well I love sampling but the BosBolds DR-5 I had at the time didn't sample. So I copped an SU200 which sampled, so now I could sample. Then I realized that when you sample it's a ton of paperwork and money depending on the clearance. So I started making beats from scratch. I love sampling to death, but nothing beats making something from scratch an artist hears and is like “wow....this is dope” We can do it all though. We figured it made more sense to study damn near every genre of music and try to create it so we wouldn't be one dimensional. That way, if you have a sound that catches fire, you know everyone is going to emulate it immediately. You can just throw that to the side and hop on something else quick and have a new sound in no time.

N.A.B.: What do you use equipment wise for your productions?

RF Beat Arkitekz: Depends. I transferred over to software about 6 or 7 years ago. Reason is pretty dope, but I love FL Studio as well. It was a rough transition though. Not because of a learning curve, because if your from that 90's era you've been brainwashed into thinking hardware was superior to software. When all the drum machine is, is just a stripped down CPU made to do specific functions. Then I said...well....shit let me give it a try, and I've been moving ever sense. I treat them like I would hardware keyboards. If I don't feel like using reason I use FL, and vice versa. They both have their pluses and minuses. Just depends on what I'm trying to make.

N.A.B.: What do you think is better, analog or digital?

RF Beat Arkitekz: I think both are equally good. I mean I've met dudes who are savage as fuck with an MPC and a Roland XP50 to this day, then I met some dudes and marvel at how they intergrate hardware and software. Each has it's sound though you know, the software has a super clean sound, which is good but Analog has that rough warpy sound, and that's good too. Just depends on your preference on what you want to do.

N.A.B.: What producers influence you?

RF Beat Arkitekz: Mannie Fresh, KLC, that's like my Rick Rubin and Dr. Dre. KlC influenced my drum programming, but Mannie influenced my keyboard production, as far as transitions and breakdowns. Juvenile's "400 Degrees" album I still listen to that because I see what he was doing with the setup. He was rumored to have around this time, it still amazes me. DJ Premier was also an influence on my east coast production as far as chopping samples, like sometimes you don't need some long samples. A 4 count with the right drums will kill any well arranged keyboard beat.

N.A.B.: We know you've worked with a lot of artists. Who do you feel has done something unexpected with one of your beats?

RF Beat Arkitekz: I'd say Teleoso. It was this track I made for Chyna Whyte, she ended up
picking another track. So I shot that to her, and she did this song called "Down". I wasn't expecting that type of song.

N.A.B.: Name 3 of your favorite records that you've produced?

RF Beat Arkitekz: 1. "Down" by Teleoso. 2. "Get Wet III" by Mega Buck$ featuring Zandrina. 3. "Cookies" by Wring-O. The "Cookies" song is getting heavy play in clubs right now, so I think that's going to turn the corner for us.

N.A.B.: Any advice for up and coming producers?

RF Beat Arkitekz: Stay productive and take what you can get. Right now no one knows who's going to be a star in 6 months to a year so work with everyone you can and learn your craft. There's nothing wrong with just banging on keys coming up with melodies, but that will dry out eventually. If you learn your craft as far as scales and chords, arrangements, even researching the history of production, I don't think you can lose. Always do square business, I mean sometimes business fucks up that happens but try hard to not let it be your end of the business that's fucked up. Let the artist be the person with that burden, not you.

N.A.B.: Any last words or shout outs?

RF Beat Arkitekz: Just shout out to everyone that's been holding us down from day one. Just keep rolling with us.

For more information about RICK FLARE and BEAT ARKITEKZ follow him on Twitter @RFBeatArkitekz and YouTube

Interviewed and Written by: Ms. FeFe (N.A.B.)
Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011'

The Come Up of Mr. Brite at Elegant Hoodness

Mr. Brite is the Prez of HMB Multimedia First Hip Hop Sensation. While on the come up he has been working alongside HMB aka (Hand Made Beats) for some time now. This has been a great aspect of his career. From the studio to the stage, he knows how to “build the energy up” (in my mr. brite voice). While performing Mr. Brite owns the stage and crowd. He has performed his Summertime remix at The Elegant Hoodness Musical Park Tour and showcase at club Pyramid, hosted by A.D. the General. He’s performed at the Laugh Lounge as well. Very much a diverse artist as expressed below. Mr. Brite has a mixtape coming soon called “Thugz Passion”, so be on the look out. Let’s take a moment and find out more.


SPECIALGIFT: Who is Mr. Brite?

MR. BRITE: Is the new kid on the block with that fire for the people . I am a diverse artist with a old school feel down loaded and upgraded to a new sound.

SPECIALGIFT: Polish us up on “Thugz Passion”.

MR. BRITE: A Thugz Passion is a mixture of street fight music, club bangers and of course for my ladies Thug love.

SPECIALGIFT: You’ve performed at Elegant Hoodness several times. Was your experience diverse each time? Elaborate please.

MR. BRITE: Yes I have performed several times at Elegant Hoodness Music Program and each time it taught me more about how to control a crowd (meaning building a better stage show). I also learned how to network with other artist as well as other promoters.

SPECIALGIFT: Tell us about your newest video “Blackout”. Is that your first video? Enlighten us on the process of it.

MR. BRITE: First of all I am so proud of this video because of how tedious my director and I worked on this video for three months. We were shooting scenes during the "Irene hurricane" and it was all worth it .It was a lot of hard work and in the same sentence a bunch of fun.

SPECIALGIFT: What’s up next for you, Mr Brite? Tell us something that would be new for us all, something we can look forward to.

MR. BRITE: Well in the near future I have a mixtape about to be released called Thugz Passion. Coming soon to Mixtape factory. I also will be performing at the Laugh Lounge Nov 1, 2011. Also working with my team mates as well as artist Gorgeous and Mottz Gigante of HMB.

SPECIALGIFT: How can your fans and others possibly looking to network find you?

MR. BRITE: If you want to talk hit me on my twitter @mrbrite77 and you can email me for business only at



Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Stunna Mane

C.E.O./Rapper of So Damn Pretty Ent. All the way from Florida Mississippi Elegant Hoodness Musical Program brings to you Stunna Mane. Being from the south Stunna Mane developed a slow paste but that didn’t hold him back. When Stunna Mane decided to be apart of the music industry he started out with managing an artist. During there process, things came to an end and they went there separate ways. That’s when Stunna decided to chance the opportunity of becoming an artist him self. Once he started there was know turning back. He began to collaborate with quite a few up coming Dj’s such as Dj Bobby Jones, Dj Bank Roe, Dj Cable and naming. His first track was than written and entitled “Drunk Gorilla”. This song became a hit throughout Delta, Mi, Atlanta, Memphis, Phoenix and counting. After this release came “Pretty Girls” which has captured the internet world. With not to much experience Stunna Mane has been nominated for two Jackson Music Awards (male hip-hop artist of the year and hip-hop entertainer of the year). Other tracks titled “Bang” ft. Murdah Baby Prod by Nat C, “On Dat Road” “We Be Blowing Strong” “The One They Talk About” “Let‘s Toast To Success” are a few that has been released as well. Making music, massive radio spins, viral promo and showcases has been his format lately. He has recently graced the stage at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program showcase in Atlanta Nov 2011. Won second place and has gained heavy exposure with his winning. Such as more radio play throughout the globe and interviews in several different magazines. Sunna Mane is definitely on the come up. Let’s find out more.

N.A.B.: Start us off with some insight on the development of Stunna Mane.

STUNNA MANE: Well I was given the name "The Stunna" from ladies at my old job. I used to work on an assembly line building Nissans in Mississippi. We made great money there; I bought everything I ever wanted. Never had thru life in Mississippi and traveled outside of Mississippi to all parts of the country. Even to Alaska while working there it taught me with hard work comes opportunity and thru that came the Stunna Mane Aka Johnny Bang Life Style. That happens when you achieve success in life, you enjoy success because you worked hard for it. No one can take your memories or dreams from you because that's what drives us as human beings, having goals and dreams and a better life. So I based my rap career off my real life ups and downs and serve as a model of "be who you are and u still can make it in the world". Even being a smart guy that stays in the middle of four cotton fields you too can make your dreams come true.

N.A.B.: “Drunk Gorilla”, when and how did this track come about? Will you go on to the next track “Pretty Girls” and elaborate on this one as well.

STUNNA MANE: It's started right after I started rapping and decided that I wanted a way to release all of the energy that runs thru me but I don't dance so I created a away for me to release, with the Drunk Gorilla record. You can bob your head, rock, lean and do your thing to this record. It's an anthem for the club that's filled with passionate drinker’s lol!!!! And as for my single Pretty Girl's featuring ML the truth, I wrote this record to show the power of a beautiful woman over a man and do that in a away that it didn't come off as a dirty record. You know something my kid can sing or even play at a wedding. I wanted to make a classic timeless song to play in appreciation of women.

N.A.B.: Tell us about the latest project you’re working on presently? Please elaborate some.

STUNNA MANE: Right now we are currently promoting via for free download the Drunk Gorilla Mixtape, which it currently has over 34,000 views - that's big for an indie. Also, it has no Dj drops so any Dj that would like to add a song to his rotation can do so with just a click of the download button. Since I'm giving away the mixtape free, all I ask in return from my fans is for you to rate and comment and a chance to come and perform for them in there city! Get @stunna_mane new mix tape #DrunkGorilla . Here is a link to the mix tape above, also in addition to touring the south and south east I'm now working on my other alter ego "Johnny Bang" Johnny Bang is the Johnny Bravo of the rap world the black Elvis Presley, mixed with country flavor as BB King and Muddy Waters. He is smart, funny, a handsome ladies man, big truck driver, fast car driver, builds loud sound systems, runs a rap label, used to be an ex bouncer and he is Bertha & Percy's son !!! Johnny Bang is hope and beliefs that you can do anything you can imagine ask long as u don't let failure kill your dreams. Not people but putting the weight on your shoulders and banging till u get some results!!!!! Mix tape on the way, Johnny Bang.

N.A.B.: Do you plan to collaborate with any artist soon?

STUNNA MANE: I’m always collaborating with different artist be on the look out for the New Bang remix featuring Dj Will Stunna Mane Murdah Baby, & Dub G of Ugk Records #Bang!!

N.A.B.: You performed at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program in Atlanta recently. How did you become acquainted and what’s your intake of the showcase? Would you suggest Elegant Hoodness to other up and coming artist, producers, media and all who’s seeking to be build their buzz to the max with a wide range of opportunities?

STUNNA MANE: I had seen and heard about A.D. the General and the brand Elegant Hoodness for a while on twitter. One day she tweeted about her upcoming awards for the Top 10 indies in NY. I felt like I should be nominated so I had my VP hit her up to check on the business. From there it resulted in my doing the Atlanta show and winning second prize to now a chance to participate in the awards show in New York. I appreciate the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program platform as an indie. I'm pleased with the media package. More exposure is just what I need right now in my career. "The product and brand is solid". I would definitely recommend the program to another artist like myself who is working hard and has made a name for himself but ready for that next level in their career.

N.A.B.: What’s next for Stunna Mane?

STUNNA MANE: Hopefully I can run thru rap and retire soon I really just wanna run a empire I'm a bigger genius than rap a young mogul the next big music machine I wanna take over music and run it off my influence , network , and networth so with alot of hard work I want the whole machine because I feel it's been corrupted and taken advantage of!

N.A.B.: Where can the people hear your music and find out more about you? Any shout out you would like to give at this time? Also any words you would like to leave us with?

STUNNA MANE: Get @stunna_mane new mixtape #DrunkGorilla

YouTube Stunnamane77

Google me I’m everywhere. I would like to thank everyone who ever believed in me and supported my movement and what I stand for in life. My words to the world are, do not ever give up on life. Only you can better your situation. "Put God first and go get it"!!

Thank you Stunna Mane for taking time to network with N.A.N., N.A.B., and Elegant Hoodness



Tuesday, October 25, 2011


SANTINA VEGA became a N.A.B. Sister and Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Representative. N.A.B. is an all-female empowerment/entrepreneurship program. This organization strictly focuses on the em-betterment of young ladies in deprived situations and lifestyles. Founded in 2006, N.A.B. has lived on the concept of “Notthing”, meaning that it is nothing in life to achieve your dreams. Their goals are to empower young girls and women to not only dream, but pursue those dreams and make them reality. N.A.B. collectively run The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program based in New York City. Their services include education & professional development, finance, research & information, communications, grassroots marketing, public relations, and leadership. We are the Sisterhood of B.I.T.C.H.E.S. Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charismatic, Honorable, Entrepreneurs Striving for the same goal. N.A.B. embodies the ultimate female hustler. Being apart of N.A.B., Santina Vega has put forth incredible effort with promotions and video productions. Her work is published throughout the globe in several web sites, and blogs. She has become a great attribute to Elegant Hoodness & N.A.B. We are honored to introduce to the world our sister and newest N.A.B. member, Santina Vega.

N.A.B.: When did you start singing? And do you write your own material?

S.VEGA: Wow I would say I started singing just as soon as I started walking lol my Grandma used to call me "The radio" because she said there wasn't a song out there that I didn't know. As far as writing my own music yes I do! It’s been a journey but I am writing my own material.

N.A.B.: You are apart of Yo Vega Ink and now the newest member of Team NAN/NAB. Tell our readers how Yo Vega got started and the connection to Team NAN/NAB?

S.VEGA: Yo Vega Ink started in 2009 with one member which was myself. The company name was Originally Vega Ent. , Later I met Chris Holmes who had the same passion for music I did. He later learned video work we started working together that's when "Yo Vega Ink" came about. We then met a Male Singer/Vocalist by the name of Anthony Williams who later became "Anthony Anthem" From that point on it’s was like fate and we been growing ever since.

We were introduced to Team N.A.B./N.A.N threw my big brother Rico Ricardo. Who had been working with Ms.FeFe and of course AD The General a lot. He always would speak so highly of them. He would always tell me how I had to meet AD and FE so Elegant Hoodness has a competition here in Kc Mo. That's when it all became official I had met the N.A.B/N.A.N team and things went perfect. Soon we became apart of the team.

N.A.B.: You also do photography and Video Directing and Editing. What inspired to start doing more behind the scene work?

S.VEGA: I was working with a lot of local artist as far as music collaborations and I did co-hosting for T.V shows that played on the East Cost. So i had been around a lot of video editors in that time. I was kind of learning bits here and there from watching. Anyways the people i was working with had a shoot one day that was going to San Francisco. We were all told to meet up at a certain spot, the team didn't show, so I told my self smh I can do it alone. That was it! The video work was born.

As far as photography I started with an internship with a huge company called "Ben Weddle association" located in down town kc. They were doing prints for companies like Wal-Mart and plenty of other big companies. So I got most of my inspiration from that internship. As i grew i did my own photo-shoots started for a friend of mine that was into modeling. Helped her create a portfolio, then later did shoots for Festival flyers, Bill-Boards and album covers and more.

N.A.B.: You are a Native from KC MO. What is your opinion of the music scene in Kc and what you and the artists in kc need to do to create a larger buzz for the town?

S.VEGA: I think Kansas City is a great place to create great music. Kansas City has so many talented people in all areas that have to do with music such as studios, radio and venues that have lots of showcases for local talent that helps the public get to know u some.

As far as creating a bigger buzz, I think we lack support in many ways. We won’t get to deep into that now but I think we are slowly but surely creating a buzz at this moment. We have Artist like Ron Ron, Mon E G that are working with main stream artist and signed to huge labels like Universal Rec. Not to mention here in kc mo is we have one of the largest indie labels in the country ( Strange Musik) that’s techn9ne label. He’s originally from KC also.

N.A.B.: Which artists influence you?

S.VEGA: I grew up listening to Mariah Carey she has been a huge influence in my life. I had every album from her. I also loved Groups like 702, SWV, Total, ABC, New Edition and the list goes on lol. I love old school jams I can listen to that for hours.

N.A.B.: Tell me when you 1st fell in love with Hip Hop?

S.VEGA: I first fell in love in love with "hip hop" when I knew I had talent, when I learned about all the amazing things that can be done with music. It’s amazing how much music can impact a person’s life. I'll say it this way Music is my therapy.

N.A.B.: Where can our readers her your music and where can they get a hold of you?

S.VEGA: You can see Visuals from Yo Vega Ink at YOUTUBE.COM/MSSANTINA also check out my Reverbnation/SantinaVega or email me at

Written by: A.D. The General & MS FEFE (N.A.B.)

Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011



To know Jamia is to know someone of integrity, loyalty, honesty, morality, and genuineness. To know GSteam is to know grind, passion, dedication, and persistence. Those two characteristics embodied into one person is known to the world as the ultimate achiever, GLOBAL SHYNE PRODUCTIONS. She has the abilities a lot of individuals lack in this day in time. Success is her main focus. Now residing in South Carolina, Global Shyne Productions was established in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. A team of promoters came together and decided to form a layout where up & coming artists can expose their craft. The executive team consists of CiscoKid, Blacks, DJ Underground, Shaun Kelly Entertainment, DJ Omega, BluxtacySwagLTL, MzPhoenix82, Lanice532, and the whole AllOutHustle Team. "It's not just a business it's a movement".

GSteam has presently become a N.A.B. Sister and Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Representative. N.A.B. is an all-female empowerment/entrepreneurship program. This organization strictly focuses on the em-betterment of young ladies in deprived situations and lifestyles. Founded in 2006, N.A.B. has lived on the concept of “Notthing”, meaning that it is nothing in life to achieve your dreams. Their goals are to empower young girls and women to not only dream, but pursue those dreams and make them reality. N.A.B. collectively run The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program based in New York City. Their services include education & professional development, finance, research & information, communications, grassroots marketing, public relations, and leadership. We are the Sisterhood of B.I.T.C.H.E.S. Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charismatic, Honorable, Entrepreneurs Striving for the same goal. N.A.B. embodies the ultimate female hustler. Being apart of N.A.B., Gsteam has put forth incredible effort with promotions and journalism. Her work is published throughout the globe in several different magazines, web sites, and blogs. She has become a great attribute to Elegant Hoodness & N.A.B. We are honored to introduce to the world our sister and newest N.A.B. member, GSTEAM843.

N.A.B.: How did the phrase G-STeam come about?

GS: The name G-STeam actually came from my brother who abbreviated Global Shyne Team. It was a way to spread the company name and music in by adding G-Steam to their tweets along with the area code he or she is repping. It was also used as a marketing strategy on Twitter, by obtaining trending topic levels. We created a strong buzz and curiosity for our movement. Everyone wanted to rep their city with an area code and G-Steam stamp.

N.A.B: Who came up with the idea to create Global Shyne Incorporated, and what brought about the concept?

GS: My brother, the founder of GlobalShyne Inc. (as I am the CO- Founder), was the one who originated the Global Shyne concept. He actually pitched the idea to me on my birthday in December 2010. Global Shyne Inc. is an army of promoters on one team under one umbrella supporting artists and the music they create. “MUSIC MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND” is our motto. Founded out of Crown Heights Brooklyn, Global Shyne Inc. was an idea put together to house a promotional outlet for unsigned and signed artist to gain more exposure. We do not discriminate, we do not filter talent. We are here to magnify upcoming artists and their music, giving them the chance to shine and show their true talent. We officially launched the organization in January 2011 were amazed at the enormous feedback we received and have continued grinding ever since. Global Shyne Inc. is destined to be a movement with longevity, so keep watching for us.

N.A.B.: Elaborate on what made you want to help upcoming artist shine. Has the entertainment world always been your passion?

GS: Basically I grew up listening to a variety of music such as Patti Labelle, Tina Turner, Ashford & Simpson, Lauryn Hill, Billy Ray Cyrus, LL Cool J, Fugees, KRS ONE, Buck Shot, and more. Music is indeed my passion and I said one way or another I would make a name in the entertainment world. My brother tried to start a rap group with my sister and I called Lyrikal Ecstasy back in the day (lol). Now we were not the greatest, but my sister and I got our props. I knew my calling was more toward promoting music than making it that is how I came to this point today. I am more a behind the scenes type person. Just the love I get from helping artist such as L Jaye, Kendra Williams, Black Frost, Clarisa Rose, Halo, The Good Company, Young Money Dre, Arsiney, J Marsh to name a few, is what makes me want and continue to support up and coming artist.

N.A.B.: You are now an official N.A.B. member. What were your first thoughts about N.A.B.? Did you even know what it stood for?

GS: When I first came across Ad The General and the whole N.A.B crew, my first thought was I need to be networking with them. Seeing the dedication in the movement and the fact that they support the artists with a similar vision sold it for me. I did not intend in the beginning to become a member but it has been a blessing.

N.A.B.: What are your overall duties with N.A.B.?

GS: My overall duties are to promote the movement as well as the artist. My duties are but not limited to writer, promoter, showcase recruiter and co host of "Rockin' Out With N.A.B" on

N.A.B.: Being that the music industry field is primarily managed by men, how does it feel working with an all female organization?

GS: To me it is a blessing because just like the industry is short in representing femcee's, it also lacks in representing the female moguls and trend-setters. I definitely love the unity and the drive of all my N.A.B Family.

N.A.B.: Being a woman, how important is it for woman to work together in this business being that society tries to make it a competition for us.

GS: I feel that it is very important, because females can be leaders, moguls, on the Forbes list and more. We are not just mothers, strippers (Not knocking them), Hookers, and sex symbols. We have the ability to create a movement that can make history and that is what I am trying to do as a woman, with GlobalShyne Inc., and now also with N.A.B.

N.A.B.: Being apart of one of the most hardest working organizations in the underground, what will you bring to the table to contribute to the legacy of N.A.B. and the on-going success of Elegant Hoodness?

GS: Basically I bring my passion, dedication and love for music to the table. We will continue to bring endless awareness to the movement. “Trust the sky's the limit and we are not going to stop”.

N.A.B.: What is next for Global Shyne?

GS: Global Shyne Inc. is in the process of refining several projects to bring even more buzz to up coming artist through more mixtapes, blog features, radio placements, showcase placements, videos, movies, award shows, photo shoots, shows and more. Also next: Global Shyne Inc. and Low Eyes Records have joined together in efforts to create the Global take over. This joint venture was created to elevate your career/business to new heights. Together we have pooled all our resources and contacts in order to better benefit upcoming artist needs, giving us the tools to promote artists in a whole new light. So there is a lot to look out for Global Shyne Inc. in the near future and a lot going on behind the scene but the final result will be highly worth the wait.

N.A.B.: What advice can you give inspiring young women trying to make a name for them in a positive light?

GS: Basically do not be afraid to make mistakes. You live and you learn so never stop gaining knowledge. Also, you can not do it by yourself so you must stay patient and humble and be willing to do the work and learn from others. Most important, respect yourself and know that you do not have to sell out to make it in this industry…real grind pays off.

N.A.B.: What is your Motto for N.A.B.?

GS: Hmmm, My Motto for N.A.B would be "If you don't want to invest in your future…don't expect others to invest in your present"

N.A.B.: Any last words or shout outs?

GS: I would like to say thank you to Ad The General and the N.A.B/Elegant Hoodness family for welcoming me and grinding with me. Shout out to my wife Mya, my family, my friends, My brother/CEO, Knowledge CEO of Low Eyes Records and the whole Low Eyes Records Family, Artist L Jaye, Kendra Williams, Clarisa Rose, Halo, Real Life Music Family, BlackFrost, Gigglez Ent and everyone who has, will and continues to support the Global Shyne Movement. Check out for more updates. Follow us on twitter @globalshyne @gsteam843 @loweyesrecords @teamglobalshyne check us out on Facebook and more to come.