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Murdakkh "Character is Everything"


Murdakkh is by far one of New Jersey’s top artists. His clarity on the microphone has set him apart from his fellow artist. Murdakkh was raised in America but his roots go back to Belize Central America. He learned from young that lyrics alone were not the answer. He has set out to be the main producer on his up and coming album “The warm up”. With an appetite for music Murdakkh is preparing for his six course meal. Right now he is gearing up for his month tour in June of this summer in the state of California. The tour is called “Who’s next to blow”. With all the excitement buzzing around the artist of course the press would find his story intriguing. In the start of this year he has been the talk of not only his fans, fellow artist but also London own Niji Magazine. They will be covering Murdakkh’s daily movements while on tour to bring light to the actual life of an independent artist on tour. With his album “The warm up” coming in the later part of the summer, fans and Murdakkh him self is excited to see the end result.

Murdakkh for the last two years has been working with Aireal Apparel a Virginia based clothing line company. He met the owner J.R Bautista online via face book. Murdakkh was working on the visual part of his album and was excited about the products Aireal Apparel has put out. Aireal Apparel invited Murdakkh out in the summer of 2010 to the Asia American Basketball Association (AABL) to perform. Since the then Murdakkh and Aireal Apparel relationship has grown to where the clothing line company has offered to be the artist Sponsor for his tour. With that said Murdakkh’s decided to create his first single around the concept of one of Aireal Apparel biggest selling products, the fly or die T-shirt. The Fly or die single will have a 12 week national radio campaign thru PF and Associates. With the single receiving national airplay we know “The warm up” album will definitely have a successful 1st week sale.

E.H.M.P: It's my pleasure to interview artist Murdakkh. How you and what are do your represent as an artist/producer?

Murdakkh: I am doing pretty good thanks for asking. I am a hip hop artist
from Jersey.

E.H.M.P: Tell us more about the album "The Warm Up" and your strategy for the success of this project?

Murdakkh: The warm up is my first real big release on my new label Vicious
Production. When we went into recording the project the main focus
was getting some collaboration in with fellow artist in my area. The Warm up
has about 5 to 6 features with artist like Le Doubleny, Luey P, Newton, Bumpy 103rd, we just went in and recorded 20 songs and took the best 10. I just wanted to be as free as possible in the creation of this project. I think you guys might like some of the skits.

E.H.M.P: How did it come about your performing in the "Who's next to Blow Tour" going on in California? What are your expectations on how you will be received?

Murdakkh: Actually the tour was quite bit of a disappointment. Not only did we
not get out there but I had a big issue with the management of the tour. PF and associates I felt were not prepared for what they were asking from the artist. The company still owes me money for a plane ticket that was never resolved. So with that said Fuck PF and

E.H.M.P: How did you connect with London's own Niji Magazine? How has that connection impacted your movement thus far?

Murdakkh: It was the winter of 2010 when I had a awesome opportunity to meet
the editor Mr Michael Cox. He flew out from London to vacation in NY
and I had the pleasure to sit down with him for an interview. We have
kept in touch and have built our relation ship via twitter and face book. The connection has helped me so much. I will be flying out there to Camden; London for a show on May 19th 2012, hosted by NIJIMAGAZINE. I have been able to access more artists that are performing and touring because of my relationship with NIJI.

E.H.M.P: You have surely been blessed. Tell us what we can expect from your affiliation with Aireal Apparel Clothing Line, and the idea to incorporate "The Fly or Die" T Shirt with your single "The Fly or Die"?

Murdakkh: Well Aireal and I and have a lot of things working down the pipeline
that we want to put in place. Def, we are going to plan a fashion show for late 2012 to spring 2013. I also will be doing a “Aireal Mix tape” called Fly or Die over the course of this year, with artist that I know and few on the rise thru out the states. I was trying to
bridge the gap between designers and performing artist.

E.H.M.P: How did you become affiliated with A.D. The General and what are your views on the services the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Provides for artist to date?

Murdakkh: I have known A.D. for about 3 to 4 years on and off. Thru my
underground connections with Remy aka Mr 13th and Titio Baez aka LOST,
I was able to meet up with her again and had the blessing to win one of her Monthly competition. I know E.H.M.P is a good program that I’ve seen with my own two eyes help new and returning artist find there place to shine and be successful. I would not be surprised if E.H.M.P is not responsible for putting on a good percentage of underground artist in 2012 and beyond..

E.H.M.P: What is something fans would not know about you and who do you think is your biggest fan/supporter? Who are some of your major influences?

Murdakkh: I don’t think fans know that I eat Oreo cookies 8 times a day, I’m sorry I’m really just a big kid at heart. My biggest fan beside my beautiful wife would be my good friend Joyce. She has always been to all the shows in the last 2 years and I respect that even on nights when she had school the next day. I’m thankful for that really I am. My major influences in music are Damien Jr Gong Marley, Nas, Pusha T, and Coldplay the greatest band on the planet.

E.H.M.P: It was a pleasure. Where can supporters get connected with your music? Who would you like to shout out? And last but not least, what is a quote that motivates you to keep pushing?

Murdakkh: You can check me out on twitter @Murdakkh,
www.facebook.com/murdakkhmusic and www.reverbnation.com/murdakkh for
shows and new songs. I would love to give a shout out to Belize my
country, my label Vicious Productions and my squad BBMKINGS (Building
Better Music). A quote that has always led me down the right road was "Character is Everything"

Written By: Gsteam843

Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012



The proliferation of the internet has given modern recording artists many advantages that past artists didn’t have. For those that are growing up with the technology they really have an innate understanding of how to use it to their full advantage. Enter A+Polo, many have started off writing poems before progressing to lyrics and in that regard he is no different but that is where any comparisons end. Still at a young age he has recorded, performed at many venues and has had "deals". EHMP sits down to talk with this up and coming artist.

EHMP: How long have you been pursuing a music career and what was your inspiration to get started?

A+Polo: It all started from my poetic beginning back in 2008. I used to post poems as notes on Face book, and overtime people started to notice my talent. The feedback I was getting drove me to continue on, and one day Alexander Herrington (aka King A.T.G) of Creastland Boy Records came across one of my post. He messaged me asking if I ever tried rapping, and that he had seen potential in me to become a recording artist. So we set up a session, he liked what he heard, and he took me under his wing.

EHMP: How would you describe your style, who were some of your early influences and what makes you different?

A+Polo: I see myself as the versatile artist. I appreciate story telling as well as telling my own stories within my music. Honesty in music is a lost art among my generation, but I aim to resurrect it. I enjoy making club and party themed songs as well. Influences range from the Notorious B.I.G. to Lupe to BTNH, especially since I'm a Cleveland, OH native.

EHMP: You have been involved with labels and had deals before, tell us about that experience.

A+Polo: Yes. As I aforementioned Crestland Boy Records scooped me up, although I wasn't signed to them. The time spent with them was more on the artist development side. They assisted me with studio time, extremely talented producers, and introduced me to that feeling of being an artist. I now am committed to Audacrease Entertainment Group, an independent record label out of Columbia, SC. So far we both have been growing rapidly in maturity as well as stature. We plan to continue on that path.

EHMP: Any current projects?

A+Polo: Of course! I am currently working on all original self entitled album, "Knormul". It’s completely produced by either myself or my producer Zeli. Seeing as it’s my introduction to the world, you can expect to hear the many avenues of my life and this journey I'm embarking on. Release dates are to be decided, but I make sure to provide the fans with updates.

EHMP: Where can fans hear your music and how can artists reach you for collabo's?

A+Polo: My most recent release, The Retail 2, can be found on Livemixtapes.com (http://indy.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/15378/a_the_retail_2.html). Subscribe to our YouTube channel The Grand Empire. Also for show dates, news, and exclusive releases visit http://www.reverbnation.com/apluspolomizfitgang. I'm always open to working with other artists. My management team can be reached at audacrease@gmail.com or via Twitter @audacrease. Also follow me on Twitter @apluspolobret.

EHMP: Any last words or shout outs?

A+Polo: Yes. Just to clarify my name Knormul A+ and the meaning or idea im attempting to project. It's my very own antagonym. Haha! In my case I'm taking the word "normal" and giving it an adverse definition. I dont feel any of my music is normal, or mediocre. I still go by A+Polo too. But I'd like to thank Audacrease Entertainment Group, my management team of Ife Ekpenuma and Matthew Simmons The Grand Empire Music Group, and everyone who's behind me. Thank you also for this opportunity. This is another milestone in my career, and I greatly appreciate it.



Tuesday, February 21, 2012


THE ELEGANT HOODNESS MUSICAL PROGRAM and it's writers, support stronger Anti Bullying laws to save our kids. This month we highlight,NIKKI ORTIZ. A Fifteen year old poet, who attends Bushwick Leaders High School for Academic Excellence in BK NY. Today she touches on the America's new epidemic "CYBER BULLYING".


They need to have the looks, the money, the Swag, & be "bad"
were putting others on a pedestal then wonder why relationships never lasts
why your love, your everything, your future... becomes Your past
cuz they become too afraid of not being able to give you what you ask.
If we all just accept each other & look at our own flaws
we wouldn't Have negative opinions & shit to talk
they say love is priceless; but it seems like every person I Know could be bought
& the worst part of it all
is no one realizes this shit is wrong.
how could people still believe in love if lately its so artificial
they just show you off & kiss you
but in reality, when your gone, you think they really gonna miss you?
& You always end up knowing your replacement. Ain't that a little coincidental?
Yeah, It's messed up
but the "In" thing is to not give a fuck
people's morals & faults are down to a minimal, so no one cares for regret
plus everyone's conscience is subsiding & everyone's basically walking dead
what happened to thinking before you speak? Are there no more thoughts in your head?
why we keep down casting people; leaving them destroyed & depressed.
So don't be put in fucking awe.
when the kid you mistreated suicidal thoughts have evolved
& ends up on the news for self-destruction & your the cause
its then. You'll snap-back to reality; when your carrying the weight of a life loss.
So if you wanna prevent that from happening, then get your shit composed
Cause' maturing... is a long way from fully grown
& when it all comes down to it; no ones gonna care about the cover-up & clothes
it's whats under the disguise that's really gonna show
& I know You love to lie to yourself, but don't play slow
cause' deep down inside, the results of our actions are something we all thoroughly know.


Monday, February 20, 2012



A.D. THE GENERAL: The Mad Scientist, break down your name?

MAD SCIENTIST: First before we start thus interview, I would like to thank A.D. The General for taking me under her wing and educating me. The months spent under her tutelage have equipped me with tools I needed to succeed.
My name is one of many. Let me explain. In my search for a unique identity in the music world, my name has changed per the different stages in my life from high school through college, and post graduating. Heck, the list is still growing! But I was Dj Schammy when I first began as a teenager. I then changed my name to Mr. Chin (homage to my Asian heritage), Dj StalLion, Professor, Jny Bravo, and then Mad Scientist 730. I know it’s a lot. Hell I got future ones too. But Mad Scientist came about as a joke to be honest. I was producing for an artist album and I posted on my Facebook status "I'm in the lab, I'm a Mad Scientist." Then they called me and was going crazy saying that's your name from now on! So naturally, I bought a few pairs of nerd glasses and a lab coat. It seemed like the right thing to do. The 730 part is like a code of ethics that is integrated in the name. It represents personal challenge and success. They say there is a thin line between insanity and genius. Well I drunkenly moonwalk on that line. It means by 7:30 am I've done more than most will do their whole day, and 7:30 pm review your check list and note your progress. I am all about encouraging people to win despite circumstances.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Congrats on your recent nomination at the Top Ten Artist Of the Year Award at Elegant Hoodness. How do you feel about your nomination?

MAD SCIENTIST: I am excited! Even if I don't win, I am going to come out a winner. I will be in the room with a plethora of talent! Plus I'm sure I can work a few deals and make some paper for my beats too. Seriously though I've never won an award for my music before, but a nomination is awesome. Plus some of my friends that I've met along the way will be in the building so I'll cheer them on as well. I take pride in seeing people win through adversity, even if it's not me.

A.D. THE GENERAL: How long have you been producing? And, what separates you from the average producer?

MAD SCIENTIST: Man oh man I've been producing since college, so about ten years now. I started when my boy Ash Max had fruity loops on his computer and I've never seen anything like it before. No lie, hand to God I remade Darth Vader's theme music from Star Wars; with my own 730 twist to it of course. I replaced a section of violins with a distorted guitar, a real grungy sound. Then I said "hey, how do I add drums?" This is where you add horror music and the Grinch's evil grin. From that moment I began the incubation for the producer I am today. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't always a banging producer. Some people had hit or miss. I had more misses than hits [laughs]. But I began to get my own equipment and computer thanks to my father who supported my dream!
What separates me from the average producer are a few key things. I refuse to be average or plain. I must stand out above all others. Next I would attribute to my multicultural heritage. I am American and share Jamaican blood via my mother. This inner diversity has helped me far beyond my comprehension at one time. Growing up listening to Bob Marley, Beres Hammond, Sanchez, Garnett Silk, Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Beenie Man, and my musical idol Bounty Killer, has harnessed my love for Reggae and Dancehall music. My father being an American has enriched my musical knowledge with so many other forms of music that has been ignored by younger generations and even my own. Such as classical, soft rock, jazz, classic soul, disco; rap didn't become relevant to me until my pre teen years! I was on that Sade, Anita Baker, Barry White, Phil Collins, Miles Davis, Billy Joel wave. So when I produce, you're not only going to get their influence but also their technique for making good music. I am very technical when I produce. I may not know all the terms but I know what it is when I hear it. Besides that long winded explanation, I am attracted to how music can influence a person's mood. That is the part that peaks my interest the most! I at one time was a party animal and I loved how music compelled a person to dance, and that is what I strive to do, make you dance.

A.D. THE GENERAL: How did you come across the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? And do you feel the program genuinely helps artist and how has it helped you?

MAD SCIENTIST: It’s a funny story how I met A.D., I was on twitter looking for people that were putting on talent shows in NYC, because I wanted to genuinely be a part of it and help out. An A and R pointed me in her direction. I sent her a tweet and the rest is history. She called me in for an interview as an intern and we hit it off. Ad is a sweet and wonderful person. She is dedicated to helping young artist get to the next level in their endeavors. She has helped me in that way as well. I've met some great friends working with her. I've networked my butt off and made some sweet connects. Elegant Hoodness is a great platform for entrepreneurs’ period. Love you A.D.! Thank you. You have helped me beyond what you are aware of. Respect.

A.D. THE GENERAL: I know you are a DJ and engineer as well. Do you mix and master your own records? And do you thin being a DJ and playing the latest hits help you when it's time to make a new record?

MAD SCIENTIST: Yes, I engineer and deejay as well. Hell when you put it like that I sound like a Jack of all trades. But yes, I engineer my own tracks and have worked in studios as well. Decaying has played an important role in my production as I stated before, I love how music influences people’s mood. I use instruments in popular music that invoke a physical response. I told you I'm technical. I study the neurological responses and utilize that data. When I produce a track I create a mental scene to where the music is like a movie playing in my head. It’s like momentary theme music.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Where can our readers hear some of your production?

MAD SCIENTIST: Check me out on twitter, I am always promoting my new music @madscientist730, or sound cloud Mad Scientist 730, Facebook fan page Mad Scientist 730, and my blog www.dasciencelab.blogspot.com (currently under construction). But follow me on twitter, which is the best way to reach me beside my phone. I am a twitter junkie.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Any thank you's and or shout out's?

MAD SCIENTIST: Most Def! First I must thank God in heaven for blessing me with the talent and the insanity to match :) Goose, my centre piece and my biggest support and my life force! I love you! My Mother and My Father, they have been such inspirations in my endeavors. My brothers who always encourage me to go harder and madder than before! To my Sister who is in my likeness in so many ways, Cidney your whole existence gives my life meaning. The way you've taken up music and made it your own is inspiring. The world isn’t ready. To My brothers Slim, Juice, Chuck, Jay, Brook, Ash Max, TWIN, Jimmy, and the whole Z4, Morris College Family. Versatile the illest Dj out of Jamaica via Queens! My mentors Mr. William "Bo" Jones the man that may be single handedly be responsible for unlocking the Pandora's Box of my creative skills. Daddy Wheels. You have been that stern father figure when I was a young wolf and took me under your wing and coached me. To my musical family, Donny Vello, Bebe Booghz, Tim Hopewell, P Realz and Q the Prophet. Sammy the woman who reassured me of my skills and abilities and unleashed the courage I didn’t know I had. Thank you Jackie for being a great supporter of my craft and an awesome friend. Lastly my two older brothers Phil and Kwame; the two of you have always guided me and protected me from harm. Phil always playing that protective big brother, making sure I'm safe, and good. Kwame, dude you are always there when I need you most, from birth you took care of me and I want to say Thank You.



Thursday, February 16, 2012



Born Christopher Newby and presently aka Blocade is one of today's emerging producers. Thriving from Virginia Beach, Blocade decided to pursue his music career in 2006. Ever since this decision it's been "no hold bart". With FL, (fruity loops) he began to learn about production. Listening to various sounds, Blocade was able to pick up his own paste. With the help of hip hop MC's such as Intalek, Amir the Legend and Stax Jeez, Blocade had the opportunity to accumulate, component sounds for. This contributed a lot in his up and coming career. As time progressed producer Namkrow aka Ill Cosby, cross paths with Blocade and it's been a straight grind since. Let's get further acquainted with Blocade.

SPECIALGIFT: Where did you get the name Blocade? What's the meaning behind it if anything?

BLOCADE: Well I actually got that name from my high school football days. I played running back and I would always break tackles and defenders would somehow get hurt hitting me from time to time. They would say, "you a damn Blockade", so it just stook to me and I just made it more unique by taking the K off, lol.

SPECIALGIFT: What inspired you to become a producer? Elaborate please.

BLOCADE: I use to always draw and create art and for inspiration. I would play a lot of beats and instrumentals and get immersed in the sound. I mainly listened to a lot of the Alchemist's Gangster Music themes, beat Cd's and classical music from Vivaldi. I was working two jobs back than around 2005-2007 as a cashier also at TJ Maxx. Also a graphic designer for this local t-shirt company. The employees of the t-shirt shop back than use to rap and they didn't have beats. I use to bring them beats from the Cd's I had and I saw I was good at picking beats for people. It sparked an interest on how to make art with sound instead of pencils and paints. Around this time I met two dope MC's by the name Intalek (very well known MC in VA) and Amir Legend. They would always play music in the stock room at TJ MAXX. I use to say "it would be dope if you guys use older songs and make them into your own". and Amir the Legend. They would always play music in the stockroom of TJ Maxx and I used to say "it would be dope if you guys would use older songs and make them into you own". At that time they said why don't you go and remake me this song from the Stylistics called "Break up to Make up". I went home and found that song on You tube and kept on listing to it over and over to see what I could do with it. During this time YouTube was fairly new and that's where I learned about Fl Studio and music being made with computers. I spent alot of time watching what little videos they had online and found a link to download the program. I was very new to what sequencers and chopping samples meant. I kept messing around with the program and I ended up making my first beat for them, they actually liked it, lol. When I look back those beats were horrible but it gave me the desire to keep at it. I just never stopped making beats from that point on.

SPECIALGIFT: How do you catch the contagion of excitement, that draws your listeners in?

BLOCADE: I just listen to alot of different music and get inspiration from the different sounds and the way it makes me move. I try to capture that same raw energy and make it so that the listeneres would gravitate to it and want to hear more from where that came from.

SPECIALGIFT: Some producers beats nowadays are languid to me. How do you stay away from being dull? I mean I do believe it take's spunk to become a relevant producer.

BLOCADE: Yes it does. I mainly just go from what sounds inspired me to produce and I try to adapt that same sound with whats current without sounding generic or outdated. Music is always changing and evolving so you have to look at current trends and see how you can work that into your sound. Makes you stand out without jumping on the bandwagon.

SPECIALGIFT: Will you take a moment and elaborate on your latest productions?

BLOCADE: My latest work is on LA artist Nocando, of hellyfyre club's EP called Zero Hour. I produced track seven called Oedipus. I also produced track seven called "Jimmy" off his and LA artist Busdriver group (Flash Bang Grenada) project called "10 Haters" that came out last August. I am also working on a track with VA artist Mass (From Illusive Media) and Famlay. I have some things in the works with Tragedy Khadafi and Ratchet Rush (from Wu - Tang South). I am also producing for my home team the Archerville Cartel (Sean Archer, Felonious Munk ,Jah Streetz, Itz tha Koncept and Klazik) the last three are some of the ill-est mc's I have ever heard. So we are putting in as much work as possible.

SPECIALGIFT: Is there anything in particular you would like your audience to be familiar with?

BLOCADE: I just want them to be familiar with the sound that I bring. Coming from VA we are at the bottom of the North and the top of the South. So we kinda have the sound of the east coast and the south right here, all mixed into one. I feel that you can hear that mixture in my beats.

SPECIALGIFT: Do you have any shout outs you would like to announce?

BLOCADE: I want to shout out A.D. The General and Elegant Hoodness for making this possible, I wanna shout out my boy illCosby, DJ CuttCrusader, Big Tone and DJ J + Positive, I wanna shout out the Archerville Cartel, Drama J, Mass and everyone back home that supports me and what I do, God bless y'all.

SPECIALGIFT: Where can we continue to stay updated with you and your progress?

BLOCADE: You can check me out at www.Blocadebeats.com twitter.com/Blocadeofnsp soundcloud.comBlocade facebook.com/Blocade and email me at Blocadebeats@gmail.com