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A.D. THE GENERAL:  Break down why you guys call your selves “Top Secret” and how many members do you have?

TOP SECRET: We call it Topp Secret because, we all had a lil taste of the industry, but fill like we did not reach our goal as a artist. so we decided to go at it again because we love what we do and love the way our fans enjoys our work !

A.D. THE GENERAL: You guys are all very talented solo artists. What made y'all decide to become a group and separates “Top Secret” from the average group in Hip Hop?

TOP SECRET: Because it has 2b done. music is so watered down & it like we loosen touch with our people, the root of it all, groups like Run DMC 2 the lox. we wanted 2 do something different, cause that what's the game need now, a Hero !!!

A.D. THE GENERAL: Dre I know you’ve been on tour and have had some experience in acting, Torrey worked with Missy Eliot. But what are you guys trying to accomplish as a collective now?

TOP SECRET: I want people to remember who DreBanks, Torrey Carter & Tommy Swade was, we want our music to be relevant where were dead & gone!!! I'm a strong believer of work hard 4to follow your dreams & believe n yourself, u will win !!!

A.D. THE GENERAL: Where can our reader's listen to your music?

TOP SECRET: U can check us out on youtube, under drebanks & search box drebanks !!!

A.D. THE GENERAL: If you had a choice between singing to a major that would give you a million for promo and marketing but wanted creative control and a indie that could only give you a hundred thousand for promo and marketing and allow you creative control, which contract would you take?

TOP SECRET: I would have to take the indie rout, because I can work on the mill off the promo & have the creative control side of it, that's always a better deal. shit look @bad boy, murder ink ect.

A.D. THE GENERAL:  Where will you be a year from now?

TOP SECRET: I hope n everybody ring tones & cd"s & mp3 players going ham with my camp !

A.D. THE GENERAL: Any thank you and or shout outs?

TOP SECRET: I would love 2thank god, my moms dukes, my friends & all my family 4sticking it out with me, & most of all, my peeps n the gun ru 616 area lets goooo !!!



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N.A.B.:  B.M.E. is going hard with media, showcases, radio, networking and anything that can put you all on the map. That's a great look in today's muisc industry. What have you learned from dealing with the media? Do you feel the help of all the press  B.M.E. has been receiving helping your movement and cause?

B.M.E.: We've learned that today's industry requires building a brand and its very important to flood  social networks and websites with media to create a buzz. The media we've been getting from underground showcases helped our buzz tremendously. To the point that we go to a city we've never been and people already know our music.

N.A.B.: Life is so much about taking risk. has B.M.E. taking any risk so far in your journey? If so can you elaborate on a risk you all have taking and what was the turnout? Would you consider the risk beneficial in the game? Why?

B.M.E.: Yes we've risked our lives doing what we had to do to make money. Took a chance putting our families on standby while spending tens of thousands funding our own 20 city tour, with no sponsors or label assistance. The biggest risk would be combining our northern and southern style and pushing a catchy hood anthem with a dance, (Whip It 2 The Oils). Rappers and fans often discredit your lyrical ability if you have a dance song but we're pioneers going against the grain. It's helping bring the fun back into hip hop. We want to send the message that you don't have to act hard 24/7. You can be yourself and have fun. The women and children love it.

N.A.B.: How many competitions have you guys won already thus far? What do you attribute all your wins too? Are any of these showcases and wins helping your buzz?

B.M.E.: Thus far we've won 25 underground showcases in 9 cities. 20 first place, 3 second place, 1 third place. One contraversal draw in D.C. for first place where the judges chose us and the promoter called a draw. All of these wins are helping our buzz but the most exposure came from Battle Hotlanta, Elegant Hoodness and U Rock Tour NY.

N.A.B.: Are you guys signed yet? If so, with who? If not is there any label you guys seek to rock with in particular?

B.M.E.: Despite the rumors we haven't actually signed yet. We had an offer from a few IMG Universal ANRs and a public invitation extended from Def Jam's Wise McGriff at U Rock Tour B.B.King in Times Square but that's still in the pre-negotiation stage. We would like to work with Def Jam but if we can't come to an agreement Grand Hustle, Sony, Interscope, Universal, maybe even Shady/Aftermath. Our ultimate goal is to get distribution to branch off independently.

N.A.B.: 5- 10 years from now wher does  B.M.E. see yourselves?

B.M.E.: 5-10 years from now we see ourselves well known international artists with a few plaques, movie appearances, a clothing line, and other businesses. The fame is cool but we're here to make our mark and pave the way for the next generation.

N.A.B.: How do you feel about the wave happening in Philly right now, with Meek Millsand Tone Trump now signed to Young Jeezy. Also so many great up and coming Philly artist on the come up. Where do B.M.E. see yourselves in the wave? In your opinion why do you feel music is now because of Philly coming back around to the East Coast?

B.M.E.: We salute Meek and Tone Trump amongst other artists like GDK, Freeway, and Cassidy all of which we were afforded the opportunity to open up for. Their grind showed that someone who came from hustling in a city with the number 1 murder rate can still be recognized and inspired us to go even harder. We're helping bring attention back to philly by winning underground showcases all over the world and it feels good to get the positive feedback from fans.

N.A.B.: What's the B.M.E. motto?

B.M.E.: Loyalty is everything

N.A.B.: If you could have one or the other which would you choose? Hip Hop or Swag? Why?

B.M.E.: I think that's a trick question...good hip hop requires swag but I would say hip hop because we love the artform and without it how could we express ourselves?

N.A.B.: What's most important, the beat, hook, lyrics or flow?

B.M.E.: Being a writer, I would say lyrical content because overall you have to send a message across to the youth and the rest of the fans and consumers. In the current state of the industry however it's the long as you get em with a catchy hook, no one cares what you're saying...its a hit!

N.A.B.: Do you guys have a routine you do together before you hit that stage? How do you guys keep the unity and energy level up at every show?

B.M.E.: Before we hit the stage we like to feel out the crowd and mingle and have drinks with some of the fans. We don't like to be hollywood and go backstage and we're too deep to need security "100 Strong" lol. We're all family so our chemistry, shared hunger and passion for the music keeps us energetic and explosive on the stage.

N.A.B.: For those who have never heard a  B.M.E. record where can they listen, download or purchase your music?

B.M.E.: Right now we have 4 music videos on youtube "AK We Run It" "Whip It 2 The Oils Official Video" "Nonfiction Maria Sanchez" and "Nonfiction Used To Be". We also have mixtapes in the streets "100 Strong" hosted by 106th and Park's DJ Damage. Other than that we all have reverbnations and one single on iTunes Nonfiction "When You Come Home". To keep up with shows and releases follow us at @IRS_MRWHIPIT @AKBMF4LIFE @TEAMNOSLEEPRO and @NONFICTION100

N.A.B.: Any last words and or shout out's?

B.M.E.: Special shout out to Vicious Veg City and Tat (hold your head). We want to thank all of our family, fans, and supporters (too many to name) for helping us grow as a movement. Look out for new mixtapes from AK and Nonfiction, IRS, Pressure, Arson, Wesnile, Master (SDE), and our new first lady of Bloodmoney Ent "Natalia". Big things in store... SUBSCRIBE to WhipIt2TheOils youtube channel and stay tuned...




N.A.B.: What sets you apart from other up coming producer's in today's hip hop communities?

TRIGGA: If there is anything I would have to probably say my work ethic and versatility. There was a time I was making 5 beats a day! Right now It's down to 10-14 a week but it evens out cause things are at a bigger scale. Each beat can potentially be a life changer! Plus, Im always trying to find a new sound or come up with a different beat style and format or searching for samples. I'm a "Studio Rat" lol what can I say!

N.A.B.: Is their any particular sub-genre your more so interested in than other's? Such as East Coast, West Coast etc.... 

TRIGGA: Nah, not really. I Love making all music! 

N.A.B.: What attributes do you seek in an artist? Something that's distinctive to you?

TRIGGA: Skill. Wit. Being able to ride the beat. But most of all that hunger, commitment and passion! Loyalty wouldn't hurt a bit either!! smh

N.A.B.: In today's industry a lot stands on "who you know". Which means you must put in your share of networking. Who would you say has assisted you along your journey, (another rap producer) possibly?  

TRIGGA: That is so very true! If you're not willing to network and "pay your dues" as they say, its going to be very hard to make it in this industry! The first person to ever give me a shot was a local NY rapper Deli from T.O records. After we met I helped producer/engineer his next two projects which got alot of people attention and put my name and sound out there. In the mist of my and networking, one day I hit Buck 50 (CEO of Trakdealaz)  up on Facebook. We politiced, he put me to the test, I passed by becoming the 2x champ at the Elegant Hoodness "Battle of the Beats" contest and now i'm the newest signed to Trakdealaz Inc. With out Deli spitting fire on my production and Buck 50 taking me to the next level, I don't know what I would be doing!

N.A.B.: Do you ever go as far as tweaking your clients work? Or make some sort of suggestion to if you feel it's necessary?

TRIGGA: Never without permission! But if I have an idea, I'll give my input. Especially if they are using my production.

N.A.B.: Tell us about your production process?

TRIGGA: Open my software and get to work! lol! I don"t really have a process but there"s one thing I dont do and that is force music! To me music is "emotions being expressed thru sound"! What ever I'm feeling at the time is what's going to come out.

N.A.B.: How does an artist go about hearing your production? What steps would one take to work further with you?

TRIGGA: You can visit our website You can also hit us up on twitter @trakdealaz, @trigga_tranz. If you working with a budget and is ready for a big record hit us up we definitely got what ya'll need!

N.A.B.: Any Shout? Closing words?

TRIGGA: I'd Like to give a S/O to the whole Elegant Hoodness/N.A.B movement, A.D I see you! Big S/O to Buck and the whole Trakdealaz Empire. My Bros Boogz Banga, Mula Meezy, G.Billz, Welcome Home Bebo!! Love Is Love. Peace!!



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E.H.M.P.: What’s up with you? How’s life been treating you?

ANAYA: I'm doing great. Very Busy..

E.H.M.P.:You have so many titles (singer, actress, song writer, model, etc) When did you realize you wanted to be an entertainer?

ANAYA: It actually hit me when I prayed and asked God God what is it that i am to do for you lord with my life and he answered me in a dream and when I awoken from a dream. I knew what it was I was to do and  That I wanted to be a entertainer and go hard and do my thing.

E.H.M.P.: How did you get introduced to singing R&B music?

ANAYA: I was actually introduce to singing by my Father. Living with him I was able to mimic and imitate him and other artists that I use to hear him playing around the house.

E.H.M.P.: Who were some of your influences?

ANAYA: My Father, besides the great artists that I was use to listening to as a young girl. Everyones favorite Male artist good ole Michael Jackson RIP, Whitney Houston RIP, Temptations, Stephnie Mills, Anita Baker, as well my fellow artists.

E.H.M.P.: If you had a chance to team up and work with anyone, who would it be?

ANAYA: Producers, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, R Kelly, Rodney Jerkins- Artists: Neyo, Monica /BrandyTrey Songs, Music SoulChild, Uncle Charlie, Mary MarySnoop Dogg, Missy Elliot!!!!

E.H.M.P.: People may not know this about you, but you performed as a lead singer in the Broadway play ‘Jazz Club Singer’ with DPOH. How was that experience?

ANAYA: It's was great! It was the same as how I performed on stage by myself but I was just with a lot of other people doing the same thing. I was doing without the singing.

E.H.M.P.: The songs “My Baby” and “Superstar” have a fun, upbeat, and sassy feel. How would best describe your style and music?

ANAYA: The same way you say because it was fun and I was feeling sassy when I was singing them. That's what I want my music to do for my listeners. Make them feel happy, sassy while having fun.

E.H.M.P.: What sets you apart from other female artist out there?

ANAYA: Well I believe in myself and my music for one. Two, there are a lot of other people that believe the same about me. There is also. The fact that I've watched and listened to other artists tales and trails. My realness in my voice and my sincerity in my music.But wouldn't that be the answer any new artist would have to say about themselves.. So I guess I would let my real life be the deciding factor for me as a artist.

E.H.M.P.: What do you want people to know about you?

ANAYA: Well what would people like to know, certain things they just won't believe but I guess that if I wasn't gonna give this singing gig a chance. That I was going to be a nurse.. And currently still pursuing that as well. Because in this business.. you need a plan Z lol....

E.H.M.P.: What’s next for Anaya Whoelse Armstead?

ANAYA: Well I'm hoping to get picked up for a lot of Print Work as well as movies extras or even a leading. And def my own reality tv show!!!

E.H.M.P.: Any last words or shout outs?

ANAYA: Yes.... I wanna say Thankyou to Marcel Jones for sacrifcing his time energy and invested  belief in me when I was discouraged and didn't want to do it .. He told me I could.. And I believed him..WatchBlackEnt CeO.. My Manager, Friend, my Support mouth when I don't want to speak.. Can do it all..except sing..;)lol DW To my main 8 Amber, Apacia , Tashae , Amaia , Arion, Elijah , Elisha, Tatiyana. This Album dedicated to all the above also my Father and Mother Ronnie and Diane, My Grandma Martha Jones and Pops, my Nephew Al. You all my not here with me in the flesh but you all live In my music.

WRITTEN BY: Jenny Sublet (courtesy of Elegant Hoodness Musical Program) 2012



E.H.M.P: How long have you been rapping?

TRAYZ: Since middle school. We're talking about 11 years now.

E.H.M.P: Would you consider your self a lyricist? If so, Why?

TRAYZ: Honestly I would like my listeners to be the judge of that.

E.H.M.P: What is the difference between swag and hip hop in your opinion?

TRAYZ: Swag is just style if you ask me. Hip Hop is a Lifestyle. A way of life. From the get I always felt they were two very different things. To be honest with you, swag too has a lot to do with one's Persona in general.

E.H.M.P: Where can our readers listen and or download some of your music?

TRAYZ: To download and listen to my music they can go to , also and if they wanna hit me up go and 

E.H.M.P: Tell us something no one knows about you?

TRAYZ: Theres nothing i hate more then someone telling me they've given up on their dreams. 

E.H.M.P: Any shout outs and thank you’s?

TRAYZ: I gotta start by thanking My wife and son. At home is where I get most of my inspiration. Ain't nothing like family. Shout outs go to JQ, (#onemotive, #JQFilms), Maxamillian, Poppy Gang, Carter, F.L.G., Dice, Loonz Mortiz, ETS, and G Strong

WRITTEN BY: A.D. THE GENERAL (courtesy of Elegant Hoodness Musical Program) 2012


E.H.M.P: Tell the reader's something that may not know about St. Lou the artist?

St. Lou: I'm a young rapper from South Jamaica Queens, background is Jamaican, Favorite rapper is Fabolous, i love working on music and making people laugh

E.H.M.P: What and or who influenced you to pursue a career in music?

St. Lou: Being around my cousin DJ Monumental a lot made me to do music, he always took me along with him when he was DJing at clubs or shows and it made me want to get involved.

E.H.M.P: How can you say you have grown as an artist from the age of 13 when you started to now?

St. Lou: I matured and my lyrics has more meaning to them. When I was rapping at 13 I was rapping about a bunch of non sense but it sounded good to a lot of people. Now I do songs based on experience or what people can relate to

E.H.M.P: What has St. Lou been up to since the “No Time To Waste” Mix tape Series and what can the fans expect in the near future?

St. Lou: I just been making songs left and right, doing a lot of shows and trying to get my buzz up. I feel like I'm a young talent artist i just need the right push to really make it big. In the future most likely give the fans/supporters another "No Time To Waste" Mix tape. Plenty of  great songs, shows and videos so look out for that.

E.H.M.P: How did you become acquainted with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and how has it benefited you thus far?

St. Lou: Dawn Ellison, I gotta love her. She told me "Baby you gotta do this show, I know u gonna do good" 1st performance, I came in 3rd as a new act. Second time I performed I got the Team N.A.N award. Shows the crowd really feel my songs and how I perform. It benefited me a lot, so many radio interviews it felt so good. I can tell all the radio interviews I did, people like me and see that I'm a humble kid trying to make it with good concept/lyrical music.

E.H.M.P: What has been the best advice you have been given by anyone and who? Lastly, do you have any shout outs and tell the people where they can link up with you and your music?

St. Lou: My Mom, Grandma, Aunts, Cousins, Dawn Ellison & Supporters all tell me the same thing. "Keep working hard and being humble, believe and in God and take your time. Your going to get to where you need to be soon because you got potential." I'm living by that. Shout outs to my team $Livin Rich$, Dope Society, My bro Breezy, South Side Jamaica Queens, My Cousin DJ Monumental, Dawn Ellison, A.D., SPECIALGIFT and Elegant Hoodness, My Family, and My Supporters that always be rocking out wit me.

Facebook Like Page 
Twitter @LOUEY_HAHA 

Written By: Jamia Parks 

Courtesy Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2012



SPECIALGIFT: What made you realize music was your future?

APOLLO: Music is always did. I don't remember a certain time in my life when I realized it. Music was always just there. As a child I was attracted to music video's on Tv and deejaying.

SPECIALGIFT: Are you presently still in tune with playing instruments?

APOLLO: Yeah I still drum. Presently my new instrument is my Turntables Numark N57.

SPECIALGIFT: How do you describe your style of beat making? Would you consider your style different from inspiring producer's this day in time?

APOLLO: When I create I use a lot of counter melodies and distinct drum patterns. I like to look for different effects and sounds that would normally be selected by the average producer. My style is different from other producer's in that I change my style pretty often.

SPECIALGIFT: Who have you produced for recently and or presently working with? If you could work with a particular artist, who would it be?

APOLLO: I have worked with artist from South Carolina. Some of which includes Dominant, Kream Team, Kenny Kane, Carlos Cartel just to name a few. If i could work with a particular artist it would be A$AP Rocky and Kanye West...

SPECIALGIFT: What are your ultimate goals as a music producer?

APOLLO: I would like to work with more pop artists

SPECIALGIFT: You have a Bachelor's of Arts in Music Industry. That's pretty cool. What has been beneficial in having this degree thus far?

APOLLO: I was able to further my education at Full Sail University, where I just received my Masters Degree in Entertainment Business this past march.

SPECIALGIFT: What's next for you?

APOLLO: I am Planning on dropping a project this fall and basically just performing and promoting my videos. I also want to expand my brand to other regions

SPECIALGIFT: Where and how can the reader's stay updated with you?


SPECIALGIFT: Any shout out's you would like to express at this time?

APOLLO: S/O to You guys for having me and everyone checking out this interview. Check out my music videos on youtube "Apollo Fantastic" & "Apollo Money Man" from the Kakalak Kid Mixtape

WRITTEN BY: SPECIALGIFT N.A.B. (courtesy of Elegant Hoodness Musical Program) 2012



E.H.M.P.: How did you receive the name Young Fellz? Does it have any
meaning to it?

YOUNG FELLZ: Originally my name was felony,and people used to call me fels for short,plus my family wasn't to fine about the name felony, so I swagged it out and drop the felony name and just went with fellz. the meaning behind Fellz is For Ever Loved Lost Zilch. after doing a five year state bid my family and my fans still love me and i lost nothing you dig!

E.H.M.P.: How has being locked up, enhanced your music skills lyrically?

YOUNG FELLZ: Being locked up you really have nothing to do besides time lol. On a serious note, I had enough time to sit back and do a lot of soul searching. Everyday I will try my hardest to at least write three full songs. Some days it happen and some days it don't. I will never rush to finish a song because when you do that it's not music anymore. Well to me it is.

E.H.M.P: Finishing your mixtapes "Side Blocks to Murder" and "Criminal
Possession", what do you have in stores next for your fans and new

YOUNG FELLZ: I'm working on a project now called "Living life n da fast Lane". It's about my life and the struggle I went through growing up. This project is more of an "album" than a "mixtape". Mostly original music. Radio ready songs, and songs for a diverse market. I would like to thank one of my boys upnorth name Joseph Odom for guiding me through this project and pointing out certain things for me to focus on about this project.

E.H.M.P: As an artist, what makes you unique?

YOUNG FELLZ: My style, dedication and all the hard work I been putting in to this music game. When people hear my music, they never compare me to no other rapper's or say I sound like this person or that person. I have my own style and that's very rare now a days.

E.H.M.P: Who are your target audience? Why?

YOUNG FELLZ: My target audience is everybody kids, teenagers, parents, hustlers, gangsta's and everybody that really love hip-hop. One thing about me I'm very versatile and that's how you have to be in this music thing. You just cant stay in one lane. That's why rapper's are not having long runs in the game. That's one of the main reasons, I tilt my hat to Jay-Z. "We Hova Baby"

E.H.M.P: How can your fans and new listeners reach you? (Facebook, Twitter,
Linkedin, etc)

YOUNG FELLZ: You can reach me on facebook/young breed fellz or follow me on twitter @ superstarfellz, also I can be reach on my producer web page at Shout out 2 skyskraper, A.D. the General, and da whole Elegant Hoodness Thanks for having me. (peace)

WRITTEN BY: A.D. THE GENERAL (courtesy of Elegant Hoodness Musical Program) 2012

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N.A.B.: I will start off by asking, what brought about the name change? Most of us know you as Fardaru, now it's Speed AUTOBAGHN?

SPEED: Well actually "Speed " has always been my name, going back from a kid growing up in Far Rockaway, Queens. When I initially started my music career, I choose the name Fardaru because it’s a known slang name and a symbolic reference to where I’m from, "Far Rockaway". So in a way it was a way for me to give homage and respect for my Hood. But I renamed (2012) my artist name to “Speed Autobahn”. Due to the fact that I felt I came to a point in my music career, were I felt I evolved to my own brand and image. That broke away from the local hood name, Fardaru. I feel the name Speed Autobahn describes my unique style & innovative approach to music, which is high energy, and a collaboration of  hip hop, pop/rock and electric dance music.

N.A.B.: During my research I noticed you've attended Alabama State University. What was your field of study? Are you participating in that field presently?

SPEED: Yes I attended at A.S.U and studied psychology, it was definitely a different experience from growing up in NYC to spending time in Alabama. But, I value not only the education, but the chance to experience and view life in a different prospective. Currently right now in addition to my perusing music career, I work for a nonprofit social services organization in a public speaking position. It’s not quite psychology, but it pays the bills for now.

N.A.B: You consider yourself an "Educated Hood Representative". Why? Explain how you go about educating the hood?

SPEED: When I say "I'm an Educated Hood rep", I feel it’s an obvious statement. I grew up in the Hood and utilized my God given gifts and talents to further educate myself. But still stayed true to my roots and in a way I have integrated both aspects in my life. I think my approach to life shows that you don't have to be one dimensional and can embrace the street side of you and still be intelligent and professional.

N.A.B.: Tell us about BGF (Babylon Get Fresh) and the creation?

SPEED: Well, that's a long story!! Lol, But to make it short, Babylon was the name of my crew growing up in Ocean Village, Far Rockaway, queens. Later we took adopted the name Get Fresh, so once I started my musical career It only made sense to combine both names (Babylon Get Fresh) to represent my movement.

N.A.B.: "Pounds" is one of your latest single's I've come across. Give us insight on that.

SPEED: Yea, "POUNDS" is one of latest singles from my new mixtape "INNOVATIVE MUSIC 2", ( no release date scheduled yet). It's a song that was inspired by one of my fellow Babylon Get Fresh members, "POP". We was chilling in my crib one day listening to music and he was like "yo Speed, you need to make a song that is hood and gritty." At the same time incorporating ya own creative style and unique flow & metaphors." So once I found the right beat and had the motivation, the rest is history.  So overall, this song was made more for the gritty street audience and turned out to be a very popular song.

N.A.B.: Your next video shoot "SPEED AUTOBAHN THE DOCUMENTARY" and will be directed by Anthony Sylvester. When is the shoot? Anything exciting we can expect?

SPEED AUTOBAHN: Right now I'm planning on shooting this documentary mid June. This project is a chance for my fans and viewers to get a glimpse into my life and get a better understanding of  "who is Speed Autobahn the artist".  This project is more personal and will show where I'm from, introduce other members of my team, showcase my creativity & work ethic in the studio and the talented production team that I work with daily. So I expect my fans and views to enjoy this project and connect with me on a personal level.

N.A.B.: You will be recording your new E.P., SPEED AUTOBAHN "NO LIMIT TO SUCCESS" , produced by Danny Switchblade. What's the 411?

SPEED: I'm really excited about this project and expect it to be the biggest so far of my career. It's shows my growth as a artist over the years and will fully showcase my evolution from a one dimensional Hip Hop artist, to my current diverse artistic style. This project will show my unique and innovative musical style of blending Hip Hop, pop, rock and electronic dance genre's. I worked extremely hard on this E.P and worked with a crazy talented team (R&B vocalist Ezo & Mimi Sanders, executive producer Danny Switchblade and engineer David Lavine). With this E.P, expect nothing but hit singles! My whole focus was creating high energy music that could be played on the radio and clubs in America, Europe and anywhere in the world. This project is really targeting a broad and diverse global audience. I guarantee this E.P will be fire!!!!

N.A.B.: Tell us about your run with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? How did you become involved?

SPEED AUTOBAHN: I actually have known about E.H.M.P for a long time. I say around the same time I started taking my music career to heart, in 2007. I was introduced to A.D. The General by a mutual friend/Artist. My initial impression of E.H.M.P was that it was a cool program and gave artist a way to display their skills. But over the years I have watch the program, grow to a powerful musical media, marketing, networking tool and overall an successful movement.

N.A.B.: Any closing words and/or shout out's?

SPEED AUTOBAHN: Anyone can follow me at my website, BABYLONGETFRESH.INFO,  twitter: BGF_SPEED and FB: Speed Autobahn

I want to give a shout out to NYC, Queens, Far Rockaway, Ocean Village, ED & Lee at Jam Box Studios,  Graphic arts designer Michael Lowe &, Producer/ Artist Danny Switch Blade, media Guru Lila Polite, Da Cave Radio, Manager Cypher, Hypeman Toast, IOTA PHI THETA, Ezo, Mimi Sanders, Young Phish, P-RIch  and the rest of my Babylon Get Fresh Team.  Also special thanks to A.D. The General, Miss FEFE, SpecialGift and the rest of the N.A.N & N.A.B team.  1





E.H.M.P.: Let’s start off with your name, X- Rated what does it mean?

X- RATED: The X stand for always being the hot spot . The R stand for always being Reliable in body that no me no they can count on me . The A Stand for always having A Positive Attitude .The T Stand for standing Tall on my on feet in if u wont to be know in this world u got to no how to stand "TALL" . The E Stand for being Educated. I'm book smart in very street smart. The D Stand for Dominate. I dominate in anything I do and I plan on getting in this rap game and making a name for myself .

E.H.M.P.: You are a native of Florida. How do you think Hip Hop In Florida differs from the rest of the world?

X- RATED: It's more laid back in simple a nice snap beat with horns in most of the artists. I met in Florida really just take there life in put it in a notebook 

E.H.M.P.: Who are some of your influences?

X- RATED: I would have to say 2pac, Trick Daddy, Dmx,T.I. YoungJeezy, Outkast, Goodie Mob.
E.H.M.P.: If you had a choice between signing to major label and having no creative control or and indie and having creative control, which well you choose and why?

X- RATED: I would have to say indie and having creative control. I feel like I can get people to relate to my music. If they do I wouldn't want to change it. But, a major label can come in and say "we don't like it change it" and that's what I will have to do. The people might not like it but at the end of the day, I'm trying to be happy in make other people happy to.
E.H.M.P.: Where do you see your self in a year from now?
X- RATED: I see myself making a name not on yet but name starting to buzz in the streets 

E.H.M.P.: Where can our readers listen to your music?

X- RATED: you can find me on ,Reverbnation .com/xrated25,

E.H.M.P.: Any thank you’s and or shouts out’s?

X- RATED: Yes, I won't to thanx my mother for always being there ,I Wont to thanx Ripp for tell me to stick with my dream in also wont to thanx my up coming label HU.BOY.ENT for record my music.





N.A.B.: Start us off with some history on the come up of, Rome Streetz?

ROME: I’m still on the come up feel I haven't come up yet. But Rome Streetz is a hustler doing what ever 2 get by...

N.A.B.:  You've derived into rhyming at an early age. Where did you get your inspiration for music?

ROME: I have rhymed seriously for about 11 years. I’ve always been a fan of music since like 3 years old listening to Michael Jackson my first hip hop influences came from Snoop Dog Nas Biggie Kool G Rap Jay z  and Pun those artist influenced me to Rap and my  experiences that I’ve had. I started free styling at like 11 then writing at like 14.

N.A.B.: You've been bringing home wins left and right lately. Recently winning at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and went straight into gaining. Tell us about Elegant Hoodness, how you became acquainted, the process and all about your win.

ROME: I got acquainted with Elegant Hoodness thru my aunts Friend dawn she saw my performance from another showcase I won my aunt posted on face book and she linked me up to Elegant Hoodness. I just went up there n gave it my all I performed two songs 1 called murder manuscript off my mixtape Vagabond and the other called light it up from the mixtape I’m working on now...

N.A.B.: Vagabond seems to be tagged all around your name. Elaborate some about that.

ROME: Vagabond is the name of the culture the actual word means a person who wanders from place to place without a home or job. That just describes my life and the life of those around me. Its all about doing what u have to do to survive. I represent that in my music because every thing isn't always party n bullshit. Real life situations occur longer than the party goes on and I feel like there’s really no one out right now talking about that truthfully and that’s what I represent but its also a acronym for various different things that describe me like very artistic ghetto advocate bringing out new dreams. Visionary addressing ghetto broke niggaz directly.

N.A.B.: What is most relevant to you as far as where you see yourself in the future? Also the steps you’re planning on taking to get there.

ROME: The most relevant thing to me would be getting my voice heard on a large scale being able to touch and represent all those who are like me and spread my culture speak to all the vagz, I’m just going to keep doing music the way I do continue to grow and do as many shows as possible. Start up my independent company and get some distribution.

N.A.B.: Is there anything you would like to express that we haven't thus far?

ROME: I just want to bring real NY hip hop back to where it should be. Resurrect the lyricism and just leave my mark on the culture. I’m also in the hunt for some ill producers on sum hip hop shit if your influenced by pete rock dj premier j dilla holla @ me

N.A.B: Where can we stay updated with your work? Any shouts?

ROME: You can download my mix tape on titled Vagabond look out for my next one I’m putting out soon. Follow me on twitter @rome_streetz instagram @rome_streetz Facebook @ Rome Streetz
 shout out the whole Vagabond squad. Nyc all my niggaz to much to name. look out for that new mixtape dropping soon!!

WRITTEN BY: SPECIALGIFT N.A.B. (courtesy of Elegant Hoodness 2012)