Wednesday, May 29, 2013



N.A.B.: Hello and thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me. How’s it going nowadays?

G WARRIOR: It's going good for a young G out here. Progressing and moving forward every day in every way.

N.A.B.: How did you come to carry the name G Warrior? Tell us a little about yourself?

G WARRIOR: The name G. Warrior is my life put in two words. It’s actually Gods Warrior but I shortened the name to conclude any confusion about the type of music I do. I was raised in a very religious based household. My family was very religious and I was taught to follow God/Jehovah. Brought up in faith. At the same time I was raised in Philly where the youth are taught to be soldiers. To follow the gun. To be warriors. And those two ways of thinking make up my mental and how I perceive things. That’s how I got Gods Warrior a.k.a. G. Warrior. And that’s who I am as a man.

N.A.B.: You recently performed at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program in Philadelphia. I hear you also won second place. How did that whole situation come into play? Would you recommend Elegant Hoodness to others?

G WARRIOR: That came into play through my managers. They set them up, I knock them down. It was a great experience for me. Just to meet other artist, A&R's and other important individuals in the background. It was a great crowd. A lot of my fans and family came out to support the art as well as me. And I just got on stage and did what I do best, Shine.

N.A.B.: It seems you have a great support group amongst your family. That is a tremendous blessing. Not all artist (entrepreneurs in a whole) have that foundation. I can imagine the joy in it. Elaborate some on how it is to have your family’s reinforcement at your biggest moments?

G WARRIOR: Aw man that’s like one of the greatest feelings in the world. To know you got reinforcements. People who are rooting for you no matter what. It’s a blessing, man. They know what I was blessed with and they just want to be there when the rest of the world see's it too.

N.A.B.: Let’s elaborate some on your craft. Give insight on the development of your latest release.

G  WARRIOR: My latest project I'm working on is entitled "Everything You Not". It's all original work. About 90 percent of the beats on it are mine. So the sound and flow of the entire album will be of my talent. I'm expecting it to be finished fall of 2013. Until then I will continue to keep my fans occupied with new videos and music. I do however strongly urge Hip Hop lovers to go and listen to my earlier mixtapes on Just search G.Warrior or my mix tapes entitled "Listen or Die" & "Bars on Deck".

N.A.B.: Your stage performance went very well. Talk about the importance of stage performance and how you go about putting forth a good one.

G WARRIOR: Performances are extremely important. Too many times have I seen artist who get on stage and give a whack show. When people pay money to see you, you should make sure it won’t be the last time. I practice and work hard on my performance skills. My performance coach Sprite` makes sure I’m giving 100 percent whenever I step on stage. I make sure I'm tired by the end of my show, (laughs)!

N.A.B.: Is there anything you would like to elaborate on?

G WARRIOR: Music is still about talent. No matter how much they want it to be a popularity contest. With that being said stay tuned for my team Hope Muzik a.k.a. HMABG. As well as BP entertainment. Nothing but real talent is what I'm associated with.

N.A.B.: Give us heads up on how we can stay further acquainted. Social networks, website(s), etc..

G WARRIOR: Make sure you’ll follow ya boy on twitter @215Warrior. On facebook just search G.Warrior. And on Instagram, name: Generaltabb.



Tuesday, May 28, 2013



N.A.B.: What brought about the name Sloppy Copies? Is there a meaning behind it, other than the immediate thought?

SC: Sloppy Copies Productions first started as our own Music Production Company and were in a group called Alias 69 back in the late 90's. A group that consisted of three members: King Honz, Chickenwing and Mr. Bris. The meaning behind the name is simple. While making a track one day as we always did, we burned a copy of it and something went wrong because this time it came out sloppy. At the same time we were trying to come up with a name for our music production, King Honz said let's call the company Sloppy Copies Productions. As trendsetters we do things differently anyway so why not be the total opposite of our name. There's nothing but pure Hip Hop, raw, original beats coming out of Sloppy Copies Productions Studio so we go against the grain and dare to be different. The name stands out the company stands out that's what trendsetters do.

N.A.B.: When and what initiated the start of being a media representative?

SC: As the music production grew we knew we were missing something else to make this production company complete. So only about a year ago we got into directing and editing music videos, conducting exclusive interviews, shooting and editing behind the scenes footage of concerts and after parties. we also do red carpet events, filming positive movements such as Operation Save Our City in Philly, and much more. We inquired with other video crews at one time to shoot music videos for us but we quickly realized they couldn't see what we saw. No one has visuals like us so we went for it ourselves, purchased some cameras and produced, shot and edited our first video called "Greatness" artist Live J5. Shortly after that we added "The Visuals" to our name: Sloppy Copies Productions "The Visuals." We enjoy making music, doing videos and always looking for more fun and exciting events to film. Our motto is "we can show you better than we can tell you be prepared to be visualize It's The Visuals".

N.A.B.: Who represents of Sloppy Copies?

SC: Sloppy Copies Productions, The Visuals is a family owned company the representatives are Founder - King Honz (John Brown) CEO - Mrs. CEO Chicken Wing (Yolanda Brown)

N.A.B.: Elaborate on the benefit(s) of being represented by your media face.

SC: The benefits of being a media representative is the fact that everyone gets to visualize the work we put into every footage and show it all over the world. It's like getting the feeling of being right there seeing it with us. The benefit of being able to show our talent to the world by getting some of the Raw, Uncut, Behind The Scenes, footage and go where no other Video Crew dares to go. The benefit of meeting people who show love, who loves music, who has something they wanna share with the world. The benefit of showing that Sloppy Copies Productions, The Visuals eat, sleep, and shit Hip Hop. Finally the benefit of showing the world that we are Philly's #1 Video Crew.

N.A.B.: Is there anything outside of what we elaborated on, you would you like to express too our viewers?

SCSloppy Copies Productions The Visuals would like to express to our viewers that whatever you set out to do in life never sell yourself short. You must crawl before you can walk. Success doesn't happen over night so for us right now we're very humble people who have always put God first in any and everything we do. Sloppy Copies Productions The Visuals are taking baby steps right now. Our next move coming soon "The Visuals TV" on Comcast channel 66 and Verizon channels 29/30. So tune in real soon it's gonna be bananas! "We can show you better than we can tell you, be prepared to be visualize. "It's The Visuals."

N.A.B.: Congrats on your early nomination via Elegant Hoodness Musical Program’s, I Expose award. How do you feel about gaining this nomination? Would you advise other media reps to join the Elegant Hoodness Movement? Why?

SC: Sloppy Copies Productions, The Visuals is very honored and blessed to be nominated for the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program's I Expose Award. It goes to show how hard work is well recognized and will pay off in the long run. We feel overwhelmed and really lost for words. We will always set the trend and strive to stay on top as Philly's #1 Video Crew. To  be considered for such an award as powerful as the I Expose Award , we feel blessed by the best and can't stop thanking A.D. The General (Elegant Hoodness Musical Program) for extending there love all the way from the Big Red Delicious (NYC) to Philly. Sloppy Copies Productions The Visuals would like to advise everyone as well as other media reps to experience what we have taken upon so far. The love Elegant Hoodness Musical Program gives each unsigned artist, media reps, signed artist, press, just about everybody is unconditional. A.D. The General (Elegant Hoodness Musical Program is REAL HIP HOP! Why because Sloppy Copies said so!

N.A.B.: How would one get further acquainted with Sloppy Copies? Social networks, website(s), etc.

SC: To get further acquainted with Sloppycopies Productions The Visuals--email, friend King Honz on facebook, Chickenwing Brown on facebook, Twitter, Sloppycopies Productions on YouTube, and coming soon "The Visuals TV" Comcast channel 66 & Verzion channel 29/30.



Friday, May 24, 2013



N.A.B.: How would you describe Yung H?

YUNG H: Hard worker, talented, striving very hard for what I believe I can do! I am me! So get familiar!

N.A.B.: Where are you from and what do you contribute to the music industry?

YUNG H: I’m from the Bronx. You know the home of Hip Hop. Right now I feel like I’m bringing back that Bronx sound, with a twist of the new school.

N.A.B.: How did you become acquainted with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

YUNG H: A.D. The General been doing her thing for years and helping the unsigned a lot with their work. So it was only right I joined the wave.

N.A.B.: Elaborate on some of your latest releases.

YUNG H: Rite now I’m about to drop my new project called “Foreva Yung.” A classic featuring Fred the Godson, Remo the Hitmaker, Vinny Idol and Ransom to just name a few. I released two previous mixtapes on Datpiff called “Appreciation.” It’s a year later so go check those out if you’ll haven’t.

N.A.B.: What are your present and future goals?

YUNG H: To be in a position where I know my family and daughter is good in the future. Also, don’t have to through struggles, you know?

N.A.B.: What has been your biggest highlight thus far in your career?

YUNG H: Well I did win a UMA (Underground Music Award) in 2012. I won best artist to watch. It’s a blessing to be acknowledged with the work I put in.

N.A.B.: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

YUNG H: I definitely see myself in a great position doing what I love to do. Which is making music and giving the people what they like to hear. Hopefully with a major or independent but as long as I’m good my team is good, it’s all good!

N.A.B.: How do we stay updated with all that you do? Are you on any social networks, websites, etc.?

YUNG H: you’ll can find me on Twitter: daboyh, Facebook: Yung H and Instagram: Yunghbx. Or hit my manager up for booking at



Friday, May 17, 2013



E.H.M.P.: What influences you guy’s music? What really influenced the start of Blacc Out Entertainment, besides the obvious?

BLACC OUT: I want to create a movement to show that not only does my city have talent but enough to make it. Also, the saying Hip Hop is Dead, Smh; It’s just not taking as serious and we are here to change that!

E.H.M.P.: What do you guys think of the state of Hip Hop now? How would you separate yourselves from other artist?

BLACC OUT: It all sounds the same and we consider ourselves different. We have more to talk about than drugs. We have our own sound as well.

E.H.M.P.: What has been some of you guys struggles as you try to pursue your individual and group music careers? What advice would you collectively give others in your place?

BLACC OUT: Rejection, Rejection, Rejection! Everybody will not except you just follow your dream and try and stand out. If people are doing it one way look for a different way of doing it and master it. No accomplishment goes unnoticed period.

E.H.M.P.: What was it like taking 2nd place at the Elegant Hoodness showcase in Columbia, SC at “Side Pockets” November 3rd? Was it even more motivating?

BLACC OUT: It was an extra accomplishment and feeling. We all got together and made a pact to turn it up or hustle and focus 100%. It was really motivating and well needed.

E.H.M.P.: Do you guys have any upcoming projects that you’ll are working on? Where can readers connect with you’ll and your music?

BLACC OUT: We are currently working on the official Bacc Out mix tape. You can follow us on Twitter (@blaccoutent1) our website ( and Soundcloud (blaccoutent).

E.H.M.P.: Do you guys have any last outs or thoughts?

BLACC OUT: Shout out to the man upstairs for making all of this possible. Shout out to my producer Curtis Forbes with F&M productions. Shout out to Elegant Hoodness for giving us the opportunity to rock the stage. To our fans and supporters we you’ll beyond reason. Also, shout to Phil Ducket, Lady Guccis producer, much love homie.