Thursday, August 30, 2012


N.A.B.: So tell us how did your whole DJ career start? What gave you that initial push?

DJ TARIQUE: To be honest DJ Jus. He was a kid like me and standing on milk crates scratching and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

N.A.B.: Are you an emcee as well when you’re doing events?

DJ TARIQUE: Yea, when it’s time to take over the party, I get on the Mic make sure the ladies with me and the fella’s ready to pop them bottles!

N.A.B.: How would you define your style or character?

DJ TARIQUE: As a person, I’m chill, calm and very laid back. Very trendy and cool. As a DJ, I’m confident, fun, funny and swaged out, lol
N.A.B.: How do you motivate the crowd when the atmosphere seem to be dull?

DJ TARIQUE: Let’s get some bottles in the air. The more you drink the better you feel, right? I always play the newest and hottest sh*t.

N.A.B.: What brand of equipment do you use?

DJ TARIQUE: Serato, Pioneer CDJs and Rane or Pioneer mixer is my tool for the club. Mix tapes same thing, Garage Band and Pro-tools

N.A.B.: Within this last year of doing parties, which one has stood out the most?

DJ TARIQUE: LoveranceUP” was a movie his first time in South Florida, party was turnt up! Waka and Iguanan was that theory too!

N.A.B.: What genre are you most interested in playing if you could more often?

DJ TARIQUE: R&B, Old School, Hip Hop, really whatever the crowd is there for. I read the audience.

N.A.B: Who do you consider the biggest DJ of the past and present?

DJ TARIQUE: Pass, DJ Kid Capri, Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash, Jam Master Jay, DJ AM, Clue, Funk Master Flex. Present, DJ Khaled, Drama, David Guetta, Prostyle, Camilo.

N.A.B.: How do you get around all the tension that builds around the music business?

DJ TARIQUE: Tension? What’s that? We don’t see know tension!

N.A.B.: Where have you traveled in the past 2 years? Where do you look to do a party that you haven’t done so yet?

DJ TARIQUE: To many places to name I’ve been. I’m trying to do something in Japan and Africa, haven’t been there yet.

N.A.B.: How would describe the party scene today?

N.A.B.: Are your sets pre planned?

DJ TARIQUE: Nope, real DJ’s play off the cuff!

N.A.B.: Talk about what’s going on in your world presently?

DJ TARIQUE: I’m working on a lot of things outside of DJing, Stay Tuned!

N.A.B.: What type of experience do you seek to give once the party is over?

DJ TARIQUE: I want the crowd to feel like I’m there friend. I want to be there favorite DJ and someone they will always remember!

N.A.B.: What else is it you do other than being a DJ?

DJ TARIQUE: So many things in this music business.

N.A.B.: How do you decide your selection of music?

DJ TARIQUE: The crowd’s reaction. Test records lets me know what direction to go.

N.A.B.: When you’re on the set, do you put on a performance or just make sure you play the best music for that particular event?

N.A.B.: Are you inspired by anyone?
DJ TARIQUE: The DJ’s that came before me and also TJ Chapman TJSDJS (Bob’s Manager) soon you’ll see why!

Written by, Special Gift (N.A.B.)

Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012



Brooklyn born and raised, Mar-q began rapping at age 14. By the age of 18 he began to take it seriously, being one of the founding members of a group called O.T.V. now known as S.C.F. (Soul City Family). After a while he began working with a Brooklyn producer by the name of Atlaz Drama. While still associated with his former allies, Mar-q plans to take his musical career to the next step. Now moving forward with a "wall street" attitude and a "street" style. Coming up in the 90's era of hip hop, but aware of hip-hop's current state, Mar-q plans to make whatever music he wants while still making music that people like.

E.H.M.P: How are you doing today? Tell the readers who may not have yet to become acquainted, who Mar-q is?

Mar-Q: I'm doing alright just chillin, grindin but still chill. As far as whom Mar-q is, I'm a laid back dude with some unsavory opinions. I'm real cool and easy to get along with however my true thoughts are not meant for a general audience. When It comes to me as an artist your going to get a cynic, sarcastic jerk, with creative concepts and one of the craziest flows ever. I make a couple "radio style" songs but for the most part I love to decimate beats.

E.H.M.P: As a striving artist how would you explain your journey as an artist once you decided that music was what you wanted to pursue?

Mar-Q: It's crazy because I went from having 2 producers, 2 studios, and 2 teams to having nothing. I think having everything in place made me relax and take it easy, but when I no longer could just call some one up to give me a beat or studio time, that's when I had to get serious. Not having any type of support makes you sit down and really decide do you want to do this. Knowing that I'm going to be at shows by myself, promote by myself, and create all my own opportunities, really tested how serious I am. So I knew I wanted to pursue it because I was going to be rapping whether it was professionally or casually. One more thing that really Inspired me to keep at this was the fact that there was a point I was working in corporate America and not really rapping at all, but my homeboy called me late one night and said, "my bad for callin you so late but I just heard that song about your aborted child.....that shit was deep son.....the world has to hear your music".

E.H.M.P: What is the motivation behind the music and how has past experience prepared you for where you are at now?

Mar_Q: Damn, I kind of answered this already but let me get more in depth. I always loved to create complex or catchy rhythms that could not be done by most rappers. The fact that I could just take some words and paint a picture, induce a feeling or just create a clever punch line is too much fun . Nothing is better than making some Ill song or verses and people having that genuine, "OH SHIT" reaction. I also like to bring a more "human" element to my music. I like to speak about regular things that everyday people go through, just with a creative twist. Simply put the artistic side of this rap thing is what pushes me. Oh yeah..... It's also the fact that I completely maul and destroy beats but people love to act like I'm not killin it. Something about the fact that I feel soooo fronted on makes me want to keep pushing. I want to reach a point where it becomes impossible to pretend that I'm not murdering it.

E.H.M.P: Tell us what your latest project and the concept behind your music?

Mar-Q: Well my last project was "Underground vs Commercial", the whole concept behind it was to have every odd song be something commercial and every even song something deep. If you listen to one song, I'm talking about what if rap was like a supermarket. Listen to another song and I'm just talking about how I love to get drunk. I wanted to capture fans of both underground and commercial rap. I also want to speak about a video I just put out called "Mash freestyle", that's got me a little love and people talking, quite simply cause I killed it. Since the "Mash freestyle" got so much love I decided to make a mixtape called "Beats Bodied By Bars", that will have the same style and approach. I will be working closely and exclusively with 2 producers so this project should be crazy.

E.H.M.P: How would you say your up bringing and environment influence your music and how do you use that to separate yourself from other artist?

Mar-Q: Well honestly, my upbringing only has slight influence on my music. You may hear me reference to drug dealing, scams, and gun play but for the most part I dont really speak on it. I always thought out side of the box, just because something surrounds me does'nt mean I have to mess with it. I'm really anti- tradition so my upbringing also plays little part in my music, and thats not to say that none of my experience goes into my music. I definitly will express my pain, joy and journey but at the end of the day I choose who I want to be; the same way I choose what my music is about.

E.H.M.P: Now I have to say congrats to winning Team N.A.N Award at the Elegant Hoodness Showcase event in NY Aug 15th. What was the experience like and would you refer this program to other artist?

Mar-Q: Thank you kindly, and I would definitely tell other artist to get down with the get down. It's funny because I wasn't going to go because of the rain. A.D. actually made fun of me for that when I won, I thought there would not be a good turn out due to the rain. Magazines, radio stations, known artist, distribution deals, prizes and more, it does'nt make sense to not be apart of this if you're an upcoming artist.

E.H.M.P: Please let the readers know where they can connect with you and your music, where artist can hit you up for collabs, and lastly any shouts?
For blogs, pictures, new music, contact info, and everything Mar-q go to    and I gotta shout out T Boye from Majority Stake ENT    Soul City Family,  Atlaz Drama     and Jamia for putting me on to this 

Courtesy of Elegant Hoodness Musical Program
Written by: Jamia Parks/GlobalShyne INC

Sunday, August 19, 2012


E.H.M.P.: You are from queens originally and you reside in Florida? Why the change of scenery? And how is music different in both regions?

BUCK: Yea, I like to travel. I needed to get away from the busy city and just concentrate on the music, especially since I started dabbling in production, and Florida is as good a place as any. Sunshine, Palm trees, Beaches and Extraordinary foliage. Get my mind right and think of a master plan, full commitment to my music business CampPain Records. NY or traditional “east coast” music is hard gritty bang punch line and metaphor heavy. The music out here is more up tempo dance orientated. More of a hyper bop! More concentrated on sound than thought. There are some real spitters out here but most focus on the beat and the hook.

Why the name Buck ? Does it mean anything?

BUCK: Yea it means I clap niggas son lol. Buck actually came from my basketball days. I had decent game and in NY all good players get a nickname. My first name is Quinn so people called me Quinn Buckner who is an ex NBA player. That turned into Buckner, which turned into Buck. I kept it as part of my rap name Buck The President because to me the president represents the whole system and “normalcy”. Buck is the sound of a shot. Together it represents a shot at the system, a kind of resistance to conforming, Buck The President!

E.H.M.P.: Talk to us about your style of music. How has growing up in queens influenced your music?

BUCK: I like to describe my style as style(s). Meaning I like to make all kinds of music. When people get a Buck The President project I want them to be ready for anything. Any tempo or topic no pigeonhole, just know that the bars are going to be some shit and the word play will be something to cherish. I always go hard with my lyrics, line for line no filler or filter. My style has been described as dark, but if I had to pick one word to describe it I would call it Lyrical.

E.H.M.P.: What is more important to you, your lyrics or the production?

BUCK: My lyrics definitely. Don’t get me wrong I understand the allure of a catchy tune and I appreciate it, but I feel like the right cadence and lyrics can make an average beat a hot song. Flow!

E.H.M.P.: Where do u see yourself a year from now?

BUCK: A year from now I see myself with a few songs that I have written or produced in heavy global rotation, touring and working on new music with a few artists under my production, labels chasing me to politic a deal for CampPain Records. Getting into television and movies, behind the scenes and on the screen nahmean.

E.H.M.P.: Where can we reach you and listen or download music?

BUCK: I have a webpage All my music is available to download there.
Twitter: @BuckThePresi
Reverbnation: The President, Buck
Facebook: The President,Buck
Facebook: CampPain Radio

Written by, A.D. The General

Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Love And Basketball Pt. 2 with E.H.M.P.



E.H.M.P.: How did you get involved with A.D. The General and The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? And do you think it benefits the artists involved?

DAWN: I first became involved with E.H.M.P as a fan of N.A.N.. I would come through to the showcases and support the group. Then as time evolved I became part of the team in a way and now I’m bringing in talent to get these artists the exposure needed to further their careers. It absolutely benefits the artists because from the first step in registering for the showcase you get 2 interview in hip hop magazines, as well as an opportunity to make money by selling tickets to the showcase. Then if you win you will receive $12,000 in media prizes as well as a deal with Sony/Ioda. A lot of showcase’s just take your money and run. 

E.H.M.P.: You are very talented artists. When did you first discover your talent? And do you prefer free hand as oppose to programs like Photo Shop and why?

DAWN: I first discovered my talents at a very young age which started with drawing. I just began drawing and loved to do it. It was a gift from GOD as well as my athletic abilities and my ear for talent. With help from my brother of course. My parents are also blessed with musical talents. As far as drawing, I prefer free hand because that's all I really know. Some of those programs are very difficult to learn but I’m willing to try anything to better my craft. But free hand is the best gift in drawing because everyone cannot draw freehand so that's a blessing. 

E.H.M.P.: You are a real live “coach carter” for the kids in your community of Queens, NY. I know you have stepped in for your brother “Marc Ellis” and have opened a foundation in his memory. Where do you find the time and energy to help so many of the youth in queens? And do you plan to open a community center in the future?

DAWN: Before my brother passed away he asked me to coach in his honor if anything ever happened to him. So I’m fulfilling that wish. Also, let people l know “he lives through me now so you can continue to be mad.” Its hereditary so it’s only right I will continue to achieve goals in his memory. I am working on a foundation and I hope to have a community center or a court in Baisley Park put in his name. He has done so much for our community that he is due something in his honor for his efforts. Queens is my hometown and I love my community and these kids. So if I can represent my borough to the fullest with basketball and music helping these youth and young adults, I will. It is very time consuming and a battle with my body because of my disabilities but it is so worth it to see my kids get those H.S. diplomas and go on to college. To see them smile and give me a big hug for keeping them out of trouble. Parents and people in the community thanking me for a job well done. I do not get a dime for what I do but I feel we are losing too many kids to senseless violence and I’m on a mission to deflate those numbers.

E.H.M.P.: I hear you also a talented mc. Do you remember when you 1st fell in love with Hip Hop?

DAWN: I used to do a little deejaying and mcing with my brother when i was very young. So I fell in love with hip hop as young as 10 years old. I used to write my rhymes and everything. I did a rap in memory of my brother last year that was received well but I have no interest in being an artist. I will leave that to the young adults but I can give an occasional 16 bars if needed(smile)

E.H.M.P.: What are you ultimate goals with your new t-shirt company?

DAWN: My ultimate goal is to use the proceeds from the line to help the kids in the basketball/music realm. Without sponsors every dime comes out of my pockets which are limited. The t-shirt company is not new, let’s say I’m giving it new life. I put everything on hold to do the basketball team that now i feel is the right time to re launch Empty Pockets Apparel. It was created out of necessity of not having much and needing gear. I wanted to be a brand to the industry where you could look like a million bucks but at an affordable cost. The line will have some surprises in store as well as expansion into hats, sweats, jackets etc. Look out for EPA 2012-13. It's about to be a problem.

E.H.M.P.: If the world could remember you by one quote what would it be?

DAWN: One quote to remember me by is “she came, she conquered and she won on every level. And she is loyal.”

E.H.M.P.: And last words or Shout outs?

DAWN: I am looking for sponsors for my team for 2013 if you can help please contact me at I had to put team on hold this summer due to no money. I had a kid tell me he cried because I was not having a summer team, I hope to change that next year. Thank you to A.D. and the team at E.H.M.P, to my basketball kids, showcase kids, family and my haters. Appreciate you, (smile). And to my brother Marc Ellison: Everything I do now is in memory of ME, (Marc Ellison). Love you Rest in Peace!