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The Ulitmate Layer:


In the music industry there are many people that make up the layers to create mood altering entities. The first layer is the artist with their talent. The glam squad and the manger are the second layer making sure the artist has great exposure and looks their best at all times. The third layer is the record label that has allowed the artist to exercise their talents, and the fourth layer which is the root of altering moods are the producers. Music is defined as the art of arranging sounds for effect by rhythm, melody, etc. As the layers of the music industry are pulled away the key players start to emerge, and all other entities fall into place. When you get to the root of the music business it's carried on the backs of

all producers; from the ideas burning in their brains, flowing through to their finger tips creating music that will touch the lives of the multitude. It goes with our saying that there are a number of producers that have been making history in the New York area, but some have changed the game all together. A well known producer who is at the root of a number of the mood altering entities that we know of today is BUCK50, CEO(Brandon Dixon) of TRAKDEALAZ. For a little half of a decade BUCK50 and his business partner EXTRAWDINARE(Roberto Arellano) have been the pulse of TRAKDEALAZ. While allowing their talents to come flowing through their finger tips they observed and networked through out the music industry landing them the opportunity to develop a reputation that speaks for it self. Through continuous networking, the production of multiple instrumental mix tape’s, and there hustle TRAKDEALAZ have started a phenomenon that can't be stopped. Along the way BUCK50 has come into contact with several well known people that have mad a difference in his career like Dougie Fresh, Duke from Dipset, Fendi from Dirty Money, AD The General from the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program, and many more. BUCK50 has leaded his TRAKDEALAZ team to success by merging with other companies and producers expanding the TRAKDEALAZ opportunities in the music business. The largest expansion that BUCK50 has done for TRAKDEALAZ is signed PREZWELL JACKSON(Avery Turner), CEO of TRUE INDY MANAGEMENT AND PROMOTION on the west coast. Now TRAKDEALAZ is grabbing national recognition, as people every where are watching their moods change through every beat that they hear. Now that we have peeled back that ultimate layer of the music business let us observe and study this one producer that is stirring up the music business BUCK50:

EHMP: What does Music mean to you?

BUCK50: Well to me the definition of music is the display of emotions through sound. What it means to me as a whole is “life”. Music is what I dream, breathe and my heart beats to. My whole focus is on music and getting to where I want to go in the music industry. I feel as though I’m on earth for a reason and music is it.

EHMP: What was the key to your success?

BUCK50: Keeping my eye on the prize, achieving my goals and being able to lead others to theirs. It’s one thing to have goals that you want to achieve but it’s another to be able to achieve them and then reset your focus upon the next achievement.

EHMP: Of all the artists you have worked with which experience was the most memorable?

BUCK50: Well I have different moments with different artists. Cory Gunz was a memorable artist because of his talent and ability to write his bars but remember the different flows. Jr Writer is another person that is memorable because of his seriousness in the studio. He doesn’t play any games, gets to work and crafts his lyrics strategically so he can present the best song he possibly can on a track.

EHMP: How has your experience working with AD The General helped your career along?

BUCK50: AD she has helped in many ways, at her events I tend to meet many people who are serious about there music and they tend to do business correctly. She has gotten me in magazines, interviews and connected me with some photographers also. AD is a general for real and in this war to be a success I keep her on the frontline!!

EHMP: How does it make you feel to know that your talents are what keep people hitting replay?

BUCK50: Great!! There have been points in my life that had me confused on what I wanted to do for a living and where I was headed spiritually. I knew I was here for a reason but when I came to realize that God has a plan for me, that’s when I began taking music seriously. When people hit that replay button that’s God telling me I’m moving correctly.

EHMP: How did it feel when your first beat was purchased and you heard it mainstream?

BUCK50: LOL. The first beat was taken by Papoose. I was actually in a cab doing some illegal activities when I heard it on the radio. Back when I was caught between the streets and the music business. But I knew we had gotten the business part done already just wasn’t sure how quickly or even if it would be on the radio. Then Kay Slay dropped it!! Tears came to my eyes.

EHMP: TRAKDEALAZ? Can you explain the name of your company and what we can expect from you and your team in the near future?

BUCK50: Trakdealaz began as a music production company focused on beats and dealing tracks. Now we are doing distribution, ringtones, marketing, soundtracks, videos, DVDs, movie scores, jingles, etc. I have also teamed up with my partner on the west coast Prezwell Jackson and we moved on to do shows with the artists I know personally, which is basically all the artists we produce for since I rarely deal with managers. We also have where u can purchase exclusive mix tapes, ringtones, merchandise and watch in studios with us and your favorite artist.

EHMP: As your business continues to grow what is going to set you apart from all the other producers in the world both established and up and coming?

BUCK50: Our sound, potent product, and cutting edge delivery. You can never say “O Trakdealaz… yeah their beats sound like ..” but at the same time the potency of all our productions is still up to major label standards or higher. Plus, we bring a totally different look and business structure to the production world.

EHMP: I know you do more than just make beats now, was transitioning into videos and creating DVDs a difficult task?

BUCK50: Being in this industry a lot comes into play when you’re around different scenarios. Everything I do now came easy because I learn quickly but I wouldn’t of gotten to do any of it if I wasn’t in the environment I’m in. I shot a video for a joint we produced and seen how easy it was so I went and bought a camera. Then I helped edit it and seen how easy that was and started editing my own. It worked the same with everything else that I’m involved with.

EHMP: What advice can a young brother like your self give to producers trying to breaking into the business today?

BUCK50: To work hard and be ready to take losses in the beginning the game isn’t the way it used to be. You have to understand how it moves and put yourself in the right position to succeed. Create your own sound and promote it to your best ability.

EHMP: Please let all of your fans know what is the next step for BUCK50?

BUCK50: We have a bunch of projects in the works now with the best of the best in the game and we also recently acquired a radio show on Fleet Djs Radio called Pur Uncut Radio that features all our production placements. But my next step is to show the majors that I have what it takes to make something out of nothing and that I have an ear for the next big artist. One of my goals is to become the next great music executive and to succeed in all genres of music. I appreciate all our fans and I’m out here working harder then the next man to show our fans that they to can make a difference in this world with the right focus and determination. If there is anybody out their that is serious about making the right business moves and wanting to network please feel free to hit me on my facebook: Buckfifty CEO and to follow us on twitter: @Trakdealaz. I’m always on and staying in tune with what’s going on, so if u think u have an idea or you need help accomplishing any goals that are relevant to what we do please hit me up. Thank you for your time and for the interview. God bless!

Written by: Tegan T. Foster

Courtesy of A.D.The General & The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011


Realz The God a.k.a. Mr.Himm

Realz has always been an entertainer. Music is in his blood as his father was and still is a musician. In the summer of 2010 Realz & his father came together to release a track titled "Power of the Dollar". When Realz was in High School besides his love for hip-hop was present. He hooked up with local break-dancers from around the town & they formed one of the illest break dancing crews in the town at that time called "Uptown Breakers". As the Uptown Breakers traveled & competed, his skill & desire to be an MC was noticed. He would free style over songs being played on the radio, which got most of his peer's attention, which made him focus more on the writing of his lyrics. Realz released a series of mix-tapes as a super group called Silva Blaq Soljaz. The group consisted on 6 rap artists and 1 R&B singer. While recording for the mix-tapes Realz and his cousin Shak' decided to form a duo-group called Blood Cuzinz releasing an album called "Blood Thicker than Water". After the incarceration of his cousin Realz decided to focus on himself & his own indie label called "Spazz Outt Entertainment." Focusing on Spazz Outt Ent he Released 2 Mix tapes in 2010 the first one called "Mr. Him the untold story."

& The other called "all bout Bizzness" the A.B.B. mix tape. Spazz Outt Ent went on in January of 2011 to meeting with a group who would be called Ambush City, who went to work collectively on a mix tape to put a spotlight on all of the talent in the city of Perth Amboy. Ambush City and Spazz ENT went on to start their own clothing line, which is now featured in 2 Clothing stores in the city and more stores to come. But their grind did not stop their…Spazz Ent also started a small production called Spazz Outt T.V., focusing on local artist, business and events in the community which you can check out on As you can see Realz the God & Spazz Outt Ent' are already striving and progressing on our own.

N.A.B: For those who may not know, how did the name Realz come about?

Realz: My name was giving to me by my older brother chris aka bann.

N.A.B: Besides your dad, who else made a big impact on your influence and motivation to pursue music?

Realz: My cousin shak he is now doing a life sentence so everyday I wake up its like I have him right in my ear telling me to keep doing this.

N.A.B: What do you feel that you bring to the table and how do you separate yourself from other artist?

Realz: I bring realness to the table; I’m just my self and being yourself separates u enough.

N.A.B: What does Spazz Ent' stand for and how did you go about putting together your own indie label?

Realz: well, Spazzoutt ENT is my company it was something that I really use to do out here on the street. So as I got older an realize what I was doing I said enough with the bull junk lets get money...also I didn’t want to be under any body’s label.

N.A.B: How did you hear about the Elegant Hoodness Programs? What do you think about Adthegeneral’s mission and how has the establishment benefited you as an artist?

Realz: I heard about it from my man Ian Rousey, I think what A.D. is doing is great for artist like me A.D. The General keep up the good work. We need something to channel all this hot music

N.A.B: What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment to this date?

Realz: Putting out these CD’S, I love making music.

N.A.B: As we close who would you like to shout out and tell the people where they can connect with you, your music, clothing line and Production Company?

Realz: Well first off I would like to shout out A.D. THE GENERAL & The whole E.H.M.P, TEAM NAN/NAB, also the hole Ambush camp ,my monsatrr cliq homies and my spazzoutt ent family,u could find me on realz the god ,twitter@realz the god , an also on thank u so much ..

Written by @gsteam843


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Born in Monroe, La, Marcus M Hogg a.k.a Havic became involved with music in 1994 as a hobby that he enjoyed. Continuing music throughout high school & college he released his first solo CD in 1999 entitled "The Million Dollar Mouthpiece" under Legalized Records. After a short run & poor management he decided to take time off & study music himself. Havic made a plan 3 yrs ago to start his own mix tape line with all his friends that were artist. When people hear the music they were always like “y'all Go Hard” so that's where the name GO HARD GUERILLAS came from. The Go Hard Guerillas were a group of all solo artists that considered themselves a unit. The GO HARD GUERILLAS consist of Andre Dixon (A.D.G), Antonio Dixon (Yoshi), Ahmad Sullivan (Joby Jo), Devarrio Benson (Big Vo), Jarvis Grayson (Jv), Marcus Hogg (Havic), Toya (Archie Caswell). DJ Fletch hosted their latest mix tape "HUSTLER'S HOLIDAY" with a great deal of response, which has been crazy but amazing. Currently Havic and The Go Hard Guerillas are doing shows nearly every weekend. Having performed in Atlanta, scheduled for stops in Miami, Kansas City, Paso Robles in Cali, & Atlanta again. Havic has been an amazing artist making a name for himself and his unit. For bookings or features all contact info is listed.

N.A.B: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

HAVIC: As an artist I have the southern D-Boy vibe. I also have a bounce sound being from Louisiana. All I have ever been around were hustler's and people out the streets. So that's what I talk about. Big Vo Is just a true artist. He can do a wide variety of things as an MC. He has a mainstream sound. He appeals to ladies. Mostly he makes music that will help you make a baby. ADG is an artist who has catchy hooks, punch lines and D-Boy swag as well. Archie Caswell the first lady of go hard is very lyrical ans will make any man rewind a song and say "did she really say that". She is a real curve ball thrown from the label.

N.A.B: What would you say has been the biggest accomplishment to this date?

HAVIC: I got a chance to do a show with UGK back in the day, before Pimp C went to jail. I looked up to UGK being from the south. So we were in the mall chilling, getting ready for the show and kicking it at the hotel. It was something I never thought would happen. I was shopping with Bun B and people recognized him and was asking for his autograph. I would have people ask who are you. I would tell them, they would say you must be someone if you are with Bun B. Can I have your autograph. The club was standing room only when we got there and the fire Marshall came out, told them no one else could get in the club. There were about another 600 people outside waiting to get in. It was crazy but the atmosphere was crunk. That's a show people still talk about to this day. Performing in Atlanta and Miami with Elegant Hoodness is a close second. The love you get and meeting artist from New York, Virginia, South Carolina, Miami, Atlanta, Bahamas and a few other places was crazy.

N.A.B: What would you say you learned from your experience with Legalized Records? From that what would you advise other artist?

HAVIC: I learned that you can never get comfortable. I was young and had a hot song on the radio. I was recognized everywhere I went. Got things for free and had groupies like crazy. I stopping grinding and pushing before you know it all of it was gone. No matter how much success you have I would advise to artist to push just as hard if not harder and get to the money.

N.A.B: How did you come to know ADTHEGENERAL and what did the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program had to offer?

HAVIC: I met A.D. the General on twitter trying to network. A.D. offered us a chance to compete in a showcase in Atlanta. I'm glad I made the trip. I met other artist to network with and was invited to do another showcase in Miami, Fl & Kansas City Mo. Elegant Hoodness gives you the chance to network with others, offers media prizes for promo that can help further your career. I'm glad to be apart of Elegant Hoodness.

N.A.B: What would you tell others about the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? How did it benefit you?

HAVIC: Elegant Hoodness allows you to talk with Dj,s Magazine Editors, Other Artist from different states. Elegant Hoodness has allowed us to get exposure in different publications and play on some online radio stations. I have met artist in every location I've traveled to that have a relationship with. The program is a good way to push yourself and network with others.

N.A.B: What would you say you have learned about the music industry? Is there anything you would like to change?

HAVIC: The music industry is about being consistent and hard work. No matter what happens or what's going on if this is what you really want there things you have to sacrifice. Doa s many showcases as you can. Go to the music conferences, network with the right people. Build relationships and be about business. Hard work and grinding will pay off. You just have to be patient and ready to travel that road. I wouldn't change much in the area I live in it's hard for Dj's & others to take real artist serious because everyone wants to be a rapper. I feel the industry is flooded with a lot of people who try and be artist and are not. Which makes real artist push just that much harder to be heard.

N.A.B: What projects do you have out or in the works? Where can people get to your music and how can people contact you for booking info?

HAVIC: I have a mix tape Go Hard Girls hosted by A.D. THE GENERAL which consist of hot underground females and a few main stream female artist. Look for it online the first of August. BIG VO a Go Hard artist that has a mix tape called "Pressure" hosted by DJ X-Factor coming out in late September. ADG a Go Hard artist has a mix tape "I do Mee" hosted by 3 feet that will be dropping on Halloween. Jv has a will be releasing the first of the year 2012. GO HARD Guerillas 2 will be releasing in March of 2012. The mix tape line is "Hustler's Holiday" check us out on Dat Piff & a ton of other mix tape sites. All mix tapes will be loaded to our site for you to hear and links for downloads of the mix tape as well.



FACEBOOK: GoHard Guerillas

TWITTER: Havic365

N.A.B: Is there anyone that you would like to shout out, pay respect to or anyone that you would like to know influenced you and your music?

HAVIC: I would like to shout out my potnas at MainLine Ent. We are about to join forces and try to move to the next level. MainLine artist Dolces has a mix tape in the works hosted by Bigga Rankin. Chubb Loc is an artist from my area to watch out for. Soufmade Ent Like it or Love it Ent., Havenot Ridaz, Coppa Style productions, beatz by Codiene, Elegant Hoodness and A.D. the General.
I have artist I like and respect like Yo Gotti, Slim Thug, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, TI, Lil Boosie, Weebie, Lil Wayne, Dre Day, Killa Kyleon, Big Hud & GameSpitta.


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Having family members who’s musically inclined lead Joshua Geiger aka JG his path to artistry. Born in Tampa Florida, age 11 is where it all began. JG acquainted him self with a variety of eminence beings such as Tupac, Wale, Eminem, Nelly, J cole and Bob. By the age of 19 it was time to start focusing hands on with his music. JG has been featured on several mix tapes including Rough Draft; Unsigned Hype Vol. 3,Coast to Coast mix tapes Worldwide hustling Vol. 6 hosted by Dj Purfiya. JG first solo mix tape dropped January 2011 titled “Censored”. He’s currently working in a master’s degree in Communication atLindenwood University. “Now that’s GRAND”, quoted by SpecialGift N.A.B. In the meantime while working on his second mix tape “Decoded” hosted by Dj Purfiya, JG has won the People’s Choice Award with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Miami edition 2011. With this win he has endured the opportunity of radio spins and interviews across the country. Such as, Rockin with N.A.B. hosted by MsFefe N.A.B. & Gsteam843, Fresh Fridays hosted by Gemz (Team N.A.N.), Drty Bsmnt radio and Ifeelgr8 radio. The road to success seems to be entering his domain. As time progresses building to the next level is the mission for JG. Let’s get further acquainted with JG.

N.A.B.: With the hands on experience you’ve acquired so far, how will you use it to benefit you further?

JG: I’m definitely gonna keep grindin man, my eyes have really been opened recently and getting in with the right people is helping out too. From here I plan to keep networking and start doing a lot more shows, only up from here.

N.A.B.: Your second mix tape “Decoded”, how did you come up with the concept?

JG: It was really a cool thing how it happened. I was kickin it with my boys over at SDB radio (stationed in San Diego) and we were vibin to a few of the tracks I had shown them from the tape. Then the name just kinda came to us, mainly because of the lyrical content in the tracks. It’s just different than most popular music today. Listen and you’ll get the vibe.

N.A.B.: Tell us about your experience at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Miami edition. Would you refer other up and coming artist?

JG: Aw man it was a wild experience. The whole thing was pretty surreal, with it being right on South Beach and everything. The competition level was really high but I did my thing, especially since it was my first time rocking the stage haha, I would most definitely recommend artists to give it a shot.

N.A.B.: What are your future plans after “Decoded” drops?

JG: After DeCoded drops Im gonna really get on my promo grind and try and push it hard. I got a couple projects coming up too, working with my boy Hym out in Indy, and my boy Sello on some features. Other than that man just keep pushing, and definitely start doing shows and really get my name out there.

N.A.B.: Are there any prominent artist you’re interested in collaborating with in the future?

JG: I’m up for collaborations with any and everybody. I’m really versatile so pretty much whoever asks me to hop on wit them, I’m in. In a dream world I would love to work with J Cole or Big Sean.. In a dream world haha

N.A.B.: Elaborate on what comes to mind when you think “Go Hard

JG: To me going hard is exceeding your limits, and expanding your mind. That’s what I think; artists these days don’t do enough of that. It seems like people have the misconception that you have to talk about murdering people to “go hard”. That’s not it at all.

N.A.B.: Where can we find more of JG? Any shout outs you would like to give at this time?

JG: Ya for sure man I wanna give a big shout out to Joey Bounce for putting me on with the EHMP, shout out my boys Rick and Quis for ridin with me, and all my friends, family, and supporters as well. You can find me all over the web man, Twitter, Facebook, Reverb, I got a website up, and I’m always getting radio spins at Hit me up.​realmusic



GET ACQUAINTED w/ G STRONG = Focused, Driven and Motivated


One of hip hops own G Strong, originally from Jamaica Queens moved to Long Island at an early age. G strong was influenced by Stevie Wonder, Nas, Run DMC, and LL Cool J. The passion of music was like second nature for him. He was able to get a grasp on his music career at an early age. During his teenage years G Strong had the opportunity to write and perform his artistry. His concepts and motivation is very much so positive. He delivers messages through his music that’s a form of admonition. G strong is extremely disciplined. Through his character and his music he portrays an abundance of wisdom. Take a moment to get further acquainted with G STRONG.

N.A.B.: How did you become acquainted with The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

G STRONG: Through a mutual friend, Shamello Durant, I learned what this program can do for up and coming artist. I contacted A.D. the General and her associate SpecialGift N.A.B. and expressed my interest.

N.A.B.: S/O’s to you for winning 2nd place at Elegant Hoodness. I’m sure that was your intention, when you booked to be apart of the showcase. So when you heard your winning announcement, what was your first feeling?

G STRONG: Overwhelmed, I never think about winning anything. To me, it’s about exposure and getting my music and positive message out for people to hear. I appreciate winning 2nd place.

N.A.B.: Your newest project is “G Thang”. How did that come about? Will you elaborate on the concept?

G STRONG: My DJ, DJ Shuttle sent me the instrumental for a popular track originally featuring Drake, Rick Ross and Lil’ Wayne. I was inspired and flipped it into my own style. The concept behind the song is that everything I mention has a G in it, for example G-shock and G-Unit.

N.A.B.: Who has been an accountable contributor to your present success?

G STRONG: First and foremost my wife, kids and God have been so very supportive of my music project. Team Strong has had my back from day one, AIR Music Group, DJ Shuttle, Studd TV, Producers Coalition of America, Buddah and last but certainly not least all of the G-Strong fans.

N.A.B.: “The birth of the G STRONG movement has always focused on the inspiration and enlightenment of members of the hip hop community. To recognize the power and respect mixed martial arts has to offer.” Will you elaborate on this concept?

G STRONG: My goal is to bring real hip-hop back to life! With high energy and a positive message, I hope to bring an excitement that current music is lacking. Through the use of discipline and my passion for hip hop music, I will show the world how exciting, fun, and inspirational music should be.

N.A.B.: This day in time, old fans of hip hop has lost their interest. It’s been expressed Hip Hop artist nowadays are more so wreck less in their judgment of lyrics.

G STRONG: There is a lot of recklessness in the lyrics of current hip-hop music. I choose to remain true to myself and create music that is appropriate for all generations young and old. When I rekindled my music career I wanted to be sure that my kids could enjoy it!

N.A.B.: What’s in the making presently?

G STRONG: Currently, I’m working with producers from the US as well as Canada to create a refreshing sound that people have been waiting for.

N.A.B.: Is there anyone you look to collaborate with in the near future?

G STRONG: I would love to do collaboration with CeeLo because of the energy and theatrics he brings to the stage. He’s also not concerned with what others think or say. My brand is built on originality! I would also love to collaborate with GYM Class heroes because of the live band and the talent they have to offer. Lastly, I would love to collaborate with Alicia Keys, she’s my favorite female artist and a talented writer and musician.

N.A.B.: Any special shout outs? Or last minute words you would like to leave us with?

G STRONG: I want to shout out all the hard working up and coming artists out there trying to their music heard! Keep grinding and pushing!

N.A.B.: Where can we find more of G STRONG?

G STRONG: itunes,, soundcloud, facebook, twitter,, reverbnation and

N.A.B.: A G STRONG inspirational quote……..

G STRONG: "Never give up on your dreams, when times seem hard, keep pushing, it will be worth it. Focus, drive and motivation equal success! Stand strong, live strong, be strong, G-Strong!"

Written by: SPECIALGIFT N.A.B.

Courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011



Dre Skuffs is an artist that can touch any individual personally with his passionate yet vicious delivery. Writing rhymes since the age of 11, hip-hop became an outlet for Dre to express himself and voice his opinion. Dre Skuffs is nothing less then a hip-hop phenomenon from a town that has a story of its own. You take the offspring of the black renaissance thinkers, hustlers and scholars from all major cities in the tri-state and put them in an area close enough to their original ghetto and you have Willingboro. Heavily influenced by real life, struggle, and hunger this New Jersey MC has the ambition & skills to single handily force his way in the game. Point – blank – period. Some Call him “the voice of the streets” Dre Skuffs is as discipline as one can possibly be.

With his mother being raised in Jamaica, and father growing up in Trenton, NJ He came up seeing two cultures, religion, and more importantly hearing great music. His family moved to Willingboro, NJ. Dre’s greatest achievement was a bachelor’s degree in communications at HBCU Johnson C. Smith University, a beautiful wife and twin sons. Dre Skuffs dropped seven cd’s which most say are all “hood classics”. Dre Skuffs is not only a writer, but he also produces, directs-films-and edits his own videos, & designs his own covers. Skuffs is readying to release his next cd entitled, “Chill Pill” All songs on the album are produced by N-Omega. Recently featured on, Burlington County Times Newspaper, Philly Burbs,, and various Internet radio stations he surely making a mark.

Also C.E.O of Paid in Full Family ENT. Alongside with N-Omega and Newark natives Shean Ford, Jamaal Wilkins, Amir Wooten, Ibn Dinkins this team is established to rain supreme. His unique rap style is a combination of wittiness, blunt yet passionate, vivid and sincere. Dre Skuffs is a legend in the making offering a solid message that is almost unheard in this new age of hip-hop. Dre Skuffs is known as the one with an old soul. The wisdom and substance in his music is almost undefined. Skuffs is already making business happen with Paid in Full Family. The hunger and ambition that he and his team have should be enough to prove that Dre Skuffs and PIFF Entertainment is the next big thing in hip-hop. Lookout for Wooten “iNSOMNIAC” and N-Omega “HAPPY NEW DAY” coming soon.

N.A.B: What influenced you to start making a name for yourself in such a competitive industry?

DRE: Growing up witnessing some of the greatest never make it. I used to sit back and watch there mistakes. At first rap was just a hobby, but there failures influenced me to take my talent to the next level. On top of that I had the talent, and the grind for it. I feel like I have something else to offer in this industry. I have a lane on my own that's risky yet marketable. Therefore I figured making a name for myself was the only option.

N.A.B: Now we see that your degree was a major accomplishment for you along with your wife and twins, what would you say was your biggest accomplishment thus far musically?

DRE: Day by Day I see a strong growth in my downloads and fan-base. More people from not only the U.S. but overseas are starting to be exposed to my music. Not only has my music improved over the years, but my quality and production progressed. Some of my biggest accomplishments recently were due to the ongoing success of my latest cd "Chill Pill" which actually has been opening a lot of doors for me musically since it hit the streets May 17th 2011. Interviews, shows, collabs etc. All have been coming consistently.

N.A.B: How did you come to know A.D. the General and the whole Elegant Hoodness Movement? How have they opened up doors for you?

DRE: I been paying attention to A.D. the General grind over the internet. I watched a few of her videos and really loved what she was doing with hip-hop. I finally reached out to her over facebook, exchanged numbers and we chopped it up. Since than it's been nothing but love. I had a chance to perform for one of her shows and even interviews been set up off the strength of her grind. With me being a jersey artist, Elegant Hoodness definitely opened some doors in the NY area.

N.A.B: What are your views on the state of hip hop right now and what do you hope to bring to the legacy of hip hop?

DRE: As far as the business behind hip-hop… it's whack. The bullshit in hip-hop from a musical perspective doesn't bother me. My only concern with Dre Skuffs is "ME" putting out good music. Hip-Hop will always have a variety and it always did. My problem with Hip-Hop is the rappers in it. Too many followers not enough leaders and trendsetters. Too many biters, not enough originators. Besides that, hip-hop has it's ups and downs but the talent never went away. There's a lane for everybody. The lane I chose I happen to be the only one in it. I hope to bring a new wave to hip-hop. I wanna bring legendary sound back to hip-hop.

N.A.B: Who are some of the people who have helped you get to where you are now?

DRE: God. Besides him… no specific person. I happen to be apart of a team building this from the ground up. No budgets. No investors. This is all from the muscle. We still paying bills and trying to stay sane. We build are own network from scratch and it's still slowly growing. We are all the foundation to my future success. Even ElegantHoodness. All positive adds up.

N.A.B: So you have seven cd’s out and working to release another one, where do you go to get your creative juices going to be consistent in bring forth classic music as it’s said?

DRE: Real Life inspires great music creation for me. Shit aint easy. It's a struggle, and when success comes things still wont be perfect. When life's good or when lifes a bite in the ass… either way I will always have that inspiration to create for the simple fact i'm living. I give it to you raw uncut with my music theres no making it rain or pulling up in bentlys talk cause that aint what it is for me right now. It's easy to make great music when your keeping it 100. I will always put out classic material.

N.A.B: Is there anyone you would like to shout out and where can people connect with you and your music and download these classic mixtapes?

DRE: You can find everything at follow me @dreskuffs and holla at me on facebook/dreskuffs .. for bookings: shout out , P.I.F.F. ENT., Wooten, N-Omega, all the blogs-promoters-internet radio & dj's i bang with. the whole Jersey movement, and most importantly the Five Finger Union Movement.





Remember the 80's when you had rappers like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Krs-One, LL Cool J, Slick Rick and so many others that made you hold your head with their lyrical ability. Well you now have someone who is bringing that back. Self-proclaimed superhero of rap KardiaK born in Queens New York is taken it upon himself to bring back the essence of true Hip Hop music. Then transported to Brooklyn, the Cypress Hills section he attended P.S. 7 & I.S. 171 during which time he still had not begun emceeing. He later went on to attend Murray Bergtraum High School were his passion for hip hop grew. It was not until leaving Murray Bergtraum and attending John V. Lindsay H.S. though, that he discovered his lyrical ability and he began to expose his creative side and his passion for Hip Hop. So with the encouragement of his older brother and his hood, KardiaK decided to pursue his passion for rhyming. Kardiak is out to make the pioneers proud and show everyone what real rap is. The Superhero of rap is here so hold on to your heart because it's Kardiak.

NAB: How are you doing? For those who may not know who is Kardiak?

Kardiak: Kardiak is a quite soul ready to be heard. I'm someone who feels I have something to say and music is the outlet.

NAB: I see that you are putting a big weight on your shoulders, bringing hip-hop to its original Plato. How do you plan to keep your music in the lane of the greats, such as Rakim, Krs-One, and LL Cool J etc?

Kardiak: I plan to display llyrical, witty, ability such as Rakim, Nas, Eminem, Big Pun, and the whole Slaughterhouse. They would be a proper set of mentors to follow.

NAB: I see it took you a while to really come into your own as an artist, what sparked your realization of Hip hop as your passion?

Kardiak: I always loved music an Hip Hop as well. I didn't really think after my very first horrible rhyme I wrote when I was sixteen, it would lead me to want to actually inspire, motivate and entertain people with my music. I didn't know I would be this good.

NAB: How did you hear about the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program, and how have they helped to provide extra exposure for you as an artist?

Kardiak: I heard about the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program from my manager. We built a relationship with A.D. The General. She asked us to be a part of it and we went out and did our thing. Things have been looking great ever since.

NAB: What are some of the perks to being an artist and where do you see your career say a few years from now?

Kardiak: The greatest part about being a artist is doing what you love and getting paid for it. For me its even better cause I'm a fan first, so I get to have an opinion and act on it. If I don't like a certain aspect, I can change it through my music. In a few years I see myself inspiring someone with my music the same way my favorites inspired me.

NAB: What advice would you give other artist from your experiences on trying to create that buzz and acceptance in such a competitive industry?

Kardiak: The best advise I could give anyone that wants to enter a industry like this is we all know everyone and their mom wants to rap. Everyone think they can rap but if you let that get to you, you won't make it. Instead let this one thought keep playing in your head, "there is no competition do you and let everyone know no one can do it better."

NAB: What upcoming projects are you working on as of lately and is there anyone that you would look forward to working with?

Kardiak: I got my first mixtape The Fire Pit coming up followed by my first album Surrounded by my Thoughts. A weekly series coming up called the Kardiak Chronicles and some more suprises but you will find that out later.

NAB: Where can folks connect with your music, yourself and for all booking info? Is there anyone that you would like to shout out?

Kardiak: On twitter at @kardiak84 email my management at facebook

At at on the Audio Manslaughter

mixtape at and and check me out at www.pulsarmusic



Thursday, July 7, 2011


Yung Star

Yung Star hails from East New York; Brooklyn born David Walker on April 25th 1993 always had a strong ear for music and lyrics. It was like Yung Star was born to do this, as it seemed to come completely natural to him since day one. As a toddler he made up his first lyric at the age of three and this was just the beginning of Yung Star and the beginning of many lyrics he'd go on to write since the age of sixteen.

Although only sixteen he has been active in the music business for over six years performing at various places such as the Masonic Temple in East New York, The legendary Sugar Hill Supper Club, on stage with his cousin Wordspit at the NYC Marathon and other local talent shows. Yung Star is well respected in his community by his peers as one of the most talented rappers around focused on taking his gift further with the assistance of Pulsar Ent.

He is on a journey to make great records like the rappers that influenced him such as Jadakiss, Nas, Rakim, Joel Ortiz, Big Daddy Kane and of course Biggie. Also as a member of the Annex Krew he has done multiple videos alongside his cousin P.B.G. for the "Victory at Last" mixtape which was hosted by D.J. Amillion. So world be sure to be on the lookout for the real Yung Star as he's headed for Greatness.

NAB: What does Yung Star Stand for?

YS: The name pretty much speaks for itself. The "Yung" comes from me starting off so young and the "Star" comes from my aspirations of one day being a HIP HOP star.

NAB: Now you started at such a young age, how would you say that benefits you as an artist opposed to starting later in life?

YS: I feel this gives me more room to grow. A lot of people in the game that are older than me have already set in their ways. I feel that me being young opens the door for so many avenues, especially since i'm far from experiencing all that I will.

NAB: How is the energy when you go and perform at various venues, and how does each atmosphere differ?

YS: There are some places that are more lively than others which is always the case. but you know what they say "the show must go on" so even if the crowd is five people I do my thing.

NAB: How did you hear about the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? What do you think about their purpose?

YS: I heard about it from A.D the General herself, and I feel that it serves a great purpose. It gives various underground artists exposure, which is the greatest gift you can recieve when your on the come up.

NAB: Now you have named some very legendary artist that influenced your music throughout the years, but how do you separate yourself from artist and create your own style?

YS: I like to see myself as a combination of every "ILL" hip hop artist there was. Which is why I got the tatoo around my wrist which labels me the "embodyment of ill"

NAB: What projects do you have in the works and where can people connect with you and your music?

YS: Well right now my solo mixtape is out "Lethal Injection". It's available anywhere you can download a mix tape and might I add, its staight fire!! Im now in the process of working on my solo album "Mind Of a Teen" which will be dropping in November.

NAB: Any goals that you have set for the near future? Also, any future collab's you want to put in the works?

YS: My goal is just to strengthen my brand, and make Yung Star a household name. As far as the collab's, I can see myself working with anyone who has lyrical talent.

NAB: Last but not least, is there anyone you would like to shout out?

YS: Shouts to the whole ANNEX KREW, shout outs to the OPB fam, the whole PULSAR ENT. and everyone else who supports what I do.





Bizzy Bee –aka- Bizzy Bee Productions, “your one stop shop for all your filming needs.” A craftsman, “I see they said”, (in a specialgift voice)! Manager, filmmaker, producer, artist, actor and model, that’s a package! The beginning of 2011 Bizzy comes up with, Marcus Loves & Rogerst Charles. Bizzy Bee has a graphic way of delivery in this song. With that, gives us a bigger insight of how this craftsman can be. Lets take a moment a and explore the overall talents of Bizzy Bee.

N.A.B.: How do you manage so many tasks?

BIZZY: I ask myself that same question everyday. I think it’s just my focus on the future, that keeps me pushing. I refuse to be just another average 9 to 5 worker, living from check to check. It’s like, I really do all of it with my son in thought and my talent in hand. It can get real stressful balancing everything with my everyday life, but I do my best to manage.

N.A.B.: Of all your many crafts, which are you most hands on with?

BIZZY: I think I’m more hands on with my film ventures, due to the fact that my music will always be there in my corner. I started filming with the intention to help out my fellow unknown artist because I know how hard it is to actually get someone to listen to the message they’re trying to deliver and as we all know “seeing is believing”. Just because you hear someone get shot doesn't mean you can relate to someone who saw someone getting shot, you feel me?

N.A.B.: “Instrumental Crazy” Vol. 1, will you elaborate?

BIZZY: Instrumental Crazy volume 1. My first mixtape ever in life! The title came from me freestyling over various instrumentals when I was younger. I used to say it for the fun of it but I never liked using mainstream beats so when I made the mixtape, it was a surprise. It contains twenty tracks of various instrumentals you may know, but also contains beats produced by up and coming producers. It gives you a sense of who I am as an artist, and as a human being. If you can’t listen to it straight through, I’ll give you a dollar.

N.A.B.: Tell us about your experience with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and A.D. the General? How did you acquaint with them?

BIZZY: Funny because the day after I dropped my mixtape, I went up to Club Pyramid to perform a feature I was on with some of my fellow artists. The host Mental Supreme shouted A.D. out and gave people a heads up of her importance. My team went to her and had a quick conversation. I actually didn’t converse with her until a few days later when twitter suggested I should follow her. So I did, she told me about the competition, and the rest is history.

N.A.B.: Bizzy Bee Productions, how and when did you bring forth this act?

BIZZY: Bizzy Bee Productions was derived from my nickname that was given to me when I was younger (Bizzy Bee) and me saying it when I first started producing. That was before I even had any film thoughts or knowledge, outside or me recording songs on camera for fun in my moms room. Soon as I picked up a camera for myself, the plan became clearer to me over time. Learned all my film knowledge from Reelworks Teen Filmmaking, which is where I made my first professional documentary at 16. At 18, I decided to get my own equipment and started establishing a team. My small team of 4-5 is all I need for now. On fathers day this year was actually the 1st year anniversary of BBP.

N.A.B.: I see you’ve had your first interview at DTF radio. How did that come about?

BIZZY: I took third place at the Elegant Hoodness showcase. It turned out way better than my initial thoughts, being that it was my first major competition solo performance. That performance is the reason I’m getting interviewed now! DTF radio, Street Cypha radio and Atlweb. I’m so thankful for all these experiences. Trust I’ll never forget em.

N.A.B.: Give us an overall insight of who Bizzy Bee is?

BIZZY: Bizzy Bee is a rebel. He’s a great, fun loving, giving, weird individual who’s passionate about his craft and about the upbringing of the future generation. He refuses to ever be classified as a statistic, even though his situation sounds similar. He’s a college student, proud parent, rapper, actor, and filmmaker that wouldn’t stop unless the almighty himself stopped him. He’s also melodically unstable…well you know it as Instrumental Crazy!

N.A.B.: Where can we find more of Bizzy Bee and Bizzy Bee Productions?

BIZZY: You can catch me on facebook (, youtube ( twitter (, soundcloud (, hotnewhiphop ( bizzybbp) and if you have any inquiries, questions, comments, concerns, booking, you can contact me at



Friday, July 1, 2011


The Journey of P-prop. Being an artist of the south has been a slow process.P-prop made it work. With true dedication. Guidance by a strong mother and otherfamily members. Family and music is his obsession. This obsession has carriedhim a long way. Success is all he looks to achieve. His confidence and effortsin his music is amazing. Since young, he has been influenced by his father, whowas a Dj. P-Prop has been through several weeks of radio rotation on Memoirs byA.D. the General. He was extremely dedicated to it. For that he has won RadioArtist of the Year 2010. His single Tonight ft. Money Mitch & Mitchell J was thewinning track. Than P-prop and Mitchell J performed at The Elegant HoodnessMusical Program in Atlanta Ga and won 1st place. With his amazing talent andappeal P-prop will always be a success no matter what he attains. His music isfull of compassion and fragrance. Take the time to hear his latest tracks. Suchas “Tonight” ft. Money Mitch & Mitchell J, "More Than Music” and “My Town”. Allare great hits, TRUST. Get Acquainted with P-PROP!!

N.A.B.: Omgnessssss P-Prop, you did it again :). I knew it…. Are you as “Moist”as I am?

P-PROP: Were im from "Moist" only means one thing Ms Gift so we will move on to
the next question :} lol.......

N.A.B.: You are climbing up. Is it becoming a clearer picture, as you see your

P-PROP: I see the light shining brighter on my dream but im still in the
trenches so success is still reachable yet far away ...

N.A.B.: Today, Artist elaborate on the difference they portray. As a performing
artist, you are portraying something. When your vitality is flowing on stage,
what are you feeling inside?

P-PROP: I'm feelin every emotion possible...drawing from my past or painting about
my future gives me the fuel i need to leave the stage on stage
presence is nothing but another side of Peter Green.

N.A.B.: You won radio artist of the year 2010 on Memoirs by A.D. the General. You
won 1st place at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Atl Edition, May 2011.
Elaborate on your latest Elegant Hoodness win. What’s the next win your going
for? Lol, I know you have something in the making?

P-PROP: ATL was special because we were one man down. My brother Money Mitch
couldn't make it so my other brother Mitchell J and I had to go ten times as
hard. As you see by the judges decision, we did that."God is Good
man". All honesty ..the next win will be Miami. God willing it will be three
of us. If not, oh well.

N.A.B.: Tell us about your newest single. What brought forth the concept?

P-PROP: We have a few joints out actually..but the one people seem to fuck wit
the most is "Fuck u Haters." The anthem for everybody out there grinding,
working towards there goals or whatever the case who come across haters. This is
an ode to them.

N.A.B.: On your journey, what or who has contributed the most, on your success
so far?

P-PROP: My family, my mom 110%. Without God and her I would have been said fuck

N.A.B.: Elaborate on any future projects the people should be expecting? Also,
what haven't you expressed that you would like for us to know?

P-PROP: Right now we have the "More Than Music" Sampler out. Six tracks of
fire. Courtesy of myself, Mitchell J and Money Mitch. Next up we have the "More
Than Music Compilation" coming. Followed by all of us dropping solo
projects. Mitchell J our r&b killer is damn near done with his album.
Check out "Drunk Love" off the sampler by the way, it's for the ladies.

N.A.B.: How can your supporters and fans find your latest music? Elaborate on
the sites as well you can be found.
P-PROP: First off thanks to everybody fucking with the music. We appreciate it and will
continue to go hard at everything we do. You can check our videos on youtube , You can check the "Fuck u Haters" video, "My Town"
and a few others. Also follow me on twitter @ppropmusic Special you already
know!! I follow back, especially if your trying to network. Check the music on
my reverb you ever wanna collab email me ..facebook

Written by: SPECIALGIFT N.A.B.
Courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011'