Saturday, January 22, 2011

E.H.M.P JAN 19 2011 Starts with a Bang!!!!!!!!

To quote Sanaa Lathan from Brown Sugar,"When did you fall in love with hip hop?" If you are anything like me, you fell in love with hip hop as soon as you came out of the womb. Hip hop has evolved mightily since its early days, thanks to the internet, blogs, and file sharing services. However, for all of its new found innovations, its still up to the artist to build a fan base, create good music, and know how to control the stage. These facets of hip hop will never change. This is where the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program comes in. These monthly showcases give unsigned artists from across the country the opportunity to premiere new music, network with other artists, be critiqued by industry professionals, as well as win thousands of dollars in media prizes and much need exposure to a broader audience.

The first Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Showcase of 2011 DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Hosted by the CEO of the company, AD the General, the show began with an explanation of who she was ( for those that didn't know her), followed by an overview of the rules, then a quick introduction of the judges,and then it was SHOWTIME!!! The energy from the performances rivaled that of some of their "major label" industry counterparts! All of the artists who competed brought their "A" game, as they all did their best to show the crowd and the judges they deserved to be one of the top artists of the night! (Shout out to EdotA,Feva,SROCK, NellzdaRockStar,Arsiney, Young Money Dre and all those that competed) To make the evening even more special, previous winners were invited back to perform and give the competitors a glimpse of how high the bar has been set, by the past winners.

These performers, led by AD the General and her partner, Gifted, who make up the rap duo, N.A.N., showed the competitors as well as the crowd what happens when you continue to grind and put your best foot forward at all times. A special shout out goes to Camay, Lord Vital, Dre Nathan, DJ Styles, DJ Ace of Spades, Logan, R3, Ques, and Pyro) Here's some friendly advice, if you are looking to get a "hip hop" revival, join A.D. the General, the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program, and her team, N.A.B./N.A.N. at Club Pyramid (NYC) every month to network, enjoy good music, laughs, and the feeling that made you love hip hop in the first place.



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