Thursday, January 12, 2012



I would like to welcome to the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program, a young man who represents his borough to the fullest, Brooklyn, N.Y.. He is new entity to hip hop, reggaeton, drummer boy topped off with Spanish swag. I would like to introduce you to the multi talented SoundBoy Cartagena aka Spanglish Carta. I must say first I have never heard of music in this manner. Until I looked at his videos on youtube. I was quite impressed. My sister enjoyed his style as well. Welcome SoundBoy Cartagena. I would like to thank you for taking out time of your schedule to join Elegant Hoodness and N.A.B..

N.A.B.: What made you want to become not just a rapper but one that blends other facets of music, to your art form?

SOUNDBOY CARTAGENA: Loving all genres, especially hip hop and salsa. Growing up in salsa and raised around hip hop.

N.A.B.: What makes you stand out from other Spanish rap or other recording artist?

SOUNDBOY CARTAGENA: I am representing the Latin culture with today's reality, Carta!

N.A.B.: To young Latinos/Latinas that are growing up listening to your music, what advice would you give them as far as getting in the music business?

SOUNDBOY CARTAGENA: "NO GGRRRIND NO SHINE" Believe in yourself. Waste your time on what can sell because it is what it is and this is a business.

N.A.B.: I see you represent your heritage and your borough of Brooklyn, NY in all your songs. What does your borough and heritage mean to you? Do you feel you music is making an inpact on your community? If so in what way?

SOUNDBOY CARTAGENA: Definitely impacting the community by making music that touch souls, spiritually and mentally. Yes, I rep my borough so hard. I'm also representing Latin America. Meaning all of the U.S., Latinos internationally.

N.A.B.: Nore did the Reggaeton infusion of Spanish rap in the past. What exactly would you call your style of rap and does it differ or have a new twist similar to Reggaeton?

SOUNDBOY CARTAGENA: "Spanglish" is what I call my genre or music style, Reggaeton! Not at all, I'm rapping on Latin rhythm. I have a couple of reggae joints I have done before that can be mistaking with reggaethon. Not saying I don't like it because I love reggaethon. I love almost all genres.

N.A.B.: I see you use a band and play the drums as well as blending it with hip hop with the group The Roots. Tell me who are some of your influences that inspired you to create this fusion of different genres of music?

SOUNDBOY CARTAGENA: I don't have many influences. What influences me is making my own kind of music. I was born in Salsa but raised in hip hop. Michael Jackson (Jackson 5) was always dope to me. Also all the salsa legends, including today's salsa legend, Marc Anthony. Yes, I have a 13 piece Latin Hip Hop Orchestra. I also play drums for a street rock band, on my side time.



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