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BROOKLYN STANDS UP!! As Usual!! Hip Hop Artist BK Cashmere Debut Album Release "Take Me Away" Official co-signs by DJ Kay Slay, DJ Enuff, and Funkmaster Flex says, "This album is uplifting -- it's 100% pure positive!" < Quoted from your article in Yo Raps Magazine. That alone means a lot coming from well known historical Dj's. Bk Cashmere's 1st mix tape release "The Proposal" in (2003), hosted by DJ KAY SLAY, followed by "Me & My Music" in (2006), hosted by MR. CEE. Take notice "your zone" as you listen to BK CASHMERE'S lyrics, while expressing his trials and tribulations. Going strong with many and SPECIALGIFT means many hits already released and fans all over. SPECIALGIFT vouch "I was not able to choose a favourite. "Take me Away" his latest Smash > Quote from Bk Cashmere "Take me Away is something I asked God to do for me. To take me from the negative things I was around. Take me away from the ghetto, the struggle, the poverty!" At the same time I wanted him to take me away to unbelievable heights. Enjoy all the fruits and labor of life. The way he said we are to enjoy." BK CASHMERE is not an average artist. He with holds an abundance of inspiration for the world to grasp. Take heed and listen to his story(s). N.A.B. APPROVED!!

N.A.B.: Bk CASHMERE -aka- Hip Hop, songwriter and entrepreneur. Talk to SPECIALGIFT a bit about how you've come to being a Hip Hop artist. Who has or still inspires you through your journey?

BK CASHMERE: I've always been into music. I came up on jazz at a very young age that was my introduction to music. My grandfather used to play miles and thelonious monk loud in the crib. But in my age bracket of music, hip hop was all I heard. From big daddy kane to rakim so that wasn't a hard choice for me. When I got kicked out of school I was like dam what am I gonna do now. So I said what do I love in my heart and that's music and I've been doing it since. As for who inspire me everybody from Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie Smalls, to T.I, 50 Cent and all other genre's of music. Anybody that I can feel is really speaking about something. That they really live and that relates to real life situations. Just people who are talented.

N.A.B.: Did having big Moguls like DJ KAY SLAY & MR. CEE hosting your mix tapes early on put a strain on the next project? Explain.

BK CASHMERE: No not really, it helped me if anything. They gave me my kick start, u know. I'm blessed to have guys of that nature even considering doing mixtapes with me. I didn't have to pay those dudes a dime. My buzz was just out there heavy and I asked and they was like let's do it. I'm thankful to this day for the radio spins and cosigns I got from all of them. From Camilo to Clue to Flex, Dj Enuff and all of them helped me to be able to do the things I'm doing today. Its definately a blessing.

N.A.B.: You performed "My Time" at the U.M.A.'s (2010) another good look. Was it a particular reason of that song of choice?

BK CASHMERE: Of course just letting them know its My Time. It was the breakout single to my album. Also letting people know and realize who Cashmere and the Cash Administration is. And what we about to do. My buzz is getting even bigger than ever before and it was a blessing to perform there. Thanks to Jesse Atkins on that song though I'm just letting the world know what I've been thru. Telling them now its My Time and that I'm the artist that's gone take hip hop to another level. Start a new trend of artist for a new age in hip hop.

N.A.B.: Simplify your overall take so far dealing with the underground movement? Are their any suggestions for other inspiring artist?

Bk Cashmere: The underground movement and hip hop in general is in the best shape. More than it has been in years. Independant artist is in and signed artist is in as well. At least the one's talking about something. The internet is seperating the talented from the untalented and even though its a lot of hip hop artist that don't have talent that's in the game. They are only hear for a short time so my advice to artist is get a plan that you know will work. Set short term goals as well. Go hard and believe in God that's the best advice.

"Follow him he'll lead you to wherever you wanna go. Music is just a tool if your

Truly blessed so go hard and let God".

N.A.B.: You've spoke upon artist nowadays loosing their identity and how its time to bring hiphop to another level. Speaking positive and uplifting our children these days is priority. I am touched with your positivity. SPECIALGIFT asks if you would take this opportunity to be victorious and get your point across.

BK CASHMERE: I'm just saying, its time for hip hop to take a lil reponsibility for its actions, that's all. Its a lot of artist out there that's like, "well look at that movie there doing, this and saying that so we can to". This aint monkey see monkey do. I make all kinds of music myself, but even when I show a negative message, I end it with a positive. I feel hip hop needs a drastic change and what would be better than a positive one. I don't think the new generation of hip hop has ever experience a movement of that nature. Now everybody's just tryna make money and make that hit record. You know be famous and in the process, I feel we losing our identity. We got 35 year old artist that's telling the kids selling drugs is cool. When it's not and I can say that because I was the dude that was selling drugs. You know it's a new day in age. The internet and technology is creating so many new way's to make money. So why go risk your life for a few dollars? It's senseless. I think a lot of artist should focus on the message that they are tryna get across to the people. Take there music to the next level. I feel me and my movement the Cash Administration is the cornerstone to that new era and next level.

N.A.B.: Presently in the making, your first mixtape series: Avatar: The Last AirBender. A 4 part series I hear. Lets advert on this wonderful adventure, SPECIALGIFT perceives to be on the way, Elaborate.

BK CASHMERE: Well I took the idea from the movie of the same name. I just became attached to the whole idea of it all. It connected to me in a major way. U gotta see the movie! Basically its like this. I'm a air sign, being an aquarius. The star of the film is an air bender, as well. Also its fire bender's, water bender's and earth bender's. So I just breakdown and explain each part of each element. On water, I'm a show the emotional side of me on earth. I explain the physical in everything we can see, touch, feel on fire. I'm going to explain the passion and ambition. The will that's inside of us and on air that's like the secret the code. Only airbenders can bend air. Not only can they bend air they can bend every other element as well. So yall will have to wait for that one.

N.A.B.: Talk to us about your awareness of the ELEGANT HOODNESS MUSICAL PROGRAM C.E.O. A.D. THE GENERAL, V.P. MS. FEFE N.A.B., TEAM N.A.N. & N.A.B..

BK CASHMERE: Oh I'm very aware of the ELEGANT HOODNESS MUSICAL PROGRAM, A.D. The GENERAL, Ms. FeFe N.A.B., Team N.A.N. & N.A.B. All the things they do for hip hop and up and coming artist. Also the community. I support and is fond of what they do and appreciate the opportunities that your giving me as well, on this interview and past performances.

N.A.B.: Where can we find more of BK CASHMERE and the CASH ADMINISTRATION? Sites, Blogs etc...

BK CASHMERE: Basically everywhere

Lol u can find me on my website and my new site

N.A.B.: SPECIALGIFT leaves this one for you. What would BK CASHMERE like to express and leave us with at this time?

BK CASHMERE: I wanna thank yall first of all for noticing real talent and the support. I wanna tell the world to go get my debut album "Take Me Away" on itunes. Also all digital retailers everywhere and to come check me out on my "Take Me Away" tour. It starts in New Orleans, big shout out to David Felton and Wolfman Jacc on that. Look forward to my new mixtape series its gone bring a lot of light to hip hop. Also a big shout out to all my fans and supporter's I love yall you all are the reason I do what I do thru the grace of God.

Written by: Special Gift (N.A.B)

Courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011

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