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Simple, Sincere, Innocence defines SIMPLICITY, but not at its best. This superstar girl group hailing out of Coney Island (Brooklyn), New York gives the world fierceness, excitement, passion, and beautiful music. These real life sisters have graced stages nationwide and pleased crowds of all ages. When witnessing Simplicity perform, you can tell that the stage is their foundation. They embody a freshly planted rose garden; 3 rose buds ready to sprout. Once the lights hit them and they open their mouths, they are now at full bloom; stunning the audience with their amazing vocal abilities and dance moves. Intriguing, Graceful, Mesmerizing; SIMPLICITY. Grounded, Confidence, Humility, SIMPLICITY. Harmony at its finest; Simply...SIMPLICITY.

N.A.B: Are you all still in high school? If so, what do your fellow classmates think of your celebrity? Do they support you all?

Simplicity: Yes, the younger one is but soon she will be graduating and the other two already graduated. Our classmates think our celebrity status is like the artists of today and yes they do support us.

N.A.B: Being compared to some of the world’s greatest female groups, past and present; what lane is Simplicity in, being an all female group?

Simplicity: A lot of people compare us to SWV, Destiny's Child, and TLC, but our lane is just being us with our own sound.

N.A.B: Do you think this curse has lived up to its name with girl groups not being able to stick together? Will you be the group to break that so-called curse?

Simplicity: Yes. It's sad that it is true but we try hard, even though we argue and have our differences, we still know how important it is to stay together no matter what because this is something we all love to do and we want to continue doing it for the rest of our lives. We do believe we can be the group to break that so-called curse because we are destined for greatness.

N.A.B: You girls are sisters. Is it harder to be in a group with your family member verses someone you don’t know?

Simplicity: Yes we are sisters and yes it is hard sometimes because we're all different in our own ways, but we have this crazy bond. Nobody can break us up. It's like we're glued to each other. We are very, very close to each other and being sisters, I think it brings us more closer because we all grew up together. Not being sisters in a group would be harder in a way because they haven't grew up with each other side by side, so yeah, it's more likely for them to break up.Sisters are forever.

N.A.B: Describe your father to us. How important is he in your lives as just be sisters and how important is he in “Simplicity’s” life?

Simplicity: Our father is very strict. He doesn't play any games. He is a very serious person; some people call him "Joe Jackson" because he is very hard on us and he wants us to be the best at what we do and we think thats what any father would want from their daughter. Even though its hard work, we realized he is doing it for our best interest. Just being sisters our Dad is important to us because who doesn't want a father figure in their life as young girls growing up? He taught us right from wrong and how to respect ourselves as beautiful young ladies that we are today. In Simplicity's life, our father is also very important because he is our manager and what better way to have your very own father in this kind of industry with us to protect us and make sure everything goes right and become a success.

N.A.B: We know that you all have graced some great stages in your early career. Do you have some sort of ritual you do to prepare yourselves for that type of audience and exposure?

Simplicity: Rituals are something people do because of their religion, but we pray before we do anything; not only because we believe in prayer but because we love to do it. Putting God first will always be something we want to do because all of our blessings come from God.

N.A.B: Where can your fans get your music?

Simplicity: Our fans can get our music on and purchase our ring tones to our hit singles " LOVE ME FOR ME" and "I'M THE BOMB", and to get more info on Simplicity, you can go to our website;, You Tube channel;, Facebook; Simplicity BK, Myspace;, and Twitter; So hit us up and check us out!

N.A.B: Is there a deal in the works?

Simplicity: Yes there are deals in the works which we can not mention.

N.A.B: What’s next on Simplicity’s journey to stardom?

Simplicity: What's next on Simplicity's journey to stardom is creating new songs, shooting a new video to our new single "LOVE ME FOR ME", filming our own reality TV show for B.E.T,launching our own clothing design which will be called "SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL", more B.E.T shows and most of all creating the best music for the world today.

N.A.B: Where can we see Simplicity 5 years from now?

Simplicity: You can see Simplicity 5 years from now building our own brand into a successful company, having major endorsements, winning a lot of awards such as B.E.T Awards and Grammy Awards for the title "Best Female R&B Group". Most of all while achieving all this, we see ourselves as loving parents one day and setting a high example for young girls today.

N.A.B: Any last words or shout outs?

Simplicity: Shout outs to all of our fans and our team Lucas Entertainment who are JEFF LUCAS, ADELE LUCAS,WALTER VALASQUEZ, POP,WILLIE HOLLINGSWORTH,DEREK from POPPAROTZ TV, RAHIM, our dancers GLEN and SMOOVE, LIL NAT from 98.7 KISS FM, LISA SCOTT and D-GATEZ, SPECIALIST, RIO, THEO COLLINS and most of all our girl A.D THE GENERAL. THANKS FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT!

Written and Interviewed by: Ms. FeFe (N.A.B)

Courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011

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