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To know Jamia is to know someone of integrity, loyalty, honesty, morality, and genuineness. To know GSteam is to know grind, passion, dedication, and persistence. Those two characteristics embodied into one person is known to the world as the ultimate achiever, GLOBAL SHYNE PRODUCTIONS. She has the abilities a lot of individuals lack in this day in time. Success is her main focus. Now residing in South Carolina, Global Shyne Productions was established in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. A team of promoters came together and decided to form a layout where up & coming artists can expose their craft. The executive team consists of CiscoKid, Blacks, DJ Underground, Shaun Kelly Entertainment, DJ Omega, BluxtacySwagLTL, MzPhoenix82, Lanice532, and the whole AllOutHustle Team. "It's not just a business it's a movement".

GSteam has presently become a N.A.B. Sister and Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Representative. N.A.B. is an all-female empowerment/entrepreneurship program. This organization strictly focuses on the em-betterment of young ladies in deprived situations and lifestyles. Founded in 2006, N.A.B. has lived on the concept of “Notthing”, meaning that it is nothing in life to achieve your dreams. Their goals are to empower young girls and women to not only dream, but pursue those dreams and make them reality. N.A.B. collectively run The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program based in New York City. Their services include education & professional development, finance, research & information, communications, grassroots marketing, public relations, and leadership. We are the Sisterhood of B.I.T.C.H.E.S. Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charismatic, Honorable, Entrepreneurs Striving for the same goal. N.A.B. embodies the ultimate female hustler. Being apart of N.A.B., Gsteam has put forth incredible effort with promotions and journalism. Her work is published throughout the globe in several different magazines, web sites, and blogs. She has become a great attribute to Elegant Hoodness & N.A.B. We are honored to introduce to the world our sister and newest N.A.B. member, GSTEAM843.

N.A.B.: How did the phrase G-STeam come about?

GS: The name G-STeam actually came from my brother who abbreviated Global Shyne Team. It was a way to spread the company name and music in by adding G-Steam to their tweets along with the area code he or she is repping. It was also used as a marketing strategy on Twitter, by obtaining trending topic levels. We created a strong buzz and curiosity for our movement. Everyone wanted to rep their city with an area code and G-Steam stamp.

N.A.B: Who came up with the idea to create Global Shyne Incorporated, and what brought about the concept?

GS: My brother, the founder of GlobalShyne Inc. (as I am the CO- Founder), was the one who originated the Global Shyne concept. He actually pitched the idea to me on my birthday in December 2010. Global Shyne Inc. is an army of promoters on one team under one umbrella supporting artists and the music they create. “MUSIC MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND” is our motto. Founded out of Crown Heights Brooklyn, Global Shyne Inc. was an idea put together to house a promotional outlet for unsigned and signed artist to gain more exposure. We do not discriminate, we do not filter talent. We are here to magnify upcoming artists and their music, giving them the chance to shine and show their true talent. We officially launched the organization in January 2011 were amazed at the enormous feedback we received and have continued grinding ever since. Global Shyne Inc. is destined to be a movement with longevity, so keep watching for us.

N.A.B.: Elaborate on what made you want to help upcoming artist shine. Has the entertainment world always been your passion?

GS: Basically I grew up listening to a variety of music such as Patti Labelle, Tina Turner, Ashford & Simpson, Lauryn Hill, Billy Ray Cyrus, LL Cool J, Fugees, KRS ONE, Buck Shot, and more. Music is indeed my passion and I said one way or another I would make a name in the entertainment world. My brother tried to start a rap group with my sister and I called Lyrikal Ecstasy back in the day (lol). Now we were not the greatest, but my sister and I got our props. I knew my calling was more toward promoting music than making it that is how I came to this point today. I am more a behind the scenes type person. Just the love I get from helping artist such as L Jaye, Kendra Williams, Black Frost, Clarisa Rose, Halo, The Good Company, Young Money Dre, Arsiney, J Marsh to name a few, is what makes me want and continue to support up and coming artist.

N.A.B.: You are now an official N.A.B. member. What were your first thoughts about N.A.B.? Did you even know what it stood for?

GS: When I first came across Ad The General and the whole N.A.B crew, my first thought was I need to be networking with them. Seeing the dedication in the movement and the fact that they support the artists with a similar vision sold it for me. I did not intend in the beginning to become a member but it has been a blessing.

N.A.B.: What are your overall duties with N.A.B.?

GS: My overall duties are to promote the movement as well as the artist. My duties are but not limited to writer, promoter, showcase recruiter and co host of "Rockin' Out With N.A.B" on http://streetzradio.com.

N.A.B.: Being that the music industry field is primarily managed by men, how does it feel working with an all female organization?

GS: To me it is a blessing because just like the industry is short in representing femcee's, it also lacks in representing the female moguls and trend-setters. I definitely love the unity and the drive of all my N.A.B Family.

N.A.B.: Being a woman, how important is it for woman to work together in this business being that society tries to make it a competition for us.

GS: I feel that it is very important, because females can be leaders, moguls, on the Forbes list and more. We are not just mothers, strippers (Not knocking them), Hookers, and sex symbols. We have the ability to create a movement that can make history and that is what I am trying to do as a woman, with GlobalShyne Inc., and now also with N.A.B.

N.A.B.: Being apart of one of the most hardest working organizations in the underground, what will you bring to the table to contribute to the legacy of N.A.B. and the on-going success of Elegant Hoodness?

GS: Basically I bring my passion, dedication and love for music to the table. We will continue to bring endless awareness to the movement. “Trust the sky's the limit and we are not going to stop”.

N.A.B.: What is next for Global Shyne?

GS: Global Shyne Inc. is in the process of refining several projects to bring even more buzz to up coming artist through more mixtapes, blog features, radio placements, showcase placements, videos, movies, award shows, photo shoots, shows and more. Also next: Global Shyne Inc. and Low Eyes Records have joined together in efforts to create the Global take over. This joint venture was created to elevate your career/business to new heights. Together we have pooled all our resources and contacts in order to better benefit upcoming artist needs, giving us the tools to promote artists in a whole new light. So there is a lot to look out for Global Shyne Inc. in the near future and a lot going on behind the scene but the final result will be highly worth the wait.

N.A.B.: What advice can you give inspiring young women trying to make a name for them in a positive light?

GS: Basically do not be afraid to make mistakes. You live and you learn so never stop gaining knowledge. Also, you can not do it by yourself so you must stay patient and humble and be willing to do the work and learn from others. Most important, respect yourself and know that you do not have to sell out to make it in this industry…real grind pays off.

N.A.B.: What is your Motto for N.A.B.?

GS: Hmmm, My Motto for N.A.B would be "If you don't want to invest in your future…don't expect others to invest in your present"

N.A.B.: Any last words or shout outs?

GS: I would like to say thank you to Ad The General and the N.A.B/Elegant Hoodness family for welcoming me and grinding with me. Shout out to my wife Mya, my family, my friends, My brother/CEO, Knowledge CEO of Low Eyes Records and the whole Low Eyes Records Family, Artist L Jaye, Kendra Williams, Clarisa Rose, Halo, Real Life Music Family, BlackFrost, Gigglez Ent and everyone who has, will and continues to support the Global Shyne Movement. Check out http://globalshyne.com for more updates. Follow us on twitter @globalshyne @gsteam843 @loweyesrecords @teamglobalshyne check us out on Facebook and more to come.




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