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SANTINA VEGA became a N.A.B. Sister and Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Representative. N.A.B. is an all-female empowerment/entrepreneurship program. This organization strictly focuses on the em-betterment of young ladies in deprived situations and lifestyles. Founded in 2006, N.A.B. has lived on the concept of “Notthing”, meaning that it is nothing in life to achieve your dreams. Their goals are to empower young girls and women to not only dream, but pursue those dreams and make them reality. N.A.B. collectively run The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program based in New York City. Their services include education & professional development, finance, research & information, communications, grassroots marketing, public relations, and leadership. We are the Sisterhood of B.I.T.C.H.E.S. Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charismatic, Honorable, Entrepreneurs Striving for the same goal. N.A.B. embodies the ultimate female hustler. Being apart of N.A.B., Santina Vega has put forth incredible effort with promotions and video productions. Her work is published throughout the globe in several web sites, and blogs. She has become a great attribute to Elegant Hoodness & N.A.B. We are honored to introduce to the world our sister and newest N.A.B. member, Santina Vega.

N.A.B.: When did you start singing? And do you write your own material?

S.VEGA: Wow I would say I started singing just as soon as I started walking lol my Grandma used to call me "The radio" because she said there wasn't a song out there that I didn't know. As far as writing my own music yes I do! It’s been a journey but I am writing my own material.

N.A.B.: You are apart of Yo Vega Ink and now the newest member of Team NAN/NAB. Tell our readers how Yo Vega got started and the connection to Team NAN/NAB?

S.VEGA: Yo Vega Ink started in 2009 with one member which was myself. The company name was Originally Vega Ent. , Later I met Chris Holmes who had the same passion for music I did. He later learned video work we started working together that's when "Yo Vega Ink" came about. We then met a Male Singer/Vocalist by the name of Anthony Williams who later became "Anthony Anthem" From that point on it’s was like fate and we been growing ever since.

We were introduced to Team N.A.B./N.A.N threw my big brother Rico Ricardo. Who had been working with Ms.FeFe and of course AD The General a lot. He always would speak so highly of them. He would always tell me how I had to meet AD and FE so Elegant Hoodness has a competition here in Kc Mo. That's when it all became official I had met the N.A.B/N.A.N team and things went perfect. Soon we became apart of the team.

N.A.B.: You also do photography and Video Directing and Editing. What inspired to start doing more behind the scene work?

S.VEGA: I was working with a lot of local artist as far as music collaborations and I did co-hosting for T.V shows that played on the East Cost. So i had been around a lot of video editors in that time. I was kind of learning bits here and there from watching. Anyways the people i was working with had a shoot one day that was going to San Francisco. We were all told to meet up at a certain spot, the team didn't show, so I told my self smh I can do it alone. That was it! The video work was born.

As far as photography I started with an internship with a huge company called "Ben Weddle association" located in down town kc. They were doing prints for companies like Wal-Mart and plenty of other big companies. So I got most of my inspiration from that internship. As i grew i did my own photo-shoots started for a friend of mine that was into modeling. Helped her create a portfolio, then later did shoots for Festival flyers, Bill-Boards and album covers and more.

N.A.B.: You are a Native from KC MO. What is your opinion of the music scene in Kc and what you and the artists in kc need to do to create a larger buzz for the town?

S.VEGA: I think Kansas City is a great place to create great music. Kansas City has so many talented people in all areas that have to do with music such as studios, radio and venues that have lots of showcases for local talent that helps the public get to know u some.

As far as creating a bigger buzz, I think we lack support in many ways. We won’t get to deep into that now but I think we are slowly but surely creating a buzz at this moment. We have Artist like Ron Ron, Mon E G that are working with main stream artist and signed to huge labels like Universal Rec. Not to mention here in kc mo is we have one of the largest indie labels in the country ( Strange Musik) that’s techn9ne label. He’s originally from KC also.

N.A.B.: Which artists influence you?

S.VEGA: I grew up listening to Mariah Carey she has been a huge influence in my life. I had every album from her. I also loved Groups like 702, SWV, Total, ABC, New Edition and the list goes on lol. I love old school jams I can listen to that for hours.

N.A.B.: Tell me when you 1st fell in love with Hip Hop?

S.VEGA: I first fell in love in love with "hip hop" when I knew I had talent, when I learned about all the amazing things that can be done with music. It’s amazing how much music can impact a person’s life. I'll say it this way Music is my therapy.

N.A.B.: Where can our readers her your music and where can they get a hold of you?

S.VEGA: You can see Visuals from Yo Vega Ink at YOUTUBE.COM/MSSANTINA also check out my Reverbnation/SantinaVega or email me at vegasantina@yahoo.com

Written by: A.D. The General & MS FEFE (N.A.B.)

Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011

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