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E.H.M.P: What age did you start doing music? What possessed you into making it as a career?

DRAECO: I started doing music at about age 12. I played around with it for years, I was always had a love for it and was always told my music was good and the more I did it I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I love making music and songwriting with a passion.

E.H.M.P: Many people look at you as being a superstar.  What star qualities do you think you possess?

DRAECO: I think I definitely have the talent, and I know that I have an appeal that attracts various age groups.

E.H.M.P: How was it like being signed with Major Boy Records? If you can choose to be apart of any label, what would it be? Why?

DRAECO: All I can say about the Major Boy Records situation was that it was an experience. Well as far as choosing a label it would be hard. I respect a lot of labels but of course a deal would have to be right and be beneficial to me.

E.H.M.P: Many artists now a day possess a certain style in their music. What style does your music have? What energy do you think it will bring to a listener?  

DRAECO: My style varies. I’m the kind of artist that feels out a track. The track determines my style and flow; I’m very versatile when it comes to writing on a track and how I want to go in on it. My energy is an energy that will let you feel the song, track, and what I’m saying on it. If it’s a song I put out, you’ll definitely feel it.

E.H.M.P: Many artists such as Lil Wayne influence many people around the world with his style in fashion and music. What influence would you want to leave with your listeners? 

DRAECO: I’d like to leave the influence of. I’m me. What I wear, how I rap, what I say. It’s me. Nothing I say in any song I record is made up. I’m not into gimmick rapping. Either I’ve done it, experience it in some way, or it’s a thought that has a strong possibility of happening.

E.H.M.P: What are some other talents people may not know about you?

DRAECO: I can sing. Not saying I’m the greatest at it but I can hold it down. I’ve sang hooks for a number of artists.

E.H.M.P: How can your listeners find your music? How can anyone contact you? 

DRAECO: My website at www.draecoonline.com , www.reverbnation.com/draeco , search me on datpiff.com, I have several mix tapes there of mine and ones I’ve been featured on, youtube.com/MrDraeco1 and simply jus by following me on twitter @draeco.. It’s always some music from me being tweeted.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Germain

Courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2012

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