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E.H.M.P: Now in this game female emcees don’t get the shine they truly deserve, so for the readers please tell us who Mizznekol is?

Mizznekol: The best way to describe myself would be one word, "passionate". I discovered this passion in music at the tender age of 16. I would find myself writing down the verses to Queen Latifah's, U.N.I.T.Y. and practicing in the mirror as I tried to resemble the female hip hop icon. I was blessed with the ear for music and taught myself to play melodies that I would hear on the radio. I have been producing now for almost 10 years and aim to be the next mainstream female producer. Many of my peers have recommended that I should pursue being a songwriter as well so I am in the process of shopping my material to a few mainstream artists.

E.H.M.P: At what point in your life did you truly decide that music was your passion? Who were some of your influences?

Mizznekol: I was a freshman in high school when I discovered that music was my passion. I was known for killing the cyphers that would go on in the cafeteria during lunch period. My main influences were, Missy Elliot, Queen latifah, Rah Diggah, and Eve.

E.H.M.P: Listening to your music I can truly say that your music has substance, something that we are beginning to lose in the industry. What message are you trying to send through your music? How do you feel about the state of Hip Hop and the struggle for female emcee’s to show unity with each other?

Mizznekol: My message is to demonstrate that as a woman I can earn fans from my lyrics, not just a physical stand point. I want to be looked at as an inspiration to someone and motivate them to pursue there dreams as well. I honestly feel that my music is theraputic for different types of people because I am genuine and humble. I have always been compared to some of the most respected female hip hop icons that ever touched a microphone. Female artists are overlooked at times if the sex appeal is not obvious, but I think that I have the type of drive and passion that will soon be discovered. I am not afraid to be rejected. I am willing to hear a slow no, instead of a fast yes. If the industry would cater more towards hip hop , I think a lot more female emcee's would be in the game.

E.H.M.P: What made you pursue your company Dope Girl Muzik? How has 12th Dynasty Music Group and your company helped you to grow as an artist?

Mizznekol: I decided to start my own production company because I was tired of depending on people to invest in my music career. I researched the music business and came up with a budget that I could afford to start my own business. One word comes to mind the most when people describe my productions or albums, and that word was "dope". Everytme I asked for feedback on my music I would get the word dope so I decided to name my company "Dopegirlmuzik". 12th Dynasty Music Group is owned by my manager Mecca Muhammad. Mecca has helped me get a better understanding of the business side to pursing a career in music. His knowledge and humble heart is what allows me to trust that this management company can take my career to the next level.

E.H.M.P: How did you come across the Eleganthoodness Musical Program and how have you benefited from their acquaintance? What would you say to artist about the Eleganthoodness movement and what they represent?

Mizznekol: I was introduced to the Eleganthoodness Musical Program in 2010, while video corresponding for I liked the exposure and professionalism of A. D. the General. The fact that she is a female on her grind really entrigued my curiosity and I wanted to be apart of the movement. I would tell any upcoming artist that the Eleganthoodness Musical program is definitely beneficial towards getting exposure across the U.S. As an artist you have to invest in yourself before you can expect any other investors to take part in your career. A.D. the General provides excellent media packages to the artists that attend her functions and I have made some great connections by being apart of these showcases.

E.H.M.P: Tell us about your projects past and present and what is next for Mizznekol? How would you describe your style and who would say influences your music? Describe the feeling when you’re on stage performing?

Mizznekol: I currnetly have two projects in the streets and one project that will be released this Spring.My first project was entitled Life Lessons. This mixtape is pretty much self explanatory because every track symbolizes my life. I aim to inspire and deliver a message behind my music. I take my daily struggles and try to paint a picture for the consumers to allow them to visualize my lifestyle. My second project was called, Grown Woman, which has generated a huge fan base over the last six months. This album was executive produced by myself, and I used my company Dopegirlmuzik to present it to the world. The whole Grown Woman movement is to inspire women that we can be independent, run businesses, and be successful in this society. When I perform I get goosebumps because every lyric I spit just comes from the heart. I try to make eye contact with the audience to indicate that I am sincere and love rocking the crowd. My stage performance is similar to the queen of RnB, Mary J. Blige, because the passion is delivered from the time I start my set, until the last second.

E.H.M.P: I have to add because I was moved by your recent tribute to Trayvon Martin, what motivated you to put together that tribute and what your feelings are on the issue?

Mizznekol: My spirit was touched by the whole Trayvon Martin incident. I was not upset because the kid was black; I was more so upset for the injustice of the shooter. I decided to write this inspirational tribute because I thought about my son being in this position and the lyrics just start pouring out onto the paper. I am not afraid to take a stand and I felt that since I have people that look up to me that they would want to join the movement 

E.H.M.P: Tell the readers how they can connect with you and your movement. How can artist reach out for collabs and last but not least whom would you like to shout out?

Mizznekol: I have several social sites that you can preview my music as well as get free downloads
Purchase the Grown Woman album online @
For booking contact : Mecca Muhammad 816 218 5481 or
I would first like to give thanks to our heavenly father for blessing me with the gift of music. I would like to thank Joe Vertigo for being a wonderful friend, and mentor for the last eight years. I would like to thank my mother and siblings for always supporting me and understanding my passion for music. I would like to thank my two beautiful children for giving me the inspiration to follow my dreams. I want to thank my manager, Mecca Muhammad, for trusting in me and making sacrifices to better my artist development. I would like to thank Christina Childs for being a good sister and always supporting my hustle. I would like to thank Ju the unknown of for providing the media exposure to my company. I want to thank A.D.the general for putting together the ElegantHoodness Musical program and allowing independent artists the opportunity to be marketed across different regions. Lastly, I just thank anyone that has ever had anything to do with supporting Mizznekol, and Dopegirlmuzik

Written by G Steam
Courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2012


  1. I love it... Love your music!! Continue to keep it classy. You got the Look, the lyrics, and the love for this music. Never give up!!

  2. WOW..Wonderful Interview I really enjoyed reading it..and every part is very true...

  3. This is a great interview! I'm so proud of my ladies right now. Keep reppin and going hard with the music. Don't let up!