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N.A.B.: Let’s begin by elaborating on who Real Music Entertainment consists of?

REAL MUSIC:  As of right now Real Music Entertainment consists of five artists (Pk the Pastor, Tae-d, DIz, Blac-Out, and Jevone Moore), two engineers (Foeva INC and Trillwun Productionz), and finally me, the founder of the company, Francisco Sukhan. Each of us working together to create something unique to bring light to hip hop music.

N.A.B.: How did you guys come together as a group?

REAL MUSIC: There was too much talent around for us not to get together and start a movement. It began with Pk the Pastor allowing me to represent him and have him as the lead artist of our movement. From there we connected with one of the most innovative engineers I have ever met (Trillwun Productionz) and it has grown from there.

N.A.B.: Tell us who plays what position within the company?

REAL MUSIC: Each entertainer is a multi-talented solo artist. Each doing their part to aid promotion and in the production of all of our music. We also have the two best engineers doing what they do in our area. Based on their own experience, they have acquired the skills to create the other half of our unit. Video production, beats, graphic design, mastering, etc. If it has to do with music, they can do it. Last but not least, I am the founder, CEO, promoter, and manager. I established this company almost a year ago with no intent on turning back. Everyone involved just needs someone to believe in them and let them know that it really is possible and not to throw away the talent at hand. That's me.

N.A.B.: What type of music do you guys contribute to the music industry?

REAL MUSIC: With no discrimination on any genre of music, we intend on being heard in EVERY ear. We have already done shows with country artist "Stormy Lee" where we mixed hip hop/R&B with country in front of a live audience. We have collaborations with Reggaeton artists and we're even planning on touching rock music. Anything goes, its Real Music.

N.A.B.: Talk about your new music that’s we should be up to par with?

REAL MUSIC: We have several mix tapes out right now to include "Real Music Promo Disc One: The First Chapter in the Book", which has collaborations and solo songs from each artist combined in a compilation mix tape, "Greater than Fate", which is PK the Pastor's debut mix tape, "Hip Hop Grindr", DIz's first official mix tape and "The Versatility” Mix tape by Tae-d. We also have upcoming mix tapes by Jevone Moore and Blac-Out. All of which are available on

N.A.B.: How can we stay updated with Real Music Entertainment? Any websites, social networks and or blogs?

REAL MUSIC: You can find us at which is our personal website containing all mix tapes, videos, and any other information regarding our business. @realmusic_inc on Twitter, realmusic_entertainment on Instagram, and 

N.A.B.: Last words and shout outs?

REAL MUSIC: I would like to send love to all of our supporters that have been there since day one (especially our #1 fan, you know who you are). You have kept us moving. A special shout out to our men behind the scenes helping us make it happen. We couldn't be where we're at without their help, Trillwun Productionz and Foeva INC. Some of the most talented engineers in Texas. Shout out to DJ Big Redd from Swishahouse providing show opportunities on our turf and an even stronger shout out to the Elegant Hoodness Program and A.D. the General for making this all possible and making our future brighter.



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