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N.A.B.: Tell us all bout who Jerz is?

JERZ: In short I'm a Father, Husband, Veteran and musician. I’ve been involved in music since the first note I've heard. I played Trumpet, Saxophone and Piano throughout my life and around 2006 a coworker of mine during my time in the Air Force noticed a keyboard in my room during a deployment and told me about a lil known program called FL Studio. Since then it hasn't been a day that has gone by without me thinking of or creating music.
 N.A.B.: What motivated you to become a producer? What would you consider distinctive about your production?
JERZ: I’ve been a heavy hip hop fan and around 2001 when is when I first heard The Blueprint! Kanye, B!nk and Jus Blaze did the incredible with at album and furthermore Kanye's college dropout. The way the instrumentals connected with me triggered something that made want to turn the musical experience into something that I can share with listeners. The one thing distinctive about my production that I try to focus on is capturing people with a melody, giving that feel that can raise goose bumps. That’s what I try to shoot for every time. The mechanics of making a beat is simple but producing something that connects is what the goal is each time.

N.A.B.: Where are you now in your career in comparison to where you want to be?

JERZ: Right now in my career I'm trying to establish consistency with my work ethic as far as the time i can sincerely dedicate myself to my craft, I've been very active in any and every showcase or battle that I participate in . I have to balance my life as a parent, husband a career to make room for the music so its spurts where real life gets in the way of dream life. B

N.A.B: What do you look for in an artist besides talent?

JERZ: That’s just it, an artist...There are millions of rappers and singers, but I'm just looking for an ARTIST... Someone not following trends but is in tune with who they want to be and willing to let a producer help them get there.
N.A.B.: Have you worked with any big names thus far? Is there anyone in particular you would be fond of working with?

JERZ: Thus far NOPE! Been in plenty of studio sessions with major artists but until I get one of those placements secured I guess to have to say no

N.A.B.: Give insight on some of your latest work?

JERZ: Lately I've been working with Philadelphia hip hop group..The Blok Boyz on a joint EP, along with my artist Shawn L. I’ve been really fortunate upon completion of my military career to jump right in the scene here in the Tri State area. 
N.A.B.: What can we expect from you between now and next year? Also take this time to elaborate on anything we haven’t discussed. Oh I thought of something. You were a part of the Elegant Hoodness Beat Battle in Philadelphia. How was that experience and would you recommend other artist and producers in signing up with this program?

JERZ: Between now and next year I plan on developing my artist and also continue competing in showcases and battles. Along with networking with surrounding artist and continuing submitting track for placements. Being on the east coast now has definitely helped me get into a lot of more studios and shake more hands now it’s just up to me to let my tracks speak. The experience at the Elegant Hoodness Beat Battle was incredible. The crowd A.D. The General brings out during her events are nothing short of pure hip hop. The vibe and everything was great and winning was definitely a plus!

N.A.B.: How can we stay updated with all that you do? Social networks, websites, etc.

JERZ: www.JerzeyRic.com connects you to everything Jerz-E-Ric on the web and it also contains my blog and past works, discographies etc. 

Written by Special Gift (N.A.B.)

Courtesy Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2013

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