Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Elegant Hoodness Musical Program has been supporting underground artist since 2004. This program has given artist the platform to showcase their talents, expand their buzz and take advantage of many media outlets via magazine, radio, interviews and other Internet media. Through Elegant Hoodness many underground artist have been given the opportunity to perform for Dj’s, A&R’s, Labels and other music media outlets across the globe. Thus far artist who have par-taken in these events have surely seen the benefits. With talent and Elegant Hoodness the rewards are endless. I was honored to be a witness and take part in one of the many showcases March 23rd 2011 in N.Y. at Club Insomnia for the R&B/Reggae showcase hosted by C.E.O AD the General and the whole Elegant Hoodness Team. I definitely enjoyed this event, which housed some of the best underground R&B and Reggae artist. Despite the bad weather that did not stop what in my opinion was a great experience. From the determination of the Elegant Hoodness team who put together a great event, to the talented artist who didn’t let the bad weather hinder their grind, to the energy of the crowd showing tremendous support for the artist and the event as a whole, I was surely pleased. With talent such as Prophet Z, a dope reggae artist who has a way with words took over the crowd with his personality and energy. R&B artist Greg P showed the crowd the reason he’s in the game with his sound, as well as R&B group Simplicity who won the crowd over with their amazing voice were only a few of the many artist to take the stage at such a well put together event. The winners of the event were very humble and supportive of one another, which is always a good thing, which caught me by surprise. Not often will you find artist supporting one another and giving praise where due. All winners and participants walked away with not only a great deal of exposure but with a bigger sense of honor and respect amongst fellow supporters and artist. Some of the prizes consisted of magazine exposure, interviews, radio exposure and best up a spot on the summer tour held by Elegant Hoodness Musical Program. Elegant Hoodness Musical Program is definitely what the industry needs. A team of people whom support and showcase the talent of unsigned artist. Staying true to the art of music as a whole and bringing events for people to unite and enjoy one another and great music. If you have not yet experienced such a showcase, what are you waiting for? Come out to these events and support the movement bringing great talent to cities near you. Trust you will not be disappointed; this is a movement you surely do not want to miss out on. written by @GSTEAM843, courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program

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