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A.D. THE GENERAL: The Mad Scientist, break down your name?

MAD SCIENTIST: First before we start thus interview, I would like to thank A.D. The General for taking me under her wing and educating me. The months spent under her tutelage have equipped me with tools I needed to succeed.
My name is one of many. Let me explain. In my search for a unique identity in the music world, my name has changed per the different stages in my life from high school through college, and post graduating. Heck, the list is still growing! But I was Dj Schammy when I first began as a teenager. I then changed my name to Mr. Chin (homage to my Asian heritage), Dj StalLion, Professor, Jny Bravo, and then Mad Scientist 730. I know it’s a lot. Hell I got future ones too. But Mad Scientist came about as a joke to be honest. I was producing for an artist album and I posted on my Facebook status "I'm in the lab, I'm a Mad Scientist." Then they called me and was going crazy saying that's your name from now on! So naturally, I bought a few pairs of nerd glasses and a lab coat. It seemed like the right thing to do. The 730 part is like a code of ethics that is integrated in the name. It represents personal challenge and success. They say there is a thin line between insanity and genius. Well I drunkenly moonwalk on that line. It means by 7:30 am I've done more than most will do their whole day, and 7:30 pm review your check list and note your progress. I am all about encouraging people to win despite circumstances.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Congrats on your recent nomination at the Top Ten Artist Of the Year Award at Elegant Hoodness. How do you feel about your nomination?

MAD SCIENTIST: I am excited! Even if I don't win, I am going to come out a winner. I will be in the room with a plethora of talent! Plus I'm sure I can work a few deals and make some paper for my beats too. Seriously though I've never won an award for my music before, but a nomination is awesome. Plus some of my friends that I've met along the way will be in the building so I'll cheer them on as well. I take pride in seeing people win through adversity, even if it's not me.

A.D. THE GENERAL: How long have you been producing? And, what separates you from the average producer?

MAD SCIENTIST: Man oh man I've been producing since college, so about ten years now. I started when my boy Ash Max had fruity loops on his computer and I've never seen anything like it before. No lie, hand to God I remade Darth Vader's theme music from Star Wars; with my own 730 twist to it of course. I replaced a section of violins with a distorted guitar, a real grungy sound. Then I said "hey, how do I add drums?" This is where you add horror music and the Grinch's evil grin. From that moment I began the incubation for the producer I am today. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't always a banging producer. Some people had hit or miss. I had more misses than hits [laughs]. But I began to get my own equipment and computer thanks to my father who supported my dream!
What separates me from the average producer are a few key things. I refuse to be average or plain. I must stand out above all others. Next I would attribute to my multicultural heritage. I am American and share Jamaican blood via my mother. This inner diversity has helped me far beyond my comprehension at one time. Growing up listening to Bob Marley, Beres Hammond, Sanchez, Garnett Silk, Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Beenie Man, and my musical idol Bounty Killer, has harnessed my love for Reggae and Dancehall music. My father being an American has enriched my musical knowledge with so many other forms of music that has been ignored by younger generations and even my own. Such as classical, soft rock, jazz, classic soul, disco; rap didn't become relevant to me until my pre teen years! I was on that Sade, Anita Baker, Barry White, Phil Collins, Miles Davis, Billy Joel wave. So when I produce, you're not only going to get their influence but also their technique for making good music. I am very technical when I produce. I may not know all the terms but I know what it is when I hear it. Besides that long winded explanation, I am attracted to how music can influence a person's mood. That is the part that peaks my interest the most! I at one time was a party animal and I loved how music compelled a person to dance, and that is what I strive to do, make you dance.

A.D. THE GENERAL: How did you come across the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? And do you feel the program genuinely helps artist and how has it helped you?

MAD SCIENTIST: It’s a funny story how I met A.D., I was on twitter looking for people that were putting on talent shows in NYC, because I wanted to genuinely be a part of it and help out. An A and R pointed me in her direction. I sent her a tweet and the rest is history. She called me in for an interview as an intern and we hit it off. Ad is a sweet and wonderful person. She is dedicated to helping young artist get to the next level in their endeavors. She has helped me in that way as well. I've met some great friends working with her. I've networked my butt off and made some sweet connects. Elegant Hoodness is a great platform for entrepreneurs’ period. Love you A.D.! Thank you. You have helped me beyond what you are aware of. Respect.

A.D. THE GENERAL: I know you are a DJ and engineer as well. Do you mix and master your own records? And do you thin being a DJ and playing the latest hits help you when it's time to make a new record?

MAD SCIENTIST: Yes, I engineer and deejay as well. Hell when you put it like that I sound like a Jack of all trades. But yes, I engineer my own tracks and have worked in studios as well. Decaying has played an important role in my production as I stated before, I love how music influences people’s mood. I use instruments in popular music that invoke a physical response. I told you I'm technical. I study the neurological responses and utilize that data. When I produce a track I create a mental scene to where the music is like a movie playing in my head. It’s like momentary theme music.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Where can our readers hear some of your production?

MAD SCIENTIST: Check me out on twitter, I am always promoting my new music @madscientist730, or sound cloud Mad Scientist 730, Facebook fan page Mad Scientist 730, and my blog (currently under construction). But follow me on twitter, which is the best way to reach me beside my phone. I am a twitter junkie.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Any thank you's and or shout out's?

MAD SCIENTIST: Most Def! First I must thank God in heaven for blessing me with the talent and the insanity to match :) Goose, my centre piece and my biggest support and my life force! I love you! My Mother and My Father, they have been such inspirations in my endeavors. My brothers who always encourage me to go harder and madder than before! To my Sister who is in my likeness in so many ways, Cidney your whole existence gives my life meaning. The way you've taken up music and made it your own is inspiring. The world isn’t ready. To My brothers Slim, Juice, Chuck, Jay, Brook, Ash Max, TWIN, Jimmy, and the whole Z4, Morris College Family. Versatile the illest Dj out of Jamaica via Queens! My mentors Mr. William "Bo" Jones the man that may be single handedly be responsible for unlocking the Pandora's Box of my creative skills. Daddy Wheels. You have been that stern father figure when I was a young wolf and took me under your wing and coached me. To my musical family, Donny Vello, Bebe Booghz, Tim Hopewell, P Realz and Q the Prophet. Sammy the woman who reassured me of my skills and abilities and unleashed the courage I didn’t know I had. Thank you Jackie for being a great supporter of my craft and an awesome friend. Lastly my two older brothers Phil and Kwame; the two of you have always guided me and protected me from harm. Phil always playing that protective big brother, making sure I'm safe, and good. Kwame, dude you are always there when I need you most, from birth you took care of me and I want to say Thank You.



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