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The proliferation of the internet has given modern recording artists many advantages that past artists didn’t have. For those that are growing up with the technology they really have an innate understanding of how to use it to their full advantage. Enter A+Polo, many have started off writing poems before progressing to lyrics and in that regard he is no different but that is where any comparisons end. Still at a young age he has recorded, performed at many venues and has had "deals". EHMP sits down to talk with this up and coming artist.

EHMP: How long have you been pursuing a music career and what was your inspiration to get started?

A+Polo: It all started from my poetic beginning back in 2008. I used to post poems as notes on Face book, and overtime people started to notice my talent. The feedback I was getting drove me to continue on, and one day Alexander Herrington (aka King A.T.G) of Creastland Boy Records came across one of my post. He messaged me asking if I ever tried rapping, and that he had seen potential in me to become a recording artist. So we set up a session, he liked what he heard, and he took me under his wing.

EHMP: How would you describe your style, who were some of your early influences and what makes you different?

A+Polo: I see myself as the versatile artist. I appreciate story telling as well as telling my own stories within my music. Honesty in music is a lost art among my generation, but I aim to resurrect it. I enjoy making club and party themed songs as well. Influences range from the Notorious B.I.G. to Lupe to BTNH, especially since I'm a Cleveland, OH native.

EHMP: You have been involved with labels and had deals before, tell us about that experience.

A+Polo: Yes. As I aforementioned Crestland Boy Records scooped me up, although I wasn't signed to them. The time spent with them was more on the artist development side. They assisted me with studio time, extremely talented producers, and introduced me to that feeling of being an artist. I now am committed to Audacrease Entertainment Group, an independent record label out of Columbia, SC. So far we both have been growing rapidly in maturity as well as stature. We plan to continue on that path.

EHMP: Any current projects?

A+Polo: Of course! I am currently working on all original self entitled album, "Knormul". It’s completely produced by either myself or my producer Zeli. Seeing as it’s my introduction to the world, you can expect to hear the many avenues of my life and this journey I'm embarking on. Release dates are to be decided, but I make sure to provide the fans with updates.

EHMP: Where can fans hear your music and how can artists reach you for collabo's?

A+Polo: My most recent release, The Retail 2, can be found on ( Subscribe to our YouTube channel The Grand Empire. Also for show dates, news, and exclusive releases visit I'm always open to working with other artists. My management team can be reached at or via Twitter @audacrease. Also follow me on Twitter @apluspolobret.

EHMP: Any last words or shout outs?

A+Polo: Yes. Just to clarify my name Knormul A+ and the meaning or idea im attempting to project. It's my very own antagonym. Haha! In my case I'm taking the word "normal" and giving it an adverse definition. I dont feel any of my music is normal, or mediocre. I still go by A+Polo too. But I'd like to thank Audacrease Entertainment Group, my management team of Ife Ekpenuma and Matthew Simmons The Grand Empire Music Group, and everyone who's behind me. Thank you also for this opportunity. This is another milestone in my career, and I greatly appreciate it.



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