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SPECIALGIFT: Give us a brief visual description on who Tamara Bubble is and some insight on the beginning of your come up in the entertainment industry?

TAMARA BUBBLE: Visual description, I would just have to say "All thing's Bubbly". {giggle's} I'm very curvy, I'm full figured and well endowed, mama blessed me. My come up in the industry has been quite short. I have been trying to do this professionally for about two years. I met the scammer’s; I met everybody the want to be C.E.O's. I'm at the point where I can decipher who's who. I think that I am starting to network with the people I need to deal with. I sing, I rap, I act and I model! So as far as music, I do everything from dance too hip hop. I blend elements in jazz because I like to scat and I grew up singing in church. So it's a whole lot of soul all over the place. That's pretty much who Tamara Bubble is.

SPECIALGIFT: You have a single entitled "Stupid Mother". Oh wow, what a title. Please tell us who, what, when, why and how did you come up with that name?

TAMARA BUBBLE: "Stupid Mother" just really been like the first year and a half that I started in the industry. That was all the people that promised you this and say they can do this for you. You know everybody throwing contracts in your face like sign this here and its like, "you haven't even heard my music or what I'm signing? Like, "step back"! {laughs} Let me figure out who you are and what you want from me! {more laughter} So "Stupid Mother" is just like sort of speak, I see where your coming from I know what this is, "hold up, know we not going to go there" and I don't curse. So that's why I guess its "Stupid Mother" Because I finish it off. When I'm performing live than I'm going to let everybody else finish it off for me.

SPECIALGIFT: You will be live on Fox 5 NEW YORK TV, this March 2012. How did that come about? Elaborate some.

TAMARA BUBBLE: That really came about networking. A lot of the opportunities that I find are actually right off craigslist. You would be surprised of the people looking for true talent. It's not any gimmick. You know you have to be careful, screen everything. {laughs} There is a lot of "Stupid Mother's". You know you find people that are looking for content, looking for good music, for underground, for indie and you send your stuff to them. If there's opportunity and they like your stuff, it can happen! {giggles}

SPECIALGIFT: How did you become acquainted with A.D. the General and the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? What have you learned so far about A.D. and Elegant Hoodness?

TAMARA BUBBLE: I got acquainted wit A.D. through the publisher of Hip Hop Stardom 101 Mag. I think that the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program is a very powerful movement for woman, which right now in the forefront it looks like the industry is ran by men. So I think that it is good what they are doing now, to put woman together. You know we all know it is hard for woman to work together. I think the movement is good, I definitively am for it. I like what's going on with it and I look forward to working with A.D., Elegant Hoodness and N.A.B.

SPECIALGIFT: Who is your icon, if anyone?

TAMARA BUBBLE: I have different icons in different genres for different reasons. Entertainment, performance wise, I would say Michael Jackson because he owned the stage. Rap, I would say Biggie hands down. His flow, delivery and his story telling is just what I really love. I like a lot of harmonies, like I said I was singing in church, so groups like En Vogue, Take Six and Brown Stone. Jazz I love scatting Ella Fitz Gerald is the Mack when it comes to jazz.

SPECIALGIFT: You are a well rounded individual. Where do you see yourself in the next few years? Anything you expect in particular, mostly?

TAMARA BUBBLE: Let's see. In the next few years my goal is to be exposed. To be know nationally known. I think I have worked on my craft enough to where the different genre's that I do; I'm real good at all of them. I don't want to sound cocky but I'm confident that the product I put out, the quality, the content and everything that I'm doing is official. In a few years I just want to be credited for it, to be recognized for the talent.

SPECIALGIFT: Highlight this interview with something the world hasn't heard of you yet? Meaning, something we can look forward to. etc...

TAMARA BUBBLE: {in such a Bubbly voice} well what you haven't heard of me yet is actually my debut album is called "Unleashed". So' I have been genuinely really growing up preserved. This album just kind of takes all the stuff that I have been holding in and put's it on blast "put it on wax"! You haven't heard the "Unleashed" outta me. "My wild side".

SPECIALGIFT: Where can we stay updated with all that you do? Any shout out's you would like to give?

TAMARA BUBBLE: My official website is my facebook and twitter is Tamara Bubble. I have a word press blog, reverbnation, soundcloud any and all the music website's it's Tamara Bubble. Oh and youtube is Tamarabebo. I want to shout out my manager right now, PSPELL Management, A.D. the General for having me. It's a blessing to be in this spot right now. I want to give a shout out's to the Dj's that play my music. {laughter}



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  1. I heard her music and Tamara Bubbles will be going places with her music.