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At age 7, hip hop artist Louie P, began forming a foundation for his music. Inspired by rap artists Tupac, 50 Cent, and Jay-Z, the well known artist creates a buzz for himself by having his name featured on various websites and magazines, such as,, and many more. Louie P, has recorded six mix tapes, and has performed at various venues. Exceeding his buzz, Louie P has been played on 105.1, and continues to gain recognition for his lyrical work. Today Elegant Hoodness and N.A.B. introduce to you LOUIE P.

E.H.M.P: What inspired you to do music? Why?

LOUIE P: My inspiration came from seeing how much of an impact music has on somebody, growing up listening to 2pac & being able to relate to the lyrics had a huge impact on me, so now when people come up to me & say things like you inspire me to push or your song inspired me its such a great feeling.

E.H.M.P: What type of music do you do?

LOUIE P: I’m a rap artist

E.H.M.P: What makes you and your music different from any artist out there?

LOUIE P: I bring versatility, you can’t label me 1 specific type/style because I hit you with so much from every direction, anywhere from conscious, party, street, love everything.

E.H.M.P: How has having your music played on 105.1 helped you as an artist?

LOUIE P: Well it exposes me to larger audience, shout to Jovonn.

E.H.M.P: What message are you trying to portray in your music? What are you trying to give your fans when they listen to your music?

LOUIE P: The largest message in my music is don’t let doubt or hate stop you, I want to give my fans everything, I think my fans enjoy my concept records more than anything.

E.H.M.P: What feeling do you get when you perform on stage?

LOUIE P: Honesty before I go on I get the butterflies, but once I’m up there its just energy & adrenaline

E.H.M.P: If you were to sit down with a label, and they were to say: "Why should we sign you? What would make you stand out from all the hit artists Jay Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne etc"? What would you say? Why?

LOUIE P: I’m all of them put in 1, I’m the streets, I’m the industry, I’m the new blood, I’m here to bring New York forward, I feel there’s a lack of balance in hip hop & I’m here to bring balance.

E.H.M.P: How can anyone hear your music? How can they contact you?

LOUIE P: You can download any of my mix tapes free on as well as check me on if you want to contact me hit me on twitter @Louiepizzle or Facebook/Louiepmusic

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Germain


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