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N.A.B.: What has inspired you to become a publisher? When did you release your first publication?

ROCHELLE: I wasn't inspired to become a publisher; I was inspired to become a teacher. I always dreamed I’d be a teacher one day. Going into the traditional classroom, I found that I was so nontraditional and my impact wouldn't be as effective as it would, if I had a larger platform. I had no idea that a magazine would become my outlet. God has his plans we simply follow. Six Twelve is the month and day of my middle son’s birthday, he was born with autism. I was his first teacher. I analyzed the publications and outlets that my children had to pick up and read. In doing so, I realized that there is so much negativity that's reported and the positive that people actually do, goes overlooked. So I decided to go against the grain and create a publication that would become the voice, for those who wouldn't otherwise have an outlet. Thus Six Twelve Magazine was born.

N.A.B.: Talk to us about who Rochelle Johnson is a person.

ROCHELLE: No one ever ask me to talk about me, LOL! I'm such a private individual, I’d much rather speak on others than to run down my life in a few sentences. Rochelle Johnson is a mother, a sister, a daughter.... She's a genuine, compassionate, humble individual. I love extremely hard, my greatest desire is to see better relationships amongst people. I am a woman who is your greatest supporter; a voice of reason, I'm very intense but I do love fun. Most would definitely say I'm super ambitious. I believe whatever is put in my heart it’s meant for me to achieve. I've overcome so much, so settling is not an option. I aspire to be one of the greats!

N.A.B: Were things a bit edgy when you started or has things been growing well and successfully?

ROCHELLE: Of course. It isn't a business if you hadn't had a rough beginning. That's all a part of business, taking a risk, believing in what you have and going all in to see it manifesting. Plus running a magazine statistically is a huge risk anyway. You have to believe in whatever you do.

N.A.B.: What highlights Six Twelve Magazine the most?

ROCHELLE: Imagine if Jet, O, Essence, Vibe, Ebony had a child; Six Twelve Magazine is that baby, LOL! It has the models like Jet, the Positivity like O, the Platform of Essence, the Entertainers as Vibe and the Class of Ebony. It’s definitely a creation that I'm proud to have my children pick up and say "My mom does that and I'm proud of her". At the end of the day that's what matters for me.  

N.A.B.: How do you go about picking staff members and do you continue to bring individuals on board to work hand in hand with you?

ROCHELLE: I like to say most people who employ with me are those who are inspired by me and genuinely believe in the vision of Six Twelve. Those who work side by side with me; I love to teach them so that when they leave me they go on with knowledge to excel at whatever their outlet becomes. I believe in being a model leader and I'm not afraid to share knowledge.

N.A.B.: In being a successful black woman this day in time, would you say you had your share of pitfalls. How did you overcome them, if so?

ROCHELLE: I'm blessed but I have so much to still achieve. Thus far I have encountered few obstacles that were like stand still moments. You encounter the folk with their motives but you get rid of those people and you move forward. My greatest advice would be “never leave your dreams in the hands of anyone. I guess that's my survival mechanism. I learned every aspect of my business and at one point I did everything, from writing interviews to answering phones. I run my own social sites and I answer my own emails. I believe that when you leave your dreams in the hands of someone, it puts A LOT of pressure on that person and they're liable to let you down. 9 times out of 10 that is exactly what happens. Than that is when you have obstacles that set you back in the worse way. Overall I say my experiences haven't been all bad and I'm still a student learning.

N.A.B.: Tell those how to go about being in Six Twelve magazine.

ROCHELLE: Getting in Six Twelve Magazine is not an easy task, LOL! The easiest way would be through our affiliates which can be found or By Emailing proposals to Six Twelve Magazine to . Not everyone is a fit for Six Twelve Magazine, not just anyone is chosen to be in STM. I have turned down plenty of people to feature because of their negative images or gossip, etc. That's not our lane and I won’t conform to what’s already saturated in publications. I suggest you researching Six Twelve Magazine before making submissions or considering our publications for any type of exposure for your brand, artist, product, etc.
N.A.B.: Right now, what is your biggest goal with your business? I hear you’re a big fan of the uplifting of woman in many ways. Talk about that some.

ROCHELLE: My greatest goal is to have Six Twelve a household name. I aim for People status; I've had some great achievements! Going from digital, to print in one year but now four years in, I'm chasing numbers on that level right now. 

For Some reason Woman have a tendency to take my story and are very encouraged. Maybe it’s my humility, but I believe that anyone can achieve anything they set their minds out to. I've overcome some great obstacles to become this woman I have grown into but it hasn't been any cake walk. I was molested as a child, rape in my teens, in a marriage that sent me into a depression. I gain so much weight, to weight loss, than Obtaining my BS in Psychology to Creating Six Twelve Magazine and a very bright future. There will never be a woman that I see that I will discourage. I'm a magnetism for woman, who have lost hope and I inspire those women to begin again, to never give up on themselves, no matter who tells you what know that you are who GOD made you and in every way that is special, don't allow anyone tear you down, ALWAYS LOVE YOU FIRST, it’s OK!!! 

Although I do have so many things that I have yet to achieve thank you for considering me as one of the TOP 100 Females In the Game. There is more to come, stay tuned!



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  1. i love n respect this woman. Tk u for everything youve done for #EHMP #NAN #NAB