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N.A.B.: You had an early start in the music industry. From promoting, break dancing, being on a street team and basically doing what Hip Hop did in the beginning. I'm sure is a big part of how you've com this far. Give us readers some insight about the grind.

KELO: We'll if ya'll don't know, I am a student of Uncle Ralph the VMB (VIDEO MUSIC BOX) generation. No MTV, BET, internet, etc. It was the streets, radio, culture tagging and dancing. In the late 80's my older cousins group (Troubleneck Brother's) were signed to Stepsun and my entertainment industry lesson started. By the early 90's he group was dropped., so we started, Diehard Records. We had artist (Mo-Money & Genovese) with hot singles out with Mase and LOX, KRS-1. I  mean we were on every DJ Clue tape buzzing. The company folded and I began working street team for Electra Records. Went on tour with Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Flip Mode Squad and Clipse. later I moved to Interscope Records doing work for Eminem, Ruff Ryders, 2-Pac. It's now 2002 and I'm now doing national radio promotions for Jive Records (Justin Timberlake, Brittney Spears, Outkast, Usher, R-Kelly). I mean we were putting out hitz but as we know the game changes. I soaked up so much knowledge with all my experiences so I stepped out on my own applying it to my company. Making me the man I am today!

N.A.B.: Who have been your most effective supporters along the way?

KELO: The streets all day! Random people who happen to hear my music or catch a performance and tell me the enjoyed it. The people the repeatedly come to my shows and events they keep me going that's why I do it. That's were my supporters come from block to block, hood to hood, state to state, coast to coast

N.A.B.: Over a hundred records sold? You have to be kidding me? Grinding hard body for sure, your album is presently in Best Buy! That's a great look! In the last 5 years to present, would you say this is the highest point in your career? Elaborate as much as you can.

KELO: It''s been 5 years, I've been home for 8 years now and I haven't skipped a beat but I got to say it was starting my company my own imprint Globalthugz in 2010. Something that I own, something that I am responsible for, that I give the last worn on. There's no fall guy, no one to look to when things go wrong, it's up to me and I love the pressure.

N.A.B.: What would you want to express mainly upon this interview. Something Exclusive of course, LOL!

KELO: That I am a harmless dude unless provoked, LOL but on some real shit, I'm uplifting the moral of the under achiever and believes that we need more unity and less violence in our community and I'm willing to put my neck on the line for it.

N.A.B.:  Your latest project, N.F.E. Globetrotterz is gaining a great buzz. Update our readers on behalf.

KELO: This is a project I put out to keep the streets tuned in while I'm working the album in stores. N.F.E. VOL #1. Go pick one up aight support the real-rap/hip hop. Available at Best Buy, Barnes and Nobles, CD-Baby, I-Tunes, etc.. Back to N.F.E. Globetrotterz edition CD which features 2.0., D-Hooks, Poe-B, Lord Vital, LZ from T-Weapons, Hakim Green, of channel live. Benny Negro and the GT'z Fam )P.O. Block Bosston George) It's Ryder Music that touches on different topics of everyday life and enjoying life to the fullest!

N.A.B.: What inspires you?

KELO: Everyday issues we go through, highs and lows of life. The underdog that comes out on the top.

N.A.B.: If you could choose one person to work with that you haven't as of yet, who would it be?

KELO: Sly Stone & The Globalthugz, LOL how that sound?

N.A.B.: When you have some free time, if any, what do you do for recreation? Do you have any hobbies?

KELO: Traveling of course on my Globetrotterz shit. Collecting and organizing anything to do in water (bloating, swimming, fishing). Researching about the planet and partaking in the use of earths green herbs. 

N.A.B.: Who's getting a shout out from Kelo aka Gramzunkut? Where can fan's followers and hater's stay updated? (Websites, social networks, etc)

KELO: 1st off all hip hop, videocitytv, all the DJ'S out there that keep the ear to the street and play real hip hop. Much luv to the big homies for the guidance (EP, TONE, NOOK , MAJ, KUPO) & all my GT'z (B.G., RALO, P.O., SCI-FI, J-HAZE, IMP, DON-P) for ryding with me all. All my peers for doing what they do, good bad, right, wrong so respect my thuggin. You can tune in to be my searching KELO aka Gramzunkut (Mr. Globalthugz) On any social network or just stay logged in to the website.




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