Monday, October 8, 2012



E.H.M.P.: How are you doing today? Tell me something new?

EYEINSEE: The cold weather is kicking my ass but I'm good. Been back in the studio working on volume 2 of The Windows To My Soul.

E.H.M.P.: Your music is different from the average Hip Hop Track. Who inspires your music?

EYEINSEE: I get inspiration from artist that think outside the box, from Kanye, Andre 3000 to Jimi Hendrix. I love to be different.

E.H.M.P.: How did you get acquainted with The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and what are the advantages and would you recommend the program to other artist?

EYEINSEE: My man Aaron Kane from Atlantic Records put me on to the Elegant Hoodness Program. I think its great for artist looking to network and build a buzz. I'm already letting people from my camp know about it.

E.H.M.P.: Where can we hear and download your music
EYEINSEE: My new album V is available in all major digital retail stores so hop on iTunes or Google play and download a copy! Also you can check me out at and follow me on twitter @Eyeinsee.

E.H.M.P.: Are you looking to get signed to a major or an independent and why?
EYEINSEE: I'd Really  like to do a short deal with a major then go fully independent. I'm bout a dollar and its hard to stack up when you're only earning a few cents per unit sold. But having a multi million dollar company promoting your music can build an audience really fast. So I'm down with a record deal just not a long term one.

E.H.M.P.: Any last words and or shout out's?

EYEINSEE: Yes peace to every one at 0x1 recording studios, my man Amadeo MC, Shif-D, Sprawl Bangowitz, Nexus the africannon And Elegant Hoodness!! 

Written by A.D. The General
Courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2012

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