Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Have you ever witnessed greatness at its beginning stages? I don’t know how many wrestling fans we have out there, but this past Friday on “The Mic Chec 69 Show” hosted by PlayGirl on DTF Radio, I think I witnessed the reformation of the hip hop version of one of the greatest stables in wrestling history, “The 4 Horsemen”. Upon entering the radio station, not only could you feel the excitement is the air, but you could tell that the night would be special. For those of you that remember or know who the “4 Horsemen” were, they were all supremely skilled and competent in the wrestling ring, but it wasn’t until they came together that there popularity SKYROCKETED!! Led into this arena by virtue of their wins at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Showcase in January, these four lyrical assassins not only displayed why they won, but also why they are headed for “Superstar status”! The first thing you noticed just by being around these young, hungry, fiercely intelligent, musical behemoths is that they are all HUMBLE! They showed a calmness, quiet confidence, determination, and all around swagger that I have yet to see challenged!

If the first interview was any indication where the night was going, then we were headed for a FANTASTIC evening! S-Rock was engaging, well spoken, and ready for whatever was asked of him. Trust me when I tell you that his first 2 songs had the radio show ROCKING! Up next was E dot A, who not only was engaging, also showed off his lyrical versatility as well as around skill when he had his two tracks played by the hosts. The next winner to be interviewed was Arsiney. As he settled in and described who he was to the viewing public, it became obvious that in the coming year he would be a force to be reckoned with. A multi-faceted musician, he displayed all of these talents on the song that he had featured on the show. Last, but certainly not least was the first place winner of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program Showcase, “Nellz”. Nellz showed why he was the first place winner and why he is the “Ric Flair” of this collection of young talented emcees. After a quick interview with A.D. the General, CEO of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program, the world was introduced to Nellz. After listening to the track that won him the competition, “Hip Hop”, he proceeded to explain his thought process surrounding the song and who and what Nellz was about as an artist.

The final part of the evening was the “MicCheck69 Cipher”, which allowed all of the interviewees to participate in 15 minutes of “lyrical exercise”. Not only did they all hold their own, they showed why they belonged in the conversation for the next ones to make it big in the music industry in years to come. Each one of their distinct styles were showcased during this cipher. If you missed it, you missed an AWESOME experience!

In conclusion, witnessing the emergence of greatness is “a thing of beauty”. These four young “superstars”, who are all very capable of taking over the industry, showed why joining forces sometimes might not be all that bad. “The 4 Horsemen” personified hard work, determination, technical excellence, and a swagger that was unmatched by the rest of the wrestling world at that time. Much like the “Horsemen”, these winners have all these same qualities and some! They are all great separately, but when you see them all in the same room together, you realize that they have to the potential to be some of the greatest entertainers/artists to ever set foot on a stage! STAY TUNED!! The game is changed.




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