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Arsiney was born and raised in Harlem NY. He is very family oriented and acknowledges the love and support of his mother and father in the pursuit of his dreams. Arsiney's mom was so hipped to music; she had all the records you could name. If she didn't have it the neighbors knew who did. Arsiney's father on the other note had a fine hand for the guitar. So it’s safe to say that he has been musically influenced by his parent’s passion and love for music.
Soon After, He grew fond of Quincy Jones, Arsiney told himself he would be the "Man behind the Music." He went to Art and Design High School of course to further his career. He went from just being an artist to being a producer as well. He started creating his own beats, because no one would give him any. Arsiney brings forth consistency and it shows in his is work ethic and music, bringing an "Artistic Expression" to the hip hop culture. His stage performance is a key factor in his artistry. That is for certain one of the reasons you won at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program (NYC).

N.A.B.: “Arsiney” is creative, versatile, witty, inspiring, and so much more. Do you find it demanding to hold yourself to this caliber?

ARSINEY: Naw, I'm just me, it's as easy as waking up.

N.A.B.: Your surroundings and everything you've been through enhanced the natural talent you have. I heard you say in one of you interviews "It’s nothing" what’s the concept? Elaborate please.

ARSINEY: I’m not 100 percent sure by what you mean when you say "It's Nothing" my concept, but I put a lot of myself and my soul in all my music. I try to always make sure it comes from a real place, and what's more real than your surroundings?

N.A.B.: At the age of 12 you joined a group called Relicz, and then ended up with a solo position. What lead the way to you becoming a solo artist?

ARSINEY: Well I was in a group with my boy Harlem Cyphe. It was just one of those things where we grew up together and even to this day he's my brother from another, my best friend, but creatively I just felt we was going in different directions so one day at the studio I just told him I wanted to talk to him and we went downstairs and I just told him how I felt. I remember that night real clear to. We brothers for life, so he was real understanding.

N.A.B.: So far you have produced several of your own hits. “Radar”, “Rosebed”, “Amazing” and “Fly”. Do you plan to produce the majority, if not all of your future music?

ARSINEY: I think I would do a majority of it. I'm just a real inspired soul, so I'm always having ideas and concepts, there for I'm always creating. But as a recording artist I would find it hard to only produce my own music because I love so many other producers as well who have inspired by music FIRST, not just what I make. And just to clarify for the world, I didn't produce Rosebed or Amazing Rosebed was produced by Juice Orchestra and Amazing was produced by Clyde & Harry.

N.A.B.: Will you elaborate on the creation of "Insomnia?"

ARSINEY: umm honestly the decision to do this project came about right after I was nominated for the “2010 UMA Award". For some reason during that time I was in a real creative place and I was getting NO SLEEP. I would stay up all night and work on music and concepts, and a lot of it I would shop to other artist and they didn't know what to do with it, so I just started making them my own. This project sonically I think is going to surprise a lot of people. It's a GREAT body of work and I think as an artist a lot of people thought I peeked with my last project because that one was so good. I got a lot of great feedback on my last project as to what songs people liked the best and so I went into this project really trying to carve my official sound based off of what I wanted to do mix with what the fans seemed to like from me. It’s the title of the album stands for the level of dedication i put towards the project and it’s also a metaphor for anyone who's trying to sleep on me as an artist.

N.A.B.: What's shaking with your up and coming projects?

ARSINEY: well I put so much dedication into my work that I try to only focus on one project at a time, but I am working on a few other artist albums (I won't say any names as of yet) and after this one I'm going to be finally dropping my album entitled Out The Box-In The Flesh, no release date yet though.

N.A.B.: You performed last at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program (NYC) January showcase hosted by A.D. The General. This means all the other artist (your competitors) had the opportunity to Go Hard or Stay Home. Then you were last but not least to perform and won!! Wow!!! What was your first feeling when you heard the announcement?

ARSINEY: I was happy of course, not to sound cocky because I think anybody that knows me knows I'm an incredibly humble soul, but I'm also confident in my craft, I kind of already felt like I was going to win. Personally I felt I should of been 1st place, so I was happy but at the same time surprised they called me so soon for 3rd, but as long as the people loved what I do that’s the point. My award for the night was people telling me how much they enjoyed my show love that people love what I do because I love it so much.

N.A.B.: Give us some insight on what the benefits are when you rocking out in the Elegant Hoodness Arena. “Elegant Hoodness consistent promotion’s to help artist create or build their existing buzz”. Would you promote that as the truth?

ARSINEY: Yes definitely I know I left that night with new connect’s and contacts, but above all of that, I feel that the atmosphere in the room was very warm and you can tell A.D. The General is someone who truly cares about the underdog’s ability to be successful, so I was just happy to be a part of it.

N.A.B.: Anyone we should know about, that hasn't been acknowledged? Last minute Shout Outs?

ARSINEY: Shout out to Kris Kasanova first off, I'm telling ya'll this kid is on his way he's got some heat. Shout out to Critical Ki,Clyde & Harry, Dremur, Kalae, O.I.S.D, eric sosa and just everybody that's on the grind and loves what they do. Big shout out to my partner in this ICM movement Marvel Dash, pop for always holding me down and everybody who came out to support that night. Shout out to all the fans and you who's reading this. And thank you N.A.B...

Written by Special Gift (N.A.B)

Courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2011

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