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Real is what most people want, and this is what we got. a female emcee from Bronx, NY.
Being one of the few female rappers, she shows her audience that she brings fire. Even with the doubt, and negativity from some of her sibling, her talent continues to shine. With a great family line of being the daughter or DJ Easy Mike and the niece of Grand Master Flash we can see that musical genes run in the family. Destined to be the next female emcee in the spot light, we should all watch out for R.E.A.L., cause she is definitely gonna bring what's real!

N.A.B.: How does being the daughter of DJ Easy Mike and the niece of Grand Master Flash influence the way you do music?

R.E.A.L: They say you have to know where you are from in order to know where you are going. Being the fact that they are icons I am able to tap into knowledge of the past when hip-hop started. Although I make music for our time, I believe I am capable of bridging the generation gap because I grew up on hip-hop. I have also learned how the business has developed from then to now.

Of all the names a female emcee could have chosen, what inspired you to choose R.E.A.L.?

R.E.A.L: R.E.A.L is the name I was given by my peers as a teenager. Everyone always said I kept it real and it just stuck. I decided to use it as an emcee name when I was able to give it meaning. I saw KRS-1 on Arsenal Hall and he inspired the meaning.

N.A.B.: Are there any female rappers that have helped your style along the way? (If not what males rappers influenced you as an artist?)

R.E.A.L: I've always been told I possess the elements of Lauren Hill, Mc Lyte and Eve with a touch of Jay-Z. Those are the people I believe have influenced my style of music. To further my statement I would like to add that I listen to a lot of old soul and R&B and believe that is my biggest influence when it comes to my creativity.

Where would you like music to take you in the future? Do you have a goal in mind?

R.E.A.L: My goal is to create music that sends a message of hope. On my journey I hope to develop and grow to the point where my music can lead me into other industries. I am interested in own my own music company amongst other businesses. I am also interested in creating some type of non-profit organization to help people around the world.

N.A.B.: Although there is a limited amount of female emcees, of the ones that came in the game, many of them set a foundation. What makes you different from those female emcees?

R.E.A.L: I honestly don't think I am too different than those who came before me. I believe what separates me is the opportunity to build on what those who came before me have started. Because I am coming after them I have the opportunity to expand on their work, therefore creating a stronger foundation for the female emcees of the future to stand on.

N.A.B.: It's said that you used to dance with your siblings; do you still dance and incorporate it with your music? Or do you keep them separate?

R.E.A.L: (smiling) I don't incorporate my dancing abilities with my music. Honestly, dancing was a family thing that we shared. We entertained people growing up and made a lot of money doing it. I think once we separated, I separated from dancing. I still get my 1, 2 on though. lol

N.A.B.: If you had to introduce yourself to someone that never heard of you or your music, what would you say?

R.E.A.L: I would tell everyone that I am honest, humble and exciting just like my music. My music delivers a roller coaster of emotions; from the fast pace lyrical assassination to the soul driven emotions of my real life and the inspiring clear message of hope to everyone around the world.

N.A.B.: Do you have anyone that you want to give a special shout out or thanks to?

R.E.A.L: Definitely, this is hard though because someone is always left out (lol) but here it goes, God for blessing me with many talents.Teri for supporting me every step of the way, and my partner K. Gorden for taking a chance with me. My brothers for keeping me on my toes, my nephew Travis aka Bandana My Dad, Terrell Blair, Taya Simmons, Mr & Mz Gat, EQ Studios, and everyone who supports the REALLIVEENT movement.



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