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N.A.B.: Open this interview by taking us through a day in Spitz world. From the time you wake up, to the start of your next day.

SPITZ: A day for Spitz most likely consists of me at work. I work truck driver hours, but I'm not a truck driver, LOL. Yes, I do have a job! Spitz is not the so-called drug dealer rapper that all these other rappers claim to be! And, I make damn good money! Now, if I'm not working; I just wake up, eat breakfast, check the social network sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc..) and talk to my business partner/brother SL Jonez. I do a little promo if I feel it's needed and then get on the PS3. I'm an addicted gamer! If there's HMB (the label) work to be done, I'll load up the camera, computers and get to work. Or head to wherever the business is. When the late hours come around, I wind down with a drink and engage in grown folks activities, LOL.
N.A.B.: Are you managed by anyone? Or do you handle all your affairs? Any team players?

SPITZ : I'm not personally managed, being that I'm not sure with my direction, as of yet. Let me elaborate. I'm not positive that I actually want to be an artist anymore. I also have the boyshorts that I design (HMB ORIGINALS), which I'm beginning the promotional stages with again. I'm also contemplating going deeper into photography and videography. Along with being Chief Operations Officer of HMB Entertainment, I have a lot of careful decisions to make within the next year or two. We do have the lovely @kyashilah who does promotion for us, and informs us on opportunities.

N.A.B.: Where would you say you're now in your career in comparison with where you want to be? Elaborate some.

SPITZ: I'm at a crossroad in my career and the roads are many. I'm focusing on making the right decision on which road to take. I don't want to obligate myself to something that will overwhelm me and disappoint my teammates. I have no expectations with a career in this industry, being that I'm already established in general. Yes, one can always strive for MORE! So in my case that would be a bonus and I still work hard to achieve that bonus. At the end of the day knowing where I came from, to where I am today. I'm proud of myself and my family is proud of me. I can die today knowing I've accomplished everything I've set out for. My new goal is to help my teammates and those under me to be successful and established men and women. It's no longer about me, so I'll put no expectations on personal advancement in life career wise.

N.A.B: What have you released in the last 90 day? What are you presently working on?

SPITZ: No new music (songs) within the last 90 days. I'm focusing on the visuals. Mottz Gigante and I, opened up for Freeway, Feb 25th at Elegant Hoodness at Club Pyramid. So, I'm incorporating that performance into the next video, which will be The Future by Mottz Gigante featuring myself. I'm editing that as we speak. After that, I'm going straight to promoting the HMB Originals Boyshorts to get you ladies ready for the summer. As far as musical material, I'll throw out a song here and there, but not much. Its the visual side I'm working on at this moment.

N.A.B.: You recently opened for Freeway in NYC at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program. Elaborate on that experience.

SPITZ: I f*cks with A.D. The General and Team N.A.& N.A.B. so I always look to see what they have coming up.This event has perfect competitions, that's okay for those looking for approval. We already know, we are elite! So, I'm not fond of my artist or myself being "judged", but without a fan base, we still need to be seen and heard. To be on the same card as Freeway was a great opportunity. Maybe we can reel in some of his supporters and fans. It was wonderful! Mottz and I put it down of course, but all artists did a great job. Freeway ended the show perfectly. I thank A.D. for contacting me about it and and there WILL be more to come!

N.A.B.: I hear your music spinning at a few stations. Whose been showing you love, on that note? How was your experience at these stations?

SPITZ: G3mz and Ms Fefe of Team N.A.N. and N.A.B have definitely showed us love. I'd get the tweets showing that they played one of our songs and be like "oh shit!!" Lol...Big shoutout to them for that love....we haven't sent much out lately because we're revamping our material but VERY SOON I'm personally going to flood DTF radio and OnTheRise Radio with bangers from HMB. And other stations as well.

N.A.B.: I noticed your views on youtube is up there and rising. Have you noticed?

SPITZ: Yes, I have. I thank @kyashilah for her hand in that. Her promo on the video, I'm A Hustler (Mr. Brite) and Homecoming 3 (Mottz Gigante and I) was sick. I also show people the video's personally, and the team also promotes the videos. They see the progression and video quality difference, from then til now, and the response is great!!!

N.A.B.: You are a very laid back kind of fella. What do you like to do in your spare time. Any other hobbies?

SPITZ: Play PS3, FredRuger is the tag and the game of choice is NBA 2K13. Or travel to my 2nd home in, North Carolina. I'm down there every 3 to 4 months. That's where my family is, I love it out there. Other than that, I'm all business. If  I'm not doing my bill paying work, I'm doing HMB work!

N.A.B.: Tell us where we can find an hear your latest music. Also, how we can keep updated.

Those are the music links..the website will be up and running SOON!!!
Stay updated with Jay Spitz (MEEE) personally thru Facebook at
Instagram at
And Twitter at

You can also just google Jay Spitz or see me out and about and just chop it up with me. I talk a good gangsta and will bring that to life at all cost if NEED be! But, in general, I'm just a understanding dude who's very approachable. I have no problem with criticism negative or positive. GET AT ME. Love you all!!



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