Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Check out what's new w/ Mottz Gigante

N.A.B.: What's shaking Mottz. It's been a minute since we last sat down. How's things been with you?

MOTTZ: Everything is going well. I'm working on the "KingsBorough Project 2" and working on all sorts of ventures. From shooting videos and also trying to direct my own stuff. Besides that, just humble and focused on progression.

N.A.B.: Great to hear! Once upon a time you didn't feel your confidence and lyrical skills were up to par. Now that, that has changed, talk about it. Go on to where you are in your career presently? Elaborate.

MOTTZ: Man my confidence is threw the roof now. I've become more open with my talents. Not being afraid of criticism has given me comfort. That is going to be there for a while. Besides making music, I've been working hard trying to keep a positive mind. Gaining experience in my life to make the music I'm giving the people, more convincing.

N.A.B: Is "Homecoming 3" featuring Jay Spitz, the last single you put out? What are you working on now? What can we look forward too?

MOTTZ: Just more heat and visuals "Home Coming 3" is my first and only official video. I'm trying to give the people more of a visual of me personally, instead of constantly hearing my voice. So, they can also see the rapper as well. 

N.A.B.: During our last interview we spoke on your mix tape debut, for "The Kingsborough Project." You also stated "I'm building up my catalogue to the point were I can flood the streets." Were are you at now with building your catalogue? You recently performed at Elegant Hoodness, is that rite? Any radio stations supporting your music? If so which ones and how did that come about?

MOTTZ: I'm almost done with my second mix tape. Now I'm on to videos and making more material. The album should be coming around in the fall. After just doing features and just taking everything slow and as it comes. Performing at Elegant Hoodness is always a blessing for me to show my talent. A.DThe General always show me love. I don't know about the radio stations playing my music. Gemz (Fresh Friday's) & Ms.. FeFe N.A.B. (On Deck Thurs & Rockin w/ N.A.B.) hold me down, when I call up. So, that's a blessing and I'm honored by that.

N.A.B.: Take this time to elaborate on something we haven't discussed.

MOTTZ: You pretty much covered all basis. There's a lot of unsigned talent out here. I'm not saying I'm the best, but I'm one of those rappers they need to pay attention to. I'm what the music industry is missing and if I get chance, I would take full advantage of it! That's a Superfact!!!!!!

N.A.B.: How can we stay in tune with your lyrical skills? Are you on the social networks? YOUTUBE, Reverb, etc?

MOTTZ: I'm everywhere I think, LOL. I'm on Datpiff, Soundcloud and Reverbnation. My views off that "Home Coming 3" is doing some crazy numbers, like 94k on YOUTUBE. That's like my biggest accomplishment. So, I'm more motivated on doing videos and performing now.

N.A.B.: Shout Outs?

MOTTZ: S/o to everybody in the KingsBorough projects .... 225 ... Maino/Rody/White/ everyone at H.M.B/pop/perc/dee/lyte/flow/brown/juice/head/weeze/ Everybody that has helped me with through my music career A BIG SALUTE !!! 



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