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N.A.B.: Let’s open up with where you’re from. What inspired you to become a part of the Hip Hop community?

LYRIC LEE: I'm from Camden, NJ. Coming from one of the country's most deprived cities, I grew up facing a lot of challenges and struggle. As a young black male in America you got to grind twice as hard to achieve certain goals. Through hip hop, I could not only express my pain but I can flash the fruits of my labor.

N.A.B.: What have you been doing thus far within your career?

LYRIC LEE: Other than creating timeless hits, we are constantly working. Promoting and applying our strategy to this everyday hustle, networking hand to hand and through social media. The main goal now is the mix tape and constant performances and showcases.

N.A.B.: What are your present and future goals?

LYRIC LEE:  For now, I'm pushing myself to make L.A.D the topic of discussion. To leave an outstanding impact everywhere we go. A year from now we want to be shopping for a distribution deal. The music is going to speak for itself.

N.A.B.: Elaborate on your latest project. Than go on and give insight on your next venture.

LYRIC LEE: The last project was "Anticipation" I was just released from prison in 2012 and went straight to work! The upcoming project is "Wordplay!" I'm telling you now, this mix tape is going to open a lot of eyes, to what real talent is! The new project is more groomed work. Now that I'm home, I got some shit off my chest with "Anticipation" and "Wordplay!" I’m getting settled and find my lane!

N.A.B: How did L.A.D. (Living the American Dream) entertainment come about? What is the overall goal of the company?

LYRIC LEE: Broadway Dice and I came up with L.A.D a little while after graduating high school. During, I think his second year of college in Five Towns, School of Music in Long Island, N.Y. We decided to start taking things serious and form an entertainment company. Right now the main goal is getting noticed for what we do best. Also, get a label deal with me doing what I do (make smash record after record) and Dice networking and guiding us the right way! I don't see how anything can stop us! Besides being the C.E.O, Broadway Dice is also an artist.

N.A.B.: Give us a little insight on what you’ve been through to get where you are now. How did you come across the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

LYRIC LEE:Keeping it a hundred, I done been through hell and back twice! Bro and I have an amazing story behind the music. We plan on telling it as we go along. So I'm not going to elaborate too much because that would spoil the show. Put it like this, we could make an HBO series off of our experiences in this game and life! We've struggled and prospered. We've made mistakes. A wise man once said that "being great isn't based off what you've done but what you overcome." A.D. the General reached out to us and we've been rocking ever since.

N.A.B.: Would you like to express anything we haven’t touched basis on?

LYRIC LEE: Stay tuned in on our movement you blink you might miss something! Mix tape hosted by power 99's DJ Cosmic KEV!! "Word Play" coming in a few weeks. Broadway Dice got a new project coming up "Fast Lane Slow Motion." We plan on being at all types of events and showcases, and even a few college tours.

N.A.B.: Have any shout out’s?

LYRIC LEE:  To my round table soldiers of L.A.D salute!! Friends, family and fans. All praise due to the most High!



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