Wednesday, April 17, 2013

TRIPLE SEIS (Formerly of the Terror Squad) SIT'S DOWN WITH A.D. THE GENERAL


E.H.M.P.: What’s going Seis? What have you been up to?

TRIPLE SEIS: I have been good, thank God. I just have been on my pen game hard and getting all material done as quick as possible. I have been prepping for these shows coming up for this summer 2013' should be an interesting one. Heading out to California in June and various states after that. I'm really excited to get back to California.

E.H.M.P. : How old where you when you met Pun? How did the whole terror squad situation come into play at that time?

TRIPLE SEIS: I was 17 when I first met Pun but it was a few years after we met that we actually got to know one of another. He took me in as family. It was a special bond that we all had with creative thinking, goals and visions of becoming an artist, "famous." It was incredible what we was able to accomplish in such little time it was all history from there. I'll give all back to have my friend back but to be honest he lives in all our music.

E.H.M.P. : R.I.P to Big Pun. After Pun died the original Terror Squad quickly diminished. A few of you released solo albums and collaborations. It would never be the same again without Pun. I know through the years I’ve hoped for a possible reunion of the original squad. Would that ever happen and why?

TRIPLE SEIS: Can't speak on a reunion. I'm totally for it. That's just my point of view..

E.H.M.P. : You have been independent for a while now. Releasing several mix tapes and performing across the nation. Are you looking to re-link with a major or are you looking for a larger look and why?

TRIPLE SEIS: Right now we are just thinking branding "Triple Seis" and majorly being looked as a independent. For this is not just a roller coaster ride for me and my team. We building longevity. 

E.H.M.P. : Tell me about some of the new artists you are currently working with?
TRIPLE SEIS: I'm working with those who are willing to work with me. I know a lot of artist but there are a few who I know to come at. The majority of this era coming up I vibes with. For example, my borough has a strong internet buzz. It's time to utilize that and help bridge any gaps.

E.H.M.P. : Where can our reader's listen to and download some of your new music?

TRIPLE SEIS: Everyone go to , everything you need will be there...

E.H.M.P.: Any last words and or shout outs?

TRIPLE SEIS: JvwhereUat, PyscoLes The Beatnuts, Montoya Beatz, Serg SDM, DJ Brown, Jahspa splifgenerals, GoblinStudios, And Everyone who give me 100, everyday I love u back...Triple Seis The Underdawg



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