Sunday, July 28, 2013

DC (DA CHAMP) talks about his inspirations and opening for FREEWAY

E.H.M.P. : Thanks for sitting down with me today.. Let's start off with the meaning of your name DC CHAMP?
DC CHAMP: DC is short for Da Champ. My name was giving to me by a friend because no matter what I was going through or what was going on in my life I've always at the end I always stood standing & maintained.

E.H.M.P. : You are some of your inspirations?
DC CHAMP: My first inspirations are my kids. they keep me going and push to become better in everything I do. My second inspiration is eminem. I've always looked up to him as a MC because I can relate to a lot of the things he says.

E.H.M.P. : You have a mixtape coming out soon, What the release date and where can we listen and or download it?
DC CHAMP: Yeah the mix tape is going to be called "1 Star 1 Dream". It is schedule to be released August 31st 2013. You will be able to Stream & download it at datpiffcom,,,that crack mixtapes & more.

E.H.M.P. You recently open up for Freeway how was that experience?
DC CHAMP: The experience was great. I got to network with a lot of other artist, also got to see  freeway do his thing. Overall it was great I love being around Hip Hop.

E.H.M.P. How did you connect with A.D. The General and the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?
DC CHAMP: I connected with A.D through my wifey. They've known each other for a while so wifey introduced me and me and A.D spoke and the rest is history.

E.H.M.P. Any shout out and or thank yous?
DC CHAMP: Yeah first I want to thank A.D The General & the Whole Elegant Hoodness Program for giving me & my team Mos Wanit the opportunity to bless their stage and showcase our talent. Second I Gotta thank the Mrs. for plugging me in with A.D & supporting me in everything I do. Third I wanna thank my Mos Wanit Brothers (Spek Arson & E-dange) for always having my back & doing what we do best making music. and last but not least I wanna thank All my fans & supporters that come to my shows, Download my music, promote for me this for ya God bless 1 love

Written by A.D. The General
Courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program 2013

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