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N.A.B.: How did the name XO the Hitmaker come to be yours?

XO: When I first started making music, I only made songs for woman. Whether it was songs on relationships, heartbreaks, or feel good music, I always tackled the female audience. I still do now but I’m more open to other types of music. Hitmaker part is a self-confident statement! I always strive to leave the studio with a HIT!

N.A.B.: How long have you been doing music? What genre do you fit in with?

XO: I've been writing ever since I was 14. Started recording at 16 & doing it professionally around 17-18. I'm now 20, so I would say only 2 years cause I feel those other years I did it, it was just a hobby. I'm very diverse with my music, I can make a hip hop record today and a jazz collaboration tomorrow. I’m very open minded. If it’s hot, I'll put my stamp on it. But if I would have to choose one genre, I would say hip hop.

N.A.B.: You recently performed in Miami at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program hosted by A.D. the General. Elaborate on how you became involved and the all-around turnout.

XO: I've had contact with A.D. through twitter for a couple years now & always wanted to see what the program was about. Just never had the right material to do so. Started being involved more since the Philly show that was done a couple weeks back. Miami was a great turn out! Got to meet some cool down to earth artists like myself and just all around good people.

N.A.B.: Do you have a single, mix tape and or album out presently? If so, give us details in regards.

XO: My single out entitled "Turn't Up" is up right now on YouTube, Soundcloud, Etc. The record features Fred Nice and was produced by Lexi Banks. The mix tape, my first mix tape I'm working on right now is half way complete. Taking my time with this because it’s my first project. Don't have a for sure date on it but it will be out very soon. & will be up on all mix tape distributors online as well as hard copies if ordered FREE!

N.A.B.: What are you presently working on? Let the readers and your fans know what can be expected of you by the end of this year?

XO: Right now I'm working on my first mix tape, first project ever. "Prince of Dreams" coming soon. By the end of this year you all should expect success. I'm striving for greatness from this day on. & I'll settle for nothing less.

N.A.B.: You just celebrated your first father’s day. How did that fee? Is there anything you would like to express that we haven’t yet?

XO: Thank you, it was an amazing feeling! There’s nothing like it. I'm blessed to have my little boy. He's the reason why I push myself to do better! No looking back, no rewinds, no setbacks. My son deserves everything & more.

N.A.B.: Is there anything we haven't touched basis on that you would like to do so?

XO: New single coming soon!!

N.A.B.: Where can we stay updated in all that you do? Social networks, websites, etc.

XO: Everything XO The Hitmaker Twitter: @XOTheHitmaker Instagram: @XOTheHitmaker FaceBook: XO The Hitmaker



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