Sunday, July 28, 2013


E.H.M.P.:  Lets start off with the meaning of your name Quiet Gunz?

QUIET GUNZ: I'm a very laid back type of dude by nature. People always comment on how quiet I was and told me I don't waste my words unless I have something meaningful to say. And having joined the Marines by the time I turn 18, that's when I the gunz part kicked in.  You literally live by the gun. Its like an extension of your body..You go to sleep with it, you eat with it, take it everywhere.. So I became the quiet kid who shot the loud guns. QuietGunz.. A name that symbolizes my style

E.H.M.P.:  Do you consider yourself a rapper or and MC and why?

QUIET GUNZ:  A rapper can get on stage, get the crowd hyped, rap and walk off the stage. He's a rapper. An MC control the crowd and don't necessarily need to rap. I combine both rapping & MC'ing. One thing about me when I do shows, I don't like to bring a crowd, entourage or buses full of homies. That's a "preset audience" that'll rock with you even if your performance is horrible. I like to capture the audience that never heard of me. That's the challenge and key to success in everything. Get out your confort zone, do what you're destined to do and get judged by people who are not bias about your music.

E.H.M.P.: Who are some of your inspirations?

QUIET GUNZ: My favorite rapper of all time is AZ. I like Inspectah Deck, Black Thought from the Roots, Kool G Rap, Mos Def, Nas etc.. I listen to any genre of music but I get inspired from lyrically inclined artists. Growing up in Haiti where reggae music is influential, I used to mimmick Shabba Ranks and Bounty Killa. I learned how to structure rhymes in develop a flow doing that when I was barely 10. I also love riding around, cruising to West Coast music.. Being a producer I always look forward to hear Dr Dre productions.

E.H.M.P.:  Where can our readers listen to and or download your music?

QUIET GUNZ: They can download free tracks on my home website . If anybody wants to support they can download via itune, amazon and most major online retailers. They can also connect with me on facebook, Instagram, twitter by looking up QuietGunz. I be off the radar like a sniper but if you holla QuietGunz you'll find me

E.H.M.P.:  Tell us something you have never told anyone about yourself?

QUIET GUNZ: I'm the realest rapper you never met

E.H.M.P.: Any thank you and or shout outs?

QUIET GUNZ: Shout out to all my day 1 n****z from M-Block in Spring Valley,  Monstah, Schello P, Blaze,Rob, HY, iLLa-I, Howie Dodat (look out for him), my brotha Hak, E-nyce, Nono, Pat..Congrats to the homie  Junior Galette getting that 3yr contract renewal with the New Orleans Saints..
Special thanks to Mountaindawg Ent staff, Joanne Rullen of Matlok Music, Ron Alexander, Star from Star & Bucwild, AD the General and everybody who been showing love and support


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