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Matthew Rodriguez formally known as E.Dot.A, was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. At the age of fourteen years old he began rapping using his influence from various artists such as the likes of Biggie, Jay-Z, and Big Pun. These artists as well as poetry inspired his writing and enhanced his musical artistry. Matthew has performed at open mics such as “Club Traffic [open mic winner]” and “Nightly Gale Lounge [open mic winner]”granting him a name in the local area. While performing at these open mic shows he's gained presentation experience and endowed his performances. Along this musical journey he was introduced to “Play-Doe” from “Pes Pro Entertainment” where they began working together on multiple songs and recorded songs. In August 2006, he took a leave of absence from New York and his music, moving to Miami Florida to totally focus on writing more music. In 2008, E.Dot.A, (Matthew Rodriguez) returned to New York City and became acquainted with “Terry Little” the C.E.O of Master Music Records. Getting back to the music his first songs recorded were “Get Loose," ‘Waive High” and many more thereafter. Getting back to performing he performed at Club40C, Club Mansion located in Queens, NY with “K.S. Parxks Entertainment," which led to a major showcase at Club Pyramid with “Elegant Hoodness” and AD the General (where he was nominated top 10 artist of 2010). This year E.Dot.A came even harder and was titled the Team NAN Choice Award (Jan 19th, 2011 showcase at the Elegant Hoodness event at Club Pyramid). A place for artist to gain major exposure and get their name out in a massive way and that is just what E.Dot.A did. E.Dot.A is a dope artist continuing his musical journey performing and doing guest appearances with other artists. As an artist he believes that his unique style differs significantly from others. The diversity and versatility of his music makes it easy to distinguish that there is no one else who has a sound like him. His artistry to touch people’s souls, his dedication to his music and his constant growth with his music will surely leave an impacting sound for the 20th century generation.

N.A.B.: Tell us about the artist E.Dot .A, where did the name come from?

EA: My original name was Evil Angel, which in itself stands for
"Early Veteran In LyrIcks After niggas get enough LA" but everybody was
saying that name was the devil because that's what he is, an Evil Angel. So,
I decided to change it. I just shortened it to E.A. Then I saw a commercial where someone said "Every Answer" and I felt like that is how I am towards my music and the game so I took it and made it my name. Like I always say though, the dot is the dot.

N.A.B.: Now you that no one else has a sound like you? How would you separate yourself from other artist in the underground world as well as the industry?

EA : I was listening to the final draft of my mixtape one day In the studio
with a few people. When it was over I asked everybody what they thought.
Everybody said it was hot but one person broke It down perfect. He said
I have the ability to use slang and flip clichés into making sense. Too
many people are “dumbing down” the music for the consumer, but I don't
need to because I'm easy to listen to and I can make you say what I'm
saying. The thing is I always thought I was easy to listen to. I just never
realized it. I use so much slang in my music until now. So that's the
lane I'm going to stay in and that's the void I'm gonna fill in the
game. Plus I can make a song about anything. I'm not just a regular
artist. I can laugh, cry go hard, punch lines. You name it, I can
create the picture! Another thing about my music that a lot of people
say is it shows my personality. How I can take a dark song and bring
some light to it. But still keep it dark enough and hard. My
vocals are very distinctive. You can’t deny that's me on a record.

N.A.B.: You said that, "unfortunately I left N.Y. and moved to Miami," what was the reason for that move and what made you return to NY? Do you think the move had a major Impact on your music?

EA: I've moved to Miami for personal reasons I was getting into a lot of
trouble out here and I was gonna end up where I didn't want to go. So, I
left NY. I wasn't planning on coming back home. But my mother got sick
and father hurt himself at work and my sister was the only one holding
the house down. She could not do it alone because she had school. So I
came back to share the load till my family was okay. I wasn't supposed
to stay this long in NY as well, three maybe four months. I ended up
being for good. (Lol) In Miami I met a few producers and artists. I can’t
lie they bob they head to a different drum then I do. So, when they
heard my music or me rap they were amazed. I even showed this artist I
was cool with how to count his bars to a sixteen. He was way off at
times. What I learned from them dudes is my versatility. I'm a natural
battle rapper. That's where I started from. So, most of my songs before
Miami were dark and mean. Down there I learned to have fun and create
anything I choose, before it was therapeutic, now it was fun. I don't
consider any of this work, because this is what I love to do, creating
music and performances, interviews etc. My grandfather was in a famous
band on Puerto Rico and my father used to be a DJ back in the day. It’s
in my blood and I was born to do this.

N.A.B.: What's your relationship with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? What do you think of the organization and their mIssIon?

EA: My relationship with the E.H.MP. is mutual. I respect what they are
doing and I support their movement because it’s good for hip hop. The
underground needs more programs where we can be ourselves and showcase
our talents what I love the most about it is that they let the artist be themselves. Every time I go to an event I get inspired to do something. I learn from other artists and gain experiences or just plain have fun. The program to me in a whole is hip hop period.

N.A.B.: How was the energy performing at The Elegant Hoodness Event at Club Pyramid? How did it feel to be awarded the title "The team NAN" choice award winner " Jan 19, 2011 at Club Pyramid?

EA: The energy was great and the crowd was supportive. I met a lot of artists and networked with people. I'm basically home when I'm at the Elegant Hoodness events because they have artists competing and that also shows the unIty we need. Especially in New York events. I don't feel like people are cocky or try to be better then the next. I feel the unIty and the respect for each other because at the end of the day we all try to achieve a goal in our careers and we are all in this together. The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program brings that to us. So, I respect and support the program fully. As for winning in that event In January I was very humble and grateful. I did a lot of open mIcs where I won but winning in that arena was a different wIn. Because there is so much talent In the building that deserve a chance as well. It just feels good to get recognized for my music and not a battle. It just makes me wanna work harder and do It again.

N.A.B: If you could collaborate wit anyone in the industry or underground music world who would it be and why?

EA: I would collab with anybody no matter who it is. But my dream session would have to be with the reggae artist, Movado. The songs he creates I can relate to fully.

N.A.B.: What are your goals as an artist? Where do you see yourself say 5-10 years from now?

EA: I see myself still creating music no matter where I am in life signed or not. The goal is to go commercial but I'm happy in the underground. I strongly believe hip hop's heartbeat lives in the underground. So in 5-10 years either here or there the plan for me will not change.

N.A.B.: Is there anyone you would like to shout out or give recognition to?

EA: Shout out to Master Music Records, Terry Little, Ms. Debonair, scrap, young Cash, bk Hefe, the focus machine, Flight school family, Elegant Hoodness for what they have done for my career so far. And my fan base who kept me going. I don't know if I would have made it this far without these people I have mentioned. And last but not least God for blessing me with this gift.I will continue to us this tool he has given me but not in vain but humbly thank you.

written by GSTEAM843, courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program

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