Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Recap of the March 16th Showcase at Club Pyramid


The stage is set. The audience is hungry and ready for show time. Deejay Ace of Spades is spinning tunes and setting the tone for the night’s highlights. AD The General takes the stage and greets everybody, and par ritual before every show; she downs a bottle of Corona beer, straight. Had you been there, you could have witnessed a plethora of talented men and women, pouring there blood sweat and tears out on the stage! It was an amazing sight riddled with outstanding competitors and awesome special guest features. Q The Prophet a gospel rapper ignited the stage in a earth shattering manner as he performed and rocked the house. Word Spit an enigma to witness dropped bomb after bomb as he spewed punch-lines from mars. His candor as a lyricist is complimented by his ability to engulf the audience with his amazing lyrical ability and stage presence. The winners of the showcase were Thrilla Cartel taking first place. His performance was that of a warrior displaying his skills as a rapper and an entertainer. He unleashes his energy onto the stage and the crowd responded in approval of his hard work and skills. Hungry grasping second place illuminated the stage with a smooth swag and the ability to captivate the audience. Representing the hunger of an un-signed artist with the determination to succeed, he solidified his place. Third place is taken by Roi-yal, a soldier fighting for our country and freedoms, fresh from Afghanistan, lights up the stage with music that is fresh and infectious. His presence on stage exemplified his contented place in the spot light. The NAN choice was awarded to Mr. Bright. This young man, put on a performance that of a veteran. His captivating music and professionalism aligned with his entertaining presentation, left people in awe as he was the last to perform and still had the vigor to rock the crowd. He is always respectful and full of energy on stage. My assessment of the night, it was amazing. Special guest appearances, a freestyle session that electrified the club and AD The General blew the roof off the place with her arsenal of music such as “Run the Club,” and “Moist.” AD puts on the best showcases and it is evident when people show her love, appreciation and support.

written by @MadScientist730, courtesy of the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program

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