Saturday, March 26, 2011


NEEKA J - "The Siren's Call"

We’ve all had to sit through a history class that spoke of ancient mythology. It was in that class that you may have heard of the “Sirens”. The “Song of the Sirens” in Greek mythos was said to lure nearby sailors to their doom, due to their enchanting voices and alluring song. Unlike the Sirens, Neeka J. isn’t luring sailors to their doom, but she’s bringing more and more attention to herself and her team, due to her sultry voice, sex appeal, and bold lyrics. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Neeka J. developed her writing skills while trying to impress a boy she liked. She continued perfecting her writing as well as her love of the music business when she heard and was inspired by Monica’s “Just One of Dem Days”. After moving to Mullins, South Carolina, where she eventually graduated from high school, Neeka J. would find herself back in Brooklyn ready to embark on her music career! After appearing on the Apollo Theatre stage, where she finished 2nd in a competition, Neeka J. would embrace her role as a performer and use this as motivation in the beginning stages of her career. “Brooklyn’s Siren” has worked with various producers and artists throughout NYC and has performed at many different venues through the area. Although she has worked with a laundry list of producers, she holds her team, HandMade Beats/Media in the highest regard! Currently working on a new mix CD, Neeka J is ready to show the world her sound and what she brings to the table. “Brooklyn’s Siren” is establishing herself as a very capable female entrepreneur that is out to prove everyone wrong. She is definitely looking to make an impact in the industry. Beware of the “Brooklyn Siren’s song”, you will be drawn in!

E.H.M.P: Neeka J. is ________________ ? ( finish the sentence)

Neeka J : Neeka J. is a singer/songwriter born in Brooklyn,NY and raised in Mullins, South Carolina. Yeah a country raised city girl!!Courtesy of Southern Swaggerz its "Muddy Mullins"!

E.H.M.P: Why is Brooklyn such a hotbed of talent?

Neeka J: NYC as a whole is so competitive and upbeat, but Brooklyn is the heart of it all! To be in Brooklyn and stand the pressure of everyday life and distractions you have to be one of the Elite!!

E.H.M.P : How did you get into a relationship with the HandMade Beats/ Media group?

Neeka J: Networking! Mr.Brite of (HMB) and I have always seen each other in passing because we live in the same hood. I started to perform regularly in a local lounge and reached out to him to come out and showcase his talent. He introduced me to SL Jones (Cap) and Jay Spitz of HMB, we begin to record music and here I am!!

E.H.M.P: How would you describe your sound?

Neeka J : Soulful, sweet, sexy, and sassy, with a story to tell full of inspiration and motivation to do whatever it is you do!

EHMP: . Can you tell us about your debut album?

Neeka J : Expected release date is in September!!! The album will cover stories of ups and downs of being a young girl dealing with love break ups make ups image morals and the hood!

E.H.M.P. What made you decide to do business with/build a relationship with the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program?

Neeka J. : Before conducting business with founder of the program, AD the General, I knew her from my neighborhood! It wasn't until I began working with HMB and participated in the E.H.M.P. Summer Park Tour 2010! Something I will never forget!!

E.H.M.P : Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

Neeka J : Collaborating with many more artists, producers, promoters, and djs in the industry from all over the world!

E.H.M.P : How can your fans and supporters contact you? Any final words? Shoutouts?

Neeka J:,,

Any final words? Shoutouts? GOD first and foremost, My mother and father Yvette and Graylin Howard, my beautiful daughter for keeping the fire in my heart, the whole HMB family, NAB and NAN, The Carolinas!! 843, 803 and 910!
written by ESQ_TV , courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program

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