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Everybody wants to win the Powerball, but not many people ever win get the satisfaction of ever winning this lucrative yet elusive prize. Let me take this time to introduce you to hip hop’s version of a winner of the Powerball, Mega Buck$ aka “Hip Hop’s BIG GAME HUNTER”! Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Mega Buck$ first came on the scene as a member of the 263Cartel, however it wasn’t until the release of T-Mac’s SHININ & BIGTYMIN in 1997, that MegaBuck$ would begin to establish himself in the South as a major player and a force to be reckoned with. Backed by an eleven state distribution deal and a flow that reminds fans and on-lookers of hip hop royalty, Bun –B, Mega Buck$ has firmly entrenched himself in the lexicon of the best in the South. After leaving 263 Records, he formed his owned imprint, Bezzle Incorporated. It was under his Bezzle imprint that he has released twelve albums, three of which were solo albums. Mega Buck$ would ride this wave of success, where he received the cover of the GrindMode CD/DVD series, received great reviews in the “Murder Dog” Hip Hop magazine, as well as was awarded the 2010 GEECHEEONE Magazine Album of the Year!! Mega Buck$ sound is said to be filled with stories of the street, love, pain, and the struggles of an artist. Mega Buck$ is out to prove that he’s a winner and that he’s capable of leading the charge of the New South to prominence!

EHMP: What does your name mean? What does it signify to you?

MB: Mega Buck$ simply means greatness! It signifies any person with a dream big enough and willing to endure struggle will become legendary!

EHMP: What has growing up in South Carolina meant to you? Your career?

MB: Growing up in South Carolina has taught me to embrace being the underdog and use it as my driving force. It has kept me humble knowing all the people I represent through my music.

EHMP: How did you come across A.D. the General? What does her support mean to you?

MB: My producer Ric Flair recommended me to her partner, Fefe. Their support means a great deal knowing what they have achieved and how passionate they were about my music!

EHMP: Why start your own imprint? Why not stay with your 263 Cartel members?

MB: I was in limbo with the incarceration of 263Records CEO, TMAC, SO THE TIME WAS RIGHT!! I am still riding with 263, but I have my own artists and we are headed inn different directions right now.

EHMP: Who are some of your influences?

MB: E-40,J-PRINCE,RUSSELL SIMMONS,LUKE,MASTER P,TONY DRAPER,ICE CUBE, and basically any entertainers who have used MUSIC to take them above and beyond!

EHMP: What can your supporters expect from you in 2011?

MB: To always rep the underdog, grow as an artist, and define CAROLINA MUSIC AS QUALITY FOR THE MASSES!

EHMP: Where can your fans reach you? Twitter? Facebook?


EHMP: What’s one thing that you would like to the people reading this to know about Mega Buck$?

MB: That he truly represents the underdog from every angle!

EHMP: Any shoutouts?

MB: God, my Bezzle brothers( Sto, Dbezzle, Sota, spoon, lb, G$, Ric flair, beam) 40oz,RayMassive,Brice,Drange,Bbslim,Scott Beja, Brian Lassiter, Fefe, AD the General , and everyone who believed in me and my vision, too many others to name!!

written by ESQ_TV, courtesy of The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program

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  1. This is a good ass interview yo. I really appreciate you Bucks. You go hard boo! NEVER stop grindin!