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A.D. THE GENERAL: Lets start off with the name Charlie Rock what does it mean?

CHARLIE ROCK: Honestly the name was passed down to me by my father. (Not to be confused with Charlie Rock formerly of Terror Squad) The name just stuck with me since I was a kid.

A.D. THE GENERAL: You are from the Bronx NY the Mecca of Hip Hop. Do you feel any pressure to succeed and continue the legacy of some of the greats born in The Bronx?

CHARLIE ROCK: From KRS 1, Melly Mel, Big Pun, to Corey Gunz, Fred The Godson, and French Montana, the legacy is still here and in good hands. As for me, I think it’s a different expectation because I’m a producer. I think the most pressure comes from my self. I know what I’m capable of so I’m my own hardest critic. When you think of the Bronx and its contributions to Hip Hop or music in general, my name will be mentioned when it’s all said and done.

A.D. THE GENERAL: How long have you been producing and what inspired you to pursue a career in music?

CHARLIE ROCK: I've been into music all my life. I started out playing in church and it’s had a hold on me ever since. I’ve only been producing for 3 years now. Its crazy to think about the stuff I’ve made in such a short period of time compared to people who have been producing 10 years plus. I have over 200 full songs done. The catalog is only getting bigger.

A.D. THE GENERAL: How would you describe your style or production and what makes you the next hottest producer in the game?

CHARLIE ROCK: I don’t want to categorize in any genre of music. I want to be known as a producer who can sell a track to Lil Wayne then turn around and sell another track to Justin Bieber. I can make anything in any lane without trying to recreate what someone else has already done. I sound like me!

A.D. THE GENERAL: Do u play any instruments? And is your production sample free?

CHARLIE ROCK: I play the piano and the drums. Spending 6 hours in Church every Sunday when I was little can do that to you. Lol. I have a lot of sample free music as well as sampled beats. I can also take a song and play the whole thing over and give it a new feeling. That’s what being a producer is about.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Who do you dream of producing for?

CHARLIE ROCK: I would want to co-produce a record for Jay with Kanye. I think it’ll be one of the best songs in music history period. J. Cole, Drake, Ceelo, Frank Ocean, Chrisette Michelle, Slaughter House just to name a few others. I also like working with the new artist that haven’t been discovered yet because the creativity with them is limitless.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Who have you been working with? And how does an artist get to work with you?

CHARLIE ROCK: I've been fortunate enough to work with a lot of artist and people who make good music. Any artist that takes this serious and wants to produce hit records can contact me. This industry is all about building relationships with people and making a good product. As long as you’re making what the people want, it’s undeniable.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Where can our readers hear some of those Fire beats?

CHARLIE ROCK: You can hear some of my music on my website you can also follow me on and on Facebook Charlie Rock and on your radio station very soon!



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