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Jaeden Zoe definitely has that je ne se pas effect going on for herself. She is a native California and a resident of Brooklyn N.Y.. When I spoke to her manager "Eddie Rosa" about involving her in the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program, my monthly showcase held at club Pyramid in the L.E.S. (downtown Manhattan). I was automatically pleased with her writing ability and catch pop hooks. Her look and sound was a bit different from the average competitor in our arena. But when I listened to her single entitled "Hello" I knew that the Elegant Hoodness audience and supporters would enjoy my new diamond in a rough finding. Dec 21, 2011 four days before Christmas, Jaeden Zoe tour the house down and placed 3rd in the competition. Giving you the reader now the opportunity to know her story and fall in love with her music. I caught up with Jaeden after the competition and discussed everything from being in love, California and the art of song writing. I present to you future pop sensation "JAEDEN ZOE"

A.D. THE GENERAL: How long have you been writing and composing your own music?

JAEDEN ZOE: I've been composing my music since the age of 6 years old when I first knew I had the drive for it.

A.D. THE GENERAL: So you’re originally from California? Born & raised? Is that where you acquired your sound?

JAEDEN ZOE: Yes, I'm originally from california born and raise in Santa Monica but I wouldn't say I developed my sound from my environment because I was inspired by artist like I Blame Coco, One Republic and others.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Some of your lyrics talk about being in love. Is being in love an inspiration for your song writing?

JAEDEN ZOE: Yes I would say it's an inspiration because love is a very rare thing to find in a friendship. With a family member or in a relationship its a healthy form of life that some people aren't use to and hopefully through my music they can feel that feeling.

A.D. THE GENERAL: You have won third place at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program. How did you enjoy the program and would you recommend the program to another artist?

JAEDEN ZOE: I'm very thankful I had the opportunity to come out and perform and winning third place is a honor to me. I believe any inspired artist with a passion for music will highly appreciate this offer and I would recommend upcoming music artist to take a chance to win.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Who are some of the artist that has influenced you to pursue a career in music?

JAEDEN ZOE: The artist that influenced my career when I was younger was Mariah Carey because she has this distinctive sound that I was interested in.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Where do you see yourself in a year?

JAEDEN ZOE: I see myself going pretty far with my music and with the new year motivating the hype. I believe I will be the artist of 2012.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Where can our readers listen and download your music?

JAEDEN ZOE: Everyone can check out there you will find all my music, videos and information on my upcoming events.

A.D. THE GENERAL: Any thank you or shout outs?

JAEDEN ZOE: I just want to say thank you to my team for the hard work and effort where putting in together. Also to my supporters that keep spreading the sound.



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