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SPECIALGIFT: You have performed at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program a couple times. What about this showcase brought you forth again? Tell us in your own words your perception of Elegant Hoodness?

J-MIDD: I love the way the program really helps unsign talent recieve exposure. They work with you hands on and really put forth the effort to help unsign artists.

SPECIALGIFT: Having the opportunity to open up for majors such as BG, Lil Boosie, Lil Jon, and Yung La, must have been a great look at that time. How did you use that experience to move further in your music career?

J-MIDD: It gave me confidence. I was able to really rock the stage before they rocked it. It thought me that great music is only half the battle. You must also be a great performer.

SPECIALGIFT: Do you soon plan to work your way to the north in the next year? Tell us about your latest track.

J-MIDD: Oh yea!!! I be in NYC Jan 18, 2011 for the top ten awards for Elegant Hoodness. I also plan on doing a mixtape with Dj Ace of Spade. My track "Killing'em" is just me going on the track for almost five mins. Honestly just showing off my lyrical ability. Make sure to check it out at

SPECIALGIFT: "Baby Come On" is one of your latest tracks. Tell us about the decision on the title and the entire creation, as you can remember.

J-MIDD: To be honest I was with a girl and she was taking forever and just said baby come on so we could get it on. LOL. I heard the track and just put it with it, put my homie Jawan Mathis on the hook and the rest is history.

SPECIALGIFT: Your motto is "Play to Win", what does this mean to you entirely?

J-MIDD: I treat life like a championship game. If you going to play, losing is not an option. Win is all I know and that's what I push for. So my motto is PLAY 2 WIN

SPECIALGIFT: What are your future plans? Please elaborate on within the next few years.

J-MIDD: My plans is to establish The Thorough Ent label and myself. I want to explore other adventures and travel. I can't rap forever but when I become successful that should be the key to open doors.

SPECIALGIFT: Take this time to give any "special" shout outs. Where can we find more J-Midd

J-MIDD: Savannah, GA(C-Port) is my city, Cloverdale(L.V.K) RIP 2 MY SISTER NIKKI, THOROUGH ENT, ELEGANTHOODNESS. ALL MY PPL THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE. You could find me on and Check me out. PLAY 2 WIN

Written by: SPECIALGIFT N.A.B.


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