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Chief operations officer and Co Owner at Hand Made Beatz. As you get familiar with Jay Spitz, you become familiar with Real. Spitz has been apart of the music scene and is taking thee likely steps to stardom. Lives in Bk and reps to the fullest. With accurate performance skills, Spitz has been previously been an Elegant Hoodness Winner. He’s performed at E.H.M.P. summer park tour 2010 reppin at Poe park in the Bx as well. Spitz performed at club Pyramid, Angels Lounge and various of other places. John Smith, Getcha Sh** Together, Nigga Land, The Future and his newest single out “Not a Star” ft. Most Amazin Rain are his latest creations. Jay Spitz where’s several hats. With his team associates, they combine there qualities a bring forth dedicated structure all around. Now it’s time to find out more from Bk’s own Jay Spitz.

SPECIALGIFT: Hey Spitzo, what’s shakin (in my SpecialGift voice)? Take a moment to narrate on who Jay Spitz is.

JAY SPITZ: Jay Spitz is Chief Operations Officer and Co-Owner of HandMade Beatz Entertainment also a hard-working street savvy individual. Born and partially raised in the East New York section of Brooklyn before relocating to become a man in Burlington,NC and returning back to the beautiful Bushwick section of Brooklyn. As far as music, Jay Spitz speaks directly to and for the streets and delivers pride to be in and from the places we represent.

SPECIALGIFT: What have you been up to musically in the last 6 months? Elaborate on your future plans.

JAY SPITZ: I've been recording more in the past 6 months preparing a mixtape and album,I plan to perform more in the near future but other than that I’m just going to see where life takes me but of course helping promote my HMB family.

SPECIALGIFT: The Future” has been getting rotation on On Deck Thursdays with Ms. FeFe N.A.B. and Fresh Friday‘s with G3mz (Team N.A.N. member).. Tell us how this track came forth.

JAY SPITZ: That’s actually a (Detroit Artist) Guilty Simpson track. It’s so hard but I couldn’t find it like the usual beats we jack, Lol… So my business partner SL Jonez saw Guilty at an event and told him we needed the beat and he emailed it to us. We waiting on his reaction, I think I did a damn good job on it… Thanks to Guilty some artist don’t like other rappers using their tracks so that was a generous look on his part.

SPECIALGIFT: You've been doing several track features, anyone you preferably look to collaborate with soon? What’s your percepBoldtion on the difference of Jay Spitz and the next up and coming hip hop artist?

JAY SPITZ: Doesn't matter. I have a full roster of elite artist and ties to several teams of artist that I will be working with. So I’m pretty much covered on the collaboration end. Jay Spitz is just a real nigga a around. I’ll let the fans and critics determine the difference. As far as Hip Hop is concerned I am not much different than a lot of artist. I have a genuine love for the art. So I’m just expressing it through my point of view. It’s beyond the music where I feel I differ from. Not from just Hip Hop artist but many people in general.

SPECIALGIFT: Elegant Hoodness Musical Program has been around since 2004 and having their 7th year anniversary this Oct 2011. How are you affiliated and elaborate on your experience with Elegant Hoodness.

JAY SPITZ: I was searching for a showcase for the artist on our label and stumbled on a post from A.D. the General. I did some research and was pleased with the opportunities she and E.H.M.P. has available for up and coming artist. We’ve submitted songs to the numerous radio stations A.D. is affiliated with and we had the joy to participate in last years NYC Annual Elegant Hoodness Musical Program park tour. It’s been a wonderful experience every since.

SPECIALGIFT: You have a track called “Conglomerate” that’s been getting a few spins as well. What’s your notion of this track?

JAY SPITZ: I believe Mottz Gigante heard that beat and was like “we should do that Spitz"!! Me, you and Palm”. So I told Napalm da Don about it and we laid it soon after. It was nothing special, we take these other artist beats and “Hand Make” them to sound like our own-nothing new. We’ve been doing that for years. I just love the chemistry and how we all attacked that beat. It was like a continuous assault over he course of three verses but like I said that nothing new. Shout Out to Munch Dawg for the great engineering job. Money well spent!!

SPECIALGIFT: Spitzo, tell us something we don’t know about you. Something interesting we should know. Any shout outs you would like to give?

JAY SPITZ: There’s really nothing because my life is a open book. I am not ashamed of my life because I understand I am human and flawed. I’m going to make mistakes, do stupid sh**, struggle, achieve. Love, hurt, laugh and cry. As we all do so, I don’t hide it. Everyone can get a good idea about Spitz through the music. My face book page definitely and if you really want to know Spitz dammit you can call me, aim, whatever. You can come to block and chill with me. Bring a small bottle and we can chop it up like long lost cousins, lol. My life is an open book and I want everyone to read it. You might come to love a stranger. Shout Outs to my family my whole HMB team, team N.A.N., Ruck Down records, UWD out in NC and all our true Supporters!!

SPECIALGIFT: If someone wanted to acquaint further with you artistry, where would they go? Facebook, Twitter, music site etc…..

JAY SPITZ: They can catch me at face (my page is public), @Spitzo on twitter. you We have two sound clouds (don’t ask me why, lol) sound mania and (yes I do still use myspace) and to make it esy for ya’ll just google Jay Spitz, it isn’t hard to find me…. Love Yall


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